Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 1813

Chapter 1813 : Heavenly Dao Rankings

Under the moonlight, the Daoask Lodge was extremely beautiful. In this central area of Daoask City, bright lights lit up the area and there was a gigantic lake not far away in front of it. This lake was also considered a business of the Daoask Lodge. At the center of the lake, there was an island named the Lakeheart Island, and there were many pavilions here. Each pavilion was filled with guests as they enjoyed their banquet. For guests staying in the Daoask Lodge, they can enjoy the immortal banquet here free of charge.

On the Lakeheart Island, there was mist everywhere. A group of white-robed maidens were performing their dances now and their wondrous poses and postures while dancing caused everyone to sigh at how alluring they are. Their beauty was naturally exceptional as well.

“Qianyu, these maidens don’t seem inferior when compared to the Red Dust Immortal Palace, in fact, they seem to be even more outstanding.” In a pavilion near the center area, Qin Wentian smiled as he spoke to Ye Qianyu.

“That’s true. We spent so much to stay here, they naturally wanted to make the guests feel that the price paid was worth it. Didn’t you notice that other than the lodge’s guests, all outsiders would have to pay a heavenly price before they can come here to admire the dances?” Ye Qianyu laughed.

“Indeed.” Qin Wentian nodded. But even so, there were still many people on the lake or seated in the pavilions to enjoy the immortal banquet. Maybe, these people might be from Daoask City. For some descendants of aristocrat clans, it didn’t matter that they couldn’t afford to stay at the Daoask Lodge. They were still wealthy enough to come here occasionally to admire the beautiful scenery.

“So, is their dance nicer or my dance nicer?” Ye Qianyu transmitted her voice to Qin Wentian as charm gleamed in her eyes, causing Qin Wentian to feel an itch in his heart. He shook his head and smiled, “How can they be compared to you.”

Ye Qianyu then gave a twinkling laugh, filled with satisfaction.

After the dance ended, many people started applauding. In fact, there was even a guest from another pavilion who expressed his admiration verbally, “Being able to witness Violetjade Fairy’s dance, I feel like I’m in a paradise. I have even forgotten about the passing of time.”

“Sir praises me too much.” On the island, the most beautiful maiden bowed and smiled. Her name was Violetjade and people referred to her as the Violetjade Fairy. Not only was her beauty outstanding, her talent was even more so. Now, she was already at the empyrean realm and even when she is in a group of beauties, she could still stand out like a crane in a flock of chickens.

“Words alone can no longer express the wondrous dance of Fairy. Today, the pavilions here on Lakeheart Island are all completely filled. Does Fairy has any interesting matters of the Mystic Region to share with us?” That young man smiled. This Violetjade Fairy wasn’t merely proficient in dance, she also had connections to many sources and knew all the major things that happened in the Mystic Region. Clearly, the Daoask Lodge was probably the one backing her. Usually when the Violetjade Fairy appeared to dance, she would share some major and interesting news of the Mystic Region to everyone.

“Today, I wish to speak to everyone about the Heavenly Dao Rankings. Now, it was just updated and someone had just been replaced. I wonder if everyone knows of this?” The Violetjade Fairy smiled as she asked.

“It’s very rare for the Heavenly Dao Rankings to be updated. Since there is an update, who was the one that was replaced?” Someone asked with interest.

“In the original Heavenly Dao Rankings, there are two disciples from the Ziwei Divine Court, two disciples from the Great Devil Divine Palace, a disciple from the Heavenly Deity Mountain, three members of the Heavenly Dao Sacred Academy, and as for the last two, they are not from any major powers. I’m sure everyone knows of this point and knows of their identities. The one that is being replaced, is one of the last two rankers.” The Violetjade Fairy smiled. “Also, this time around, the new ranker was the youngest among all of the other rankers. If everyone put in some effort to think about it, you all should be able to guess his identity.”

