Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 1801

Chapter 1801 Chosen Son Of Heaven

After Qin Wentian returned to the inn, he first chose to return to his courtyard and settle his people there.

After that, he left alone and came to the courtyard of another room. Luoshen Lei stood there waiting for him. After Qin Wentian entered, the entire space was sealed off.

Her father brought some men from the Luoshen Clan to the Mystic Region, they still needed to keep a low-profile when they did things. He didn’t want others to find out that they were here. In addition, Qin Wentian’s identity was very sensitive, he had no wish to let others know that they were meeting. If those who knew things of the past learned about this, the experts of that particular power would easily be able to guess Qin Wentian’s identity.

“Elder brother.” After this entire space was sealed, Luoshen Lei called out. Qin Wentian nodded his head, he felt a little nervous in his heart. Right now, he has cultivated for hundreds of years but this was the first time he was meeting with a close relative. The man he was meeting was his uncle, the elder brother of his mother.

He was filled with anticipation. What sort of character would his uncle be? He who came from the Luoshen Clan, should be exuding boundless magnificence, right? Was his uncle a hegemonic-level world overlord that stood at the peak? Or even stronger than that?

He didn’t know but he would know very soon.

“Father is waiting for you in the courtyard. Let’s go in.” Luoshen Lei softly spoke. Qin Wentian nodded his head. He didn’t release his immortal sense, he followed Luoshen Lei through the long corridor and came to the entrance of the courtyard. Before him, a group of people casually stood there but they gave Qin Wentian an extraordinary feeling of unfathomable might. There was no need to doubt that these were all extremely powerful characters.

“Elder brother.” Luoshen Lei walked in front, she turned her head back and called out. Qin Wentian stepped forth and followed her, exiting the corridor and entering the courtyard. The environment here was extremely elegant with many pavilions and little bridges with flowing water beneath them. In one of the larger pavilions in front, there was a figure quietly sitting on a chair. His gaze turned over and stared at Qin Wentian who was walking towards him.

When Qin Wentian saw that figure, he suddenly started. He didn’t dare to believe his eyes, as though he has seen wrongly.

A very weak-looking middle-aged man was before him. Countless wrinkles marred his face and he had a head full of white hair. Even his eyes had no spirit in them. He was clearly middle-aged yet he appeared to be like an old man with a foot in the grave, with no hint of vitality at all. This was different from Old Ghost. Old Ghost appeared very old but his eyes were glowing with spirit, exuding a strong sense of vitality and energy.

However, the figure before him seemed mediocre in every way. One could even say that he appeared to be like an ordinary mortal that has no cultivation.

In this pavilion, he was the only one there. His cloudy eyes gleamed with a hint of light when he stared at Qin Wentian. Clearly, this was his uncle. It could be no one else.

Qin Wentian has imagined many things, but he has never once thought his uncle would be in this shape. Luoshen Lei was so outstanding, her talent was incomparably extraordinary but why was her father like this?

“Why? Are you very disappointed?” The figure before him smiled, staring at the changes in Qin Wentian’s expressions.

Qin Wentian started, disappointed?

That was not true. He wanted to see his uncle because they were blood-related and the other party was willing to acknowledge him. This has nothing to do with his uncle’s strength.

It’s just that he was too surprised. After all, this scene was completely different than what he had imagined.

“Elder brother, this is my father.” Luoshen Lei softly spoke.

Qin Wentian stared at the figure before him, he adjusted his mental state and drew in a deep breath as he called out, “Uncle.”

“Good.” The middle-aged man nodded his head as his eyes turned slightly red. He stood up and walked towards Qin Wentian. His steps were very slow and somewhat unstable. When he came before Qin Wentian, he stretched out his hand as his finger gingerly came in contact with Qin Wentian’s face, staring intently at him. Upon contact, his finger trembled slightly.

“So alike…” His uncle’s eyes grew even redder as though he recalled many things. He thought of things in the past, his younger sister who grew up together with him, the younger sister whom he doted the most on.

Qin Wentian felt that this was somewhat strange and initially wanted to dodge. But when he thought of the fact that this man was his uncle and his reddened eyes from emotions, his heart grew soft and he allowed the middle-aged man to do what he wanted.

“You truly resemble your mother a lot.” Luoshen Yu’s finger trembled lightly. Although it has been many years since he last met his sister, he still remembered her face clearly. After all, that was his younger sister, her image had always been branded in his heart and wouldn’t fade away despite the passage of time. Hence, when he saw Qin Wentian, he could see the shadow of his sister in him.

“Uncle, you also have no idea where my mother is?” Qin Wentian asked in a light voice. This was the thing he wanted to know the most.

“Your mother is truly ruthless enough, she abandoned everything decisively and vanished without a trace.” Luoshen Yu’s voice trembled a little. He stared at Qin Wentian and continued, “I heard Lei`er say that your parents gave you the name ‘Wentian,’ right?”

“Mhm, that’s right.” Qin Wentian nodded.

“Did they not leave behind any clues for you?” Luoshen Yu asked. After he learned of Qin Wentian’s existence, he felt even more shock in his heart. This meant that Qin Yuanfeng didn’t die. In that case, although his younger sister had disappeared for many years, it might be possible that she might still be alive and is with Qin Yuanfeng.

“Nope. Ever since I was very young, the person who took care of me was Uncle Black. He might know of some stuff but he has never told me before. Right now, he has also vanished.” Qin Wentian spoke. “Uncle, exactly what has happened in the past? What’s wrong with your cultivation?”

