Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 1741

Chapter 1741 Inquiries From All Locations

Qin Wentian stared at the crowd. He then waved his hands, “Everyone, you have leave to go. Make your preparations and come here again for my orders. After that, follow me to Lifelong City.”

“Yes, Palace Lord.” Everyone bowed and started to leave.

Naturally, Xu Li and the others who followed Qin Wentian to the lower world stayed behind. Mo Fei was here as well. Right now, Mo Fei was a protector of the Lifire Palace.

“Palace Lord, does the Lifelong Realmlord really intend to remove you from your position?” Mo Fei walked up and asked.

“If I tell you the matter is even more serious than that, what would you think?” Qin Wentian smiled and looked at Mo Fei.

Mo Fei didn’t know that Qin Wentian and Di Tian were the same person. In the past, they put all their bets on Di Tian and had a very good relationship with him.

“Protector Mo, you can retreat first.” Qin Wentian nodded his head lightly. He knew that Mo Fei would surely contact Di Tian.

After everyone left, Qin Wentian silently mused. For those people who directly left earlier, he can already change them all, replacing them with his own people. Di Tian would nurture another batch of experts and as for the many empyreans he brought with him, they would naturally have to follow him in the future.

“Over there at the Lifelong Saint Hall, they should receive the news that you are back soon.” Xu Li stated.

“Since I’ve already come back, the Realmlord wouldn’t have any more suspicions. Ye Qianyu would also naturally be safe. We shall wait for the Lifelong Banquet to commence.” Qin Wentian mumbled. After that, the Lifelong Realmlord did message Beiming Youhuang, asking her why she didn’t directly head back to the Lifelong Sainthall. Beiming Youhuang replied saying because her father was in the Lifire Palace, she wish that the Realmlord would allow her to stay a few days here at the Lifire Palace together with him.

In the Lifelong Sainthall, the expression of the Lifelong Realmlord was extremely unsightly after he received Beiming Youhuang’s reply. Right now, only his personal disciple the Skyair Palace Lord was beside him.

“Master, she refused to come?” The Skyair Palace Lord asked after he saw the expression of the Lifelong Realmlord turning dark.

“She is truly a slut. Seems like you are right. The two of them definitely have some illicit things going on. If you hadn’t discovered this, my reputation would surely have been tarnished.” The Lifelong Realmlord coldly spoke. Since Beiming Youhuang was staying at the Lifire Palace with Qin Wentian, his thoughts would naturally drift towards those shameless deeds.

“I also heard that Qin Wentian even brought his wives here and had also summoned the important personnel of his Lifire Palace telling them that Master was unhappy with him and might remove him from the Lifire Palace Lord’s position. He wanted to know who his subordinates would side with.” The Skyair Palace Lord laughed.

Qin Wentian was still in the dark and didn’t know anything. How could there be such a simple punishment, removing his position as the Lifire Palace Lord? Wasn’t his thinking too simple? He actually still dared to bring his wives and close friends to the Lifire Palace. This was simply courting death.

“He wants followers?” The Lifelong Realmlord coldly laughed. Did he take those monarchs and governors as fools? If he was unhappy with the Lifire Palace Lord, who would still dare to express that they were willing to follow Qin Wentian? Are they tired of living?

He, the Lifelong Realmlord, was then the master of the Lifelong Realm.

“How ridiculous, doesn’t he know his own limits?” The Skyair Palace Lord mockingly spoke. “However, this disciple heard that Qin Wentian truly knows how to enjoy life. Not only is Ye Qianyu so beautiful, both his wives are also supreme beauties. They, in addition to Beiming Youhuang, all have flawless countenances. This Qin Wentian really knows how to enjoy life.”

The eyes of the Lifelong Realmlord flickered with coldness when he heard that. Every time he heard Beiming Youhuang’s name, he would feel extremely unhappy. This was simply a humiliation to him. She promised to be his woman yet still had such an ambiguous relationship with Qin Wentian. Where do they want him to put his face at?