The eyes of many gleamed with sharpness, the Heavenly Dao Ranking was a ranking established by the Heavenly Dao Sacred Academy. As the saying went, the heavenly dao is so lofty that it is unreachable.

There’s only a total of ten positions in this ranking. Age was not an issue but every one was from the Mystic Region. These ten people were the ten people most likely to comprehend the heavenly dao and become a heavenly deity of the Mystic Region. From this, one could very well imagine the weightage of this ranking.

From another perspective, this ranking was a measure of one’s potential in reaching the heavenly deity realm.

For those who managed to be ranked, they were publicly believed to have the greatest chance to become a deity, entering a higher realm.

Age was irrelevant, and current strength also wasn’t a criteria. For example, the rankers on the Heavenly Dao Ranking might not be the most powerful figures in the world overlord realm and there might be many who could defeat them. But even so, their names were still on the ranking. The only reason for this was because their potential to become a heavenly deity was greater than the others, despite the fact that they are currently weaker.

Naturally, it was said that strength wasn’t a criteria but in truth, every ranker on the rankings was at the world overlord realm. After all, if one couldn’t even become a world overlord, what qualifications do they have to say that they can become deities?

But even so, for some geniuses of the junior generations who displayed startling talent despite the fact that they are not at the world overlord realm yet, they would still have a chance to become one of the ten rankers. Hence, the rankings would occasionally be updated as people inside might be replaced.

“I think I should know who Violetjade Fairy is speaking about. I didn’t expect that the Heavenly Dao Sacred Academy actually put his name inside the Heavenly Dao Rankings so quickly.” Someone spoke, feeling shocked in his heart.

“Is the person Violetjade Fairy is speaking of, the successor of the Godking of Time who participated in the recent convention?” Another person asked. After that, the eyes of many people flashed as they thought of a character. Recently, the name of this person was like the sun in the sky in the Mystic Region. There would frequently be people mentioning him.

The successor of the Time King, killing a hegemonic-level world overlord in a single battle, cultivated for less than a thousand years… This dazzling star instantly rose up into the sky, everyone in the Mystic Region knew about him.

Naturally, the reason why his name spread so quickly was naturally because of Yue Changkong from the Ziwei Divine Court. This story was too much of a drama. Yue Changkong, a disciple of the Sunmoon Sacred Mountain, actually falsified himself as the Time King’s successor to enter the Ziwei Divine Court and even managed to get a heavenly deity to take him in as a disciple. From this, one could imagine how much attention he garnered. In addition, this also had something to do with the Time King and the Heavenly Dao Sacred Academy.

In one of the pavilions, Qin Wentian who was laughing and chatting with the people in his group suddenly froze. The people around him also started, but smiles soon appeared on their faces as they looked at Qin Wentian. The Qin Wentian now was actually so famous? Not only did many world overlords pay a visit to him, even in this city where the Heavenly Dao Sacred Academy was located, people were talking about him too. Also, he actually became one of the rankers on the Heavenly Dao Rankings.

Qin Wentian bitterly smiled, he knew nothing about this at all. Who would have thought that his name would suddenly be included and he became the topic of conversation of everyone here because of this.

“Sirs, all of you are extremely intelligent and instantly knew who I was speaking of with just a single hint. I received the news that the Qingcheng Realmlord would soon come to the Heavenly Dao Sacred Academy to cultivate. At the instant he enters the sacred academy, the academy would announce this updated Heavenly Dao Rankings to the public.” The Violetjade Fairy laughed.

“If it is him, it’s only logical. After all, he was able to gain the recognition of a godking and this should be sufficient to prove his talent. Also, he has cultivated for less than a thousand years yet he could already killed the Dragon Pool Manor Lord. It’s normal for him to enter the Heavenly Dao Rankings with such an achievement.” Somebody nodded.

