Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 176

Chapter 176 the guest pressuring the host

AGM 176 The Guest Pressuring the Host

Within the Spirit Beast Testing Ground, Qin Wentian had already slaughtered several demonic beasts, devouring their demonic cores. However his eyes at this moment were incomparably clear.

Before Qin Wentian, a gigantic beast of immense stature appeared. This demonic beast was shrouded in a golden light, with a height of 4 metres. Its palms were as big as praying mats and could easily kill a human with a casual swipe.

Golden Primal Ape, from the Golden Primal Ape Constellation of the 5th Heavenly Layer, ranked 3rd in the Warbeast Index. Equipped with flawless speed and defense, it is feared the most for its terrifyingly quick speed.

However, at this moment the golden ape was suffering immensely as it spat out mouthful of fresh blood. The tiny figure in front of him could actually wound him?

The blood within Qin Wentians body was boiling as his long hair danced in the wind. Wielding the ancient halberd in his hands, it constituted an imposing scene, akin to an ancient god of war, unexcelled in the battlefield.

After breaking through to the 9th level of Arterial Circulation, in addition to the Fiend Transformation Technique, his strength was many times higher when compared to the him who entered here in the past.

Boom! The golden ape stomped on the earth, dashing forwards, causing fissures to appear as the ground cracked. Its gigantic palms swiped towards Qin Wentian, with a pressure even stronger than that of mountains.

Swish~ A pair of illusory Garuda Wings appeared on the back of Qin Wentian. His speed was as fast as lightning, rushing forwards instead of retreating, appearing in front of the ape. WIth a roar of rage, his body flew upwards as the might of his ancient halberd exploded forth.

RARRRRRRRRRRRR. The ancient Primal Ape howled in madness. The volume of its roar caused intense pain as the sound waves vibrated within Qin Wentians eardrums, giving him a splitting headache. With a howl of his own, Qin Wentian blasted forth countless palm strikes, aiming for the mouth of the golden ape, while his ancient halberd slashed forwards and came into contact with a gigantic palm of the golden ape.

The ground trembled and broke apart, giving testament to the ferociousness of the savage battle between man and beast. The surrounding demonic beasts all fled for fear of their lives. After an hour of intense clashes, the golden apes body was riddled with injuries, but Qin Wentian wasnt feeling too good either. His inner organs trembled violently despite him executing the Garuda Movement Technique, choosing not to clash directly with the Golden Primal Ape.

Puchi~ Chance! Qin Wentians ancient halberd pierced into the golden apes eyes as its roar shook the Heavens. The Golden Primal Ape slammed both its palms forward, using the explosive momentum in a decisive choice to retreat. Qin Wentian started a game of cat and mouse, following close behind and after the time it took for a stick of incense to burn out, the Golden Primal Ape couldnt sustain anymore. It was slaughtered unceremoniously by Qin Wentian.

Qin Wentian naturally absorbed the beast spirit with no traces of politeness. He was exceptionally joyful and continued hunting prey in the Spirit Beast Testing Ground. After several moments, he finally met the ranked #5 Crimsonblood Thunder Hawk. Right from the start, Qin Wentian pretended to be injured as he retreated unceasingly upon coming into contact with it. It was only because of that that caused the lightning fast Crimsonblood Thunder Hawk to be lured into the trap. Only after absorbing its beast spirit did he departed from the Testing Grounds.

Now after he absorbed so many beast spirits, the demonic aura his person exuded was getting stronger and stronger, especially when he activated the Fiend Transformation Art.

In the outside world, those from the Emperor Star Academy welcomed the experts from the Azure Emperor Palace, showing them around the academy. However, they didnt know that those from the Azure Emperor Palace was naturally not interested in strolling about. Instead, what they wanted was to understand each and every part of the Emperor Star Academy to see where would be the place with the highest possibility for the Azure Emperor to hide his secret within.

In the vast blue skies, a white crane flew by. Mo Qingcheng came to deliver medicinal herbs for Qin Wentian today. Although Qin Wentian was gradually recovering and his pallor was already back to normal, she was still worried. After all, his heart was pierced through, it would naturally be for the best if there was external aid like medicinal herbs and pills to nourish his body after his recovery.

Grandpa. The white crane descended.Bbewilderment shone on her face upon seeing her grandfather accompanying a group of strangers.

She was naturally clear of her grandfathers position within the Emperor Star Academy. What statuses did these group of guests have that her grandfather was personally showing them around?