This place was the Lifelong Realm, yet his subordinates actually dared to humiliate him like this.

“Why? Do you have some designs on them?” The Lifelong Realmlord stared at his disciple and smiled. “If you like them, how about master bestows them to you?”

“Your disciple don’t really have such hobbies. It’s just that Beiming Youhuang with her defiled body actually dared to lie to master. We have to punish her severely for this offense. As for those other women, we can slowly arrange to deal with them at our pleasure.” The Skyair Palace Lord sinisterly spoke. This pair of master and disciple were major characters of their respective regions yet they were here discussing such sordid things.

Just because the Lifelong Realmlord felt that he was humiliated and the Skyair Palace Lord naturally wished to take revenge, avenging his defeat to Qin Wentian in the ancient battlefield. He wasn’t able to forget about that single sword strike which destroyed his pride.

“Let them enjoy themselves for a period of time first.” The Lifelong Realmlord wasn’t in a rush. He could head over to the Lifire Palace and capture Qin Wentian now, but that would be beneath his dignity and status to do so. Once news of this matter spread out, his reputation might suffer and this was something he wouldn’t stand for. Hence, he decided to wait for Qin Wentian to deliver himself to him at the Lifelong Banquet.

As for Beiming Youhuang, did she really think he would still announce the marriage? Simply ridiculous.

Qin Wentian didn’t know what the Lifelong Realmlord was thinking about. He only inquired about Ye Qianyu’s condition. Right now, the Lifelong Realmlord has only placed her under house arrest in the Lifelong Sainthall, not allowing her to leave but he didn’t do anything else to her.

Today, Jialan Yuntian of the Jialan Clan came to look for Qin Wentian. Right now, there were many people of the Jialan Clan who had important positions in the Lifire Palace. Jialan Qiuyue also seriously reminded the Jialan Clan that they must form a good relationship with Qin Wentian no matter what. Hence, when Jialan Yuntian learned that something may have happened between Qin Wentian and the Lifelong Realmlord, he personally paid a visit here together with Jialan Qiuyue.

Currently, Qin Wentian was clad in a simple white robe. Jialan Qiuyue glanced at that handsome figure as a look of complex emotions appeared in her eyes. She wouldn’t be able to forget that moment when Di Tian removed his mask forever, her heart was filled with complete shock when she just learned of his true identity.

“Clan leader Jialan, what can I do for you?” Qin Wentian asked.

“I heard that previously, Palace Lord has summoned the various governors and monarchs and said that the Realmlord is very unhappy with you and might remove Palace Lord’s position?” Jialan Yuntian asked.

“Such an incident did happen.” Qin Wentian nodded.

According to logic, if Qin Wentian was removed, the next in line to take over the Lifire Palace Lord’s position should be Di Tian. However, Jialan Qiuyue knew that things wouldn’t be so simple like what Qin Wentian has told everyone. Hence, she urged Jialan Yuntian to come here and meet with Qin Wentian.

“Palace Lord do you have a strategy?” Jialan Yuntian asked.

“What can I do?” Qin Wentian laughed. Jialan Yuntian stared at his eyes, filled with disbelief.

Back then, Qin Wentian and Di Tian joined forces, playing the previous Lifire Palace Lord around in their palms and eventually killing him before Qin Wentian ascended to his current position. How would he admit defeat so easily, allowing the Realmlord to take away his current position without a fight?

Regardless of his instincts or the reminders of Jialan Qiuyue, Qin Wentian was definitely not somebody so simple.

“Palace Lord, do you have anything you need my Jialan Clan to help you with?” Jialan Yuntian directly spoke after being silent for awhile. This caused Qin Wentian to look straight at him.

This time, his opponent was the Lifelong Realmlord. The Jialan Clan actually dared to choose sides now?