There were many extraordinary characters here. They knew that the Qingcheng Realmlord was somebody who deserved his reputation or the Heavenly Dao Sacred Academy wouldn’t have arranged a heavenly deity to become a teacher for him.

“This is interesting. Once the Qingcheng Realmlord enters the sacred academy, wouldn’t the sacred academy take four spots out of the ten spots in the ranking? Ten years ago, that supreme existence who came from the Swordsaint Mountain and entered the sacred academy for cultivation, I wonder who is more outstanding when he is compared to the Qingcheng Realmlord.” Another person laughed.

In one of the pavilions, when the people there heard someone speaking about that supreme existence who came from the Swordsaint Mountain, their eyes suddenly flashed with sharpness. The young man in the lead had a sharp look on his face, and exuded a sword-like aura. His eyes gleamed in the dark, brighter even than the moonlight.

“How long has this Qingcheng Realmlord been famous for? How can he be comparable to the descendants of the Sword God? Don’t forget that the supreme existence consolidated his achievements step by step. The Qingcheng Realmlord has only fought a single battle. Are they even comparable at all?” The young man spoke, his tone filled with unhappiness. As the sound of his voice faded, many people turned over. Qin Wentian’s group also stared in his direction as strange looks appeared on their faces. So it turned out that this man who spoke was the person who snatched their courtyard on the third level from the top of the Daoask Lodge back then.

“That’s true, that character’s battle achievements are just too glorious. He challenged many world overlords before but has never been defeated. In fact, even some famous hegemonic-level world overlords were also defeated by him. Geniuses at the peak were all destined to be lonely, that was the reason why that person chose to join the Heavenly Dao Sacred Academy to seek the heavenly dao.” Another person sighed. For every character that can become a ranker on the Heavenly Dao Rankings, all represented a legend. The Qingcheng Realmlord was one, the others were as well.

That supreme character came from the Swordsaint Mountain, he was a descendant of the Sword God.

The people around Qin Wentian all felt unhappy when they heard this. Jun Mengchen glanced at that young man and spoke unhappily, “The strength of one’s talent and the degree of one’s fame. How can they be evaluated by the number of battles one fought? I’m very curious about that descendant of the Sword God. During the thousand-year period of his cultivation, was his achievements as glorious as the Qingcheng Realmlord? Could he kill a hegemonic-level world overlord then?”

The eyes of the young man shone as he turned to face Jun Mengchen. “Although the convention of the myriad realms is said to be a peak-level grand event of the Mystic Region, the vast majority of people attending it were merely from the three hegemonic powers or their subordinate forces. Those truly powerful world overlords, for example, the previous ten rankers of the Heavenly Dao Rankings, not one of them had shown up to attend it. Because they have enough confidence, they don’t need the recognition of the three hegemonic powers because they knew they are already the elites. If the descendant of the Sword God had attended the recent convention, maybe the Qingcheng Realmlord wouldn’t have rose to fame at all.”

The young man was right. Although the convention was a peak-level grand event of the Mystic Region, it was impossible for every world overlord in the Mystic Region to be there. There were simply too many people who didn’t attend. Or maybe, some had already participated before ten thousand years ago and didn’t wish to attend the current one.

Jun Mengchen initially wanted to rebut but the Violetjade Fairy smiled and interjected, “Sirs, there’s no need to quarrel among yourselves. In truth, Violetjade still has something I want to tell you all about. On the Swordsaint Mountain, other than that descendant of the Sword God who is on the Heavenly Dao Rankings, right now, another descendant of the Sword God has also arrived here and would enter the Heavenly Dao Sacred Academy for cultivation. In addition, he is now staying in the Daoask Lodge as well.”

As the voice of the Violetjade Fairy faded, the eyes of many gleamed sharply. After that, many people turned to the young man who spoke earlier, as though they thought of something. As expected, sword light now glimmered in the eyes of the young man. His entire person was like a sword. His gaze, that was as sharp as swords, was filled with a tinge of arrogance!

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