Qingcheng, quick, come and greet these elders from the Azure Emperor Palace. Old Gu smiled, reminding her with his words in case Mo Qingcheng said something inappropriate.

Azure Emperor Palace? Mo Qingchengs heart trembled slightly. She heard of this name before; wasnt it one of the transcendent powers of the nine states?

Mo Qingcheng of the junior generation pays her respects to the elders. Mo Qingcheng bowed. Those from the Azure Emperor Palace contemplated Mo Qingcheng, especially several of the younger cultivators. Their gazes was heated up by passion, sweeping across Mo Qingchengs body. To think that there was a beauty of this level in a such small country like Chu; even in their Azure State Capital, there were almost no females that was comparable to her in looks.

What a beautiful child, is she already betrothed to someone? A middle-aged man from the Azure Emperor Palace smiled.

Qingcheng is not yet 18, shes not betrothed to anyone, Old Gu politely replied.

Haha, its almost time to talk about matters of marriage engagement and betrothal isnt it? Mo Qingcheng, whats the level of your cultivation? the middle-aged man asked.

1st level of Yuanfu. Mo Qingcheng wasnt feeling too happy in her heart, but she still had to reply.

The eyes of the middle aged man brightened. Not even 18 years of age, yet already stepped into Yuanfu. In addition to the beauty of hers, she was really remarkable. Thinking of here, he cast a glance at Yue Qingfeng who stood by his side.

Yue Qingfeng naturally understood his fathers intentions. His heart was also moved upon seeing the beautiful countenance of Mo Qingcheng.

Miss Mo, my name is Yue Qingfeng.

Only to see Yue Qingcheng smiling at her, exuding elegance and politeness. Such a scene caused the hearts of many in the Emperor Star Academy to freeze. Old Gu had wanted to push Mo Qingcheng and Qin Wentian together. But now, even those who were blind could see the intentions of Yue Qingfeng.

In Chu, although there were many who were secretly in love with Mo Qingcheng, with the status and background of Mo Qingcheng, if she was unwilling, no one would dare to open their mouths and raise the subject.

However, it was different for Yue Qingfeng. He was from a transcendent power, originating from the Azure Emperor Palace.
Mo Qingcheng nodded to Yue Qingfeng and didnt reply, silently scolding herself that she came at the wrong time.

Hahaha, both of you of the junior generation should communicate more. It must be boring accompanying us these old folks. Yue Qingfengs father laughed. Taking the hint, Yue Qingfeng stepped forwards, smiling at Mo Qingcheng. Miss Mo, shall we go for a walk?

Mo Qingcheng was naturally unwilling in her heart. She didnt reply.

Qingcheng. At this moment, a silhouette walked over. Mo Qingcheng turned her head, as a gentle smile blossomed on her face. The newcomer was none other than Qin Wentian.

Qin Wentian had already noticed the happenings over here earlier. He had already met Yue Qingfeng in the Spirit Beasts Testing Grounds and knew that he was from the Azure Emperor Palace. Seeing how he obviously had the intentions to court Mo Qingcheng, Qin Wentian felt extremely uncomfortable in his heart.

Such a feeling, Qin Wentian had never experienced it before.

What are you doing here? Qin Wentian walked to the side of Mo Qingcheng as he extended his hands and pulled the dainty hand of Mo Qingcheng along. Mo Qingcheng trembled a little as an expression of shyness flashed in her eyes. She naturally understood what Qin Wentian was planning to do. Going along with his plans, she gently smiled and replied, Im here to deliver the medicine for you.

Seeing this scene occurring, those from the Emperor Star Academy grew increasingly worried. To think that the relationship between Qin Wentian and Mo Qingcheng had gotten closer to such an extent, they wondered whether those from the Azure Emperor Palace would take offence at this.

Yue Qingfengs eyes narrowed; he naturally recognised Qin Wentian.

Wentian, quick come and pay your respects to the elders of the Azure Emperor Palace. Old Gu called out. Qin Wentian nodded as he bowed, Qin Wentian of the junior generation pays his respect to the elders.

The middle-aged cast a glance at Qin Wentian, as his eyes gleamed with a sharp light.

Lets go. The middle aged man immediately led the group away, walking past Qin Wentian, disregarding his existence. Earlier, he played matchmaker for Yue Qingfeng and Mo Qingcheng, but in the blink of an eye, an insignificant insect from the junior generation came by and spoiled his mood. His face was completely thrown away.