He naturally understood that it was impossible for a direct descendant of the Luoshen Clan, Luoshen Lei’s father, the elder brother of his mother, to be born a cripple. His uncle was clearly middle-aged yet his hair had turned completely white and his face was marred by wrinkles, appearing extremely aged. His aura was exceptionally weak too, as though he had suffered an injury so grievous that he wasn’t able to recover from it, leading to his current appearance.

“The things back then were very simple. Your mother and father got together but they were faced with objections from both their clans. The Qin Clan and Luoshen Clan have always been at odds since the beginning of time, how could a female chosen of the Luoshen Clan be allowed to marry into the Qin Clan? Also at that time, your father was embroiled in other troubles and your maternal grandfather objected even more vehemently to their union. However, your mother and father didn’t care at all, they directly abandoned everything and left, destroying all the immortal senses in their messaging crystals. But although they left leisurely, the Qin Clan would naturally not give up like this. In order to search for them, they even came to our Luoshen Clan and a great battle ensued, as many members of the Luoshen Clan died. They did all this simply to enquire about the location of your parents.”

Luoshen Yu sighed. Although Qin Wentian knew some of the things, he didn’t know the details. Today, he was very serious as he listened.

“Your maternal grandfather was even more angered. The conflict between us and the Qin Clan reached an unresolvable state. After that, your parents were actually found by those from the Qin Clan. The Qin Clan only wanted to deal with your father, and for the sake of your mother’s safety, your maternal grandfather went there personally to take her back. Soon after, your father learned of the battle between the Qin and Luoshen Clan, and after knowing the Qin Clan used all sorts of unscrupulous methods to find him, he actually started a massacre in the Qin Clan in a fit of anger and eventually ended up dying there.”

Qin Wentian clenched his fists tightly, he knew there were even more details in this story. He spoke, “My father left behind many memories for me. The Qin Clan has always been tracing his whereabouts. A clan brother of his eventually found him and they fought. That person’s grudge with my father started since childhood. Who is he?”

“Haha, good question.” Luoshen Yu suddenly laughed. “This man is now the controller of the Qin Clan. His name is Qin Zheng. During times of his youth, he was nurtured as a successor by the Qin Clan, and can be considered a supreme heaven chosen of the Qin Clan. Back then, your father always existed within his light. I even know that the girl your father fell for during his youth, eventually married Qin Zheng. She was the supreme heaven chosen of another faction in the Qin Clan and they had a son together. Their son is named Qin Dangtian, this name was true to its meaning, they had the intent of their son shaking the heavens. This young man is now known as heaven’s son in the Heaven Region now.

“Heaven’s son.” Qin Wentian’s eyes gleamed with sharpness. His countenance was like ice as he spoke, “Back then, Qin Zheng’s strength was already inferior to my father. My father has once defeated him.”

“There is only one Qin Yuanfeng in the world. There’s no need to doubt Qin Zheng’s strength and this heaven’s son has also inherited the talent of his mother and father, even surpassing them. This is what it means to be the son of the heavens. Ever since he was young, he has displayed world-shocking talent. I’m thinking that he will do what his name means, his ambition is to shake the heavens, causing them to tremble before his might. As for you, your parents named you ‘Wentian,’ both of your names have the word ‘tian.’ I wonder if they intentionally named you so in response to Qin Dangtian.” Luoshen Yu mumbled.

“My parents when they were naming me, once said this. Asking the sky, asking the heavens, who can be the ruler of this world? They wanted me to be the master of my fate, the lord of my destiny.” Qin Wentian replied.

Luoshen Yu’s eyes flashed before he broke out into laughter. “As expected of Qin Yuanfeng. How spirited and imposing was this? One desire to shake the heavens, making them tremble before his might. Another desire to ask the heavens, only seeking to become the lord of his own destiny. The two of you are in opposition once born and it’s destined in life that you two would be enemies.”

“Destined in life to be enemies since we were born?” Qin Wentian’s gaze turned cold. That despicable character who acted against his father back then. How strong was his son now exactly?

“Elder brother, didn’t you ask why my father became like this?” Luoshen Lei who was at the side, suddenly interjected. Qin Wentian stared at her only to see her eyes turning red. She felt a heavy sorrow in her heart.

How could Qin Wentian know that this mediocre and crippled person before him was once an extremely famous heavenly deity named the Skyorder Heavenly Deity whose fame shook the world? He was once the successor of the Luoshen Clan but after that battle, all that was supposed to be his, turned into nothingness. Her father endured the looks of contempt from his clansmen ever since then. When she thought of this, Luoshen Lei felt as though a knife was cutting her heart.

“Why?” Qin Wentian asked when he saw Luoshen Lei’s reaction. Was there a secret behind this?

“Once, as the Skyorder Heavenly Deity of the Luoshen Clan, he went to the Qin Clan to seek justice for your parents. He challenged Qin Zheng and at that time, Qin Zheng’s son Qin Dangtian had just recently broken through to the heavenly deity realm. Qin Dangtian took the place of his father and accepted my father’s challenge. After he defeated my father, he crippled his cultivation base and from then on, his fame rocked the world and everyone started calling him heaven’s son of the Heaven Region. Everyone praised his talent and said that he was a future godking in the making.

Luoshen Lei clenched her fists as tears flowed down her face. Qin Dangtian fought on behalf of his father, Qin Zheng, and crippled her father Luoshen Yu’s cultivation upon defeating him. What about her? What could she do? Qin Dangtian could crush her to death with just his little finger.

The heaven’s son, Qin Dangtian, trampled on her father and rose to fame in the eight regions!

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