Although the Jialan Clan always wanted to become the palace lord of one of the nine world palaces, this was still something that was within the scope of their strength. However, the Lifelong Realmlord was the supreme ruler of this endless stretch of territories. He was an unrivalled existence. This was also why Qin Wentian had no intentions of pulling more people to his side. It was basically impossible to get anyone to join him.

Because, his enemy was the Lifelong Realmlord, the master of the Lifelong Realm.

“If I really gave a command, would the Jialan Clan dare to obey it?” Qin Wentian casually laughed, causing Jialan Yuntian’s heart to tremble. These words contained a hidden meaning within. It was as he had expected, this matter was definitely not so simple.

Maybe, what happened to the previous Lifire Palace Lord might very well happened again. A storm would arise but he still wasn’t able to tell the ending despite it looking like everything was already destined.

Back then, didn’t everyone also think that the Lifire Palace Lord would prevail for sure? But didn’t Qin Wentian end up killing him instead? Who would have guessed at such an ending?

The person sitting now on the Lifire Throne was none other than Qin Wentian.

“I don’t have enough authority to make a decision on this matter. I have to check with my father.” Jialan Yuntian spoke.

“Since this is the case, there’s no need for you, Jialan Clan Leader to say anything more.” Qin Wentian smiled. He then turned to Jialan Qiuyue, “Miss Qiuyue, are you well?”

Jialan Qiuyue cast a deep glance at Qin Wentian, “And if I say that I’m not?”

“If you are free, you can come to the Lifire Palace for a walk anytime you wish to.” Qin Wentian didn’t directly reply to her words. Jialan Qiuyue fell in love with Di Tian but he wasn’t able to accept her love. He also understood in his heart that his actions might have caused quite a number of girls to fall for him. But for some things, what should be severed, must be severed. Although doing so might make him seemed somewhat cruel and cold.

“Palace Lord.” Jialan Yuntian suddenly spoke. “Our Jialan Clan is a major clan. If you wish for all of us to rush to our death, this is something that is clearly impossible. But if Palace Lord truly has the ability to change the sky, our Jialan Clan is willing to follow you.”

Qin Wentian glanced at Jialan Yuntian. In truth, he was very clear that if the Lifelong Realmlord could dominate him completely, who would dare to stand by his side?

Jialan Yuntian was willing to follow him but the prerequisite was that he had to be strong enough to defeat the Lifelong Realmlord. In truth, such a declaration might as well not be said as this was common sense. It was like trying to decorate something that was already perfect.

After all, if he could really defeat the Lifelong Realmlord, who would dare to not follow him?

“I understand, you can leave first.” Qin Wentian calmly spoke. Jialan Yuntian bitterly smiled when he saw Qin Wentian’s attitude. He then stood up and bid his farewell.

After that, he brought Jialan Qiuyue with him as they departed. Qin Wentian continued sitting there, pondering over this matter. But at this moment, a voice suddenly rang out in his mind, “Qin Wentian, I heard that you offended the Lifelong Realmlord?”

“Mhm.”Qin Wentian immediately took out his messaging crystal to reply.

“Will things be troublesome?” The other party asked.

“There might be an open conflict.” Qin Wentian replied, causing the other party to be shocked. The other party then replied, “Seems like you must have encountered good fortune in the lower world and have some degree of confidence. Do you want me to inform the saint lord?”

“Will Senior Yi be able to come?” Qin Wentian started as he asked. The person conversing with him was one of the Gemini Palace Lords.

“I don’t dare to guarantee it.” The other party replied.

“If Senior Yi can come, this junior will naturally be extremely grateful.” Qin Wentian replied. “However, it’s fine if he won’t be able to make it. I will do my best. Oh, by the way, I brought many members of the Battle Saint Tribe with me when I returned to the Lifire Palace. This time around after we head to Lifelong City, I’ll let them meet with all of you.”

The other party was stunned after they heard that. After that, he laughed, “Who would have thought that we would still be able to meet with the descendants of our tribe. Qin Wentian, thank you!”

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