Qin Wentian, the champion of a mere Jun Lin Banquet, how could he possibly put him in his eyes?

Brother Qin, nice to see you again. Yue Qingfeng walked to the side of Qin Wentian, offering his greetings while simultaneously sweeping his gaze impolitely over Mo Qingchengs figure before leaving. Qin Wentian furrowed his brows as a cold light flickered in his eyes.

After those from the Azure Emperor Palace left, seeing that Qin Wentian was still holding on to her hand, Mo Qingcheng rolled her eyes at Qin Wentian and whispered, Hey, you are still not letting go?

Feeling the soft touch of Mo Qingchengs hands, Qin Wentian was really unwilling to indeed. Smiling, he pinched her palms gently, causing Mo Qingcheng to blush before he finally let go.

Lecherous fellow. Mo Qingcheng scolded in a low voice, then she quickly walked forwards. However, a shallow smile could be seen reflected on her face. The smile also contained traces of shyness, just like a young girl experiencing her first awakening of love.

I couldnt help it. An awkward smile appeared on Qin Wentians face as he rubbed his head. Catching up to Mo Qingcheng, he noticed that the beautiful face of hers was intentionally arranged in a frown, with traces of mischievousness mixed in it. Qin Wentian involuntarily became an imbecile as he stared at her, warmth blossoming in his heart.

This was the first time he experienced such an emotion. It felt extremely wondrous, a slight bit of nervousness mixed in with a little warmth. It was truly marvelous.

Those from the Azure Emperor Palace arrived at a great hall. Yue Qingfengs father sat in the seat of the host while the others of his group stood by his side.

Those from the Emperor Star Academy were helpless. In actuality, they had contacted the Azure Emperor Palace before. Back then, the incident of Luo Tianya was precisely resolved with the help of the Emperor Azure Palace. However, the Emperor Azure Palace was also split into factions, namely the Azure Faction as well as the Fei Faction. Currently, the power of the Azure Faction was growing weaker and weaker, and they gradually lost their authority within the Azure Emperor Palace. This time round, those who came to the Emperor Star Academy were all from the Fei Faction.

Yue Hanshan sat in the master seat, sweeping his sharp gaze over at those from the Emperor Star Academy. From today onwards, my Azure Emperor Palace will directly take control of the Heavenly Star Pavilion and Astral River Hall of the Emperor Star Academy. Qingfeng, accompany me to the Dreamsky Forest later.

The faces of those from the Emperor Star Academy froze, as their countenances become extremely unsightly to behold.

Why? Is there a problem? Yue Hanshan coldly asked as he noticed the frowning faces of those from the Emperor Star Academy.

There are no problems, I only hope that the Azure Emperor Palace wouldnt disrupt the cultivation of our students. Old Gu lamented in his heart; they couldnt afford to offend the powerful Azure Emperor Palace.

Good. In addition, send out some of your elders to bring my people to the other secret places of the Emperor Star Academy, Yue Hanshan spoke again. Those from the Emperor Star Academy could only agree unwillingly.

It was as though these people were looking for something.

Move out. Yue Hanshan waved his hands, and the others left. Very quickly, only him and his son Yue Qingfeng remained in the great hall.

Father, is the secret of the Azure Emperor really hidden here? Yue Qingfeng asked.

Only to see Yue Hanshan frowning. He closed his eyes, replying in a low voice. Those from the Azure Faction found some notes of the Azure Emperor. Back then, he stopped in Chu several times. There is a very great probability that the secret was hidden here. Qingfeng, if we really discovered the secret, your future would be incomparably glorious.

Yue Qingfengs heart trembled upon imagining it. Back then, the secret as to why the Azure Emperor was ranked first among the 36 starlords, and why his combat prowess was so terrifyingable to stand alone against unending tides of enemies of the same cultivation as him, defeating them with absurd easewas finally discovered.

The Azure Emperor, did not only have a single Yuanfu.

When the arterial pathways of Stellar Martial Cultivators transformed into a spiral, forming their Yuan Reservoir, there would only be a single Yuanfu (Yuan Palace) within their bodies. This was an unshakable, ironclad law of cultivation.

However the Azure Emperor broke this ironclad law; somehow, he managed to open up several Yuanfu within his body. To Stellar Martial Cultivators, the meaning of having several Yuanfu was extremely clear. This indicated that his body could store several times the amount of Astral Energy others could store, while also giving him the ability to nourish different Astral Novas in his different Yuanfus. How could his combat prowess not be astounding?
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