Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 1830

Chapter 1830 Each With Their Lives

Yue Changkong returned to the Moon God Hall. This was the place he grew up in, in the world of reincarnation and he naturally has the memories about this place as well.

Upon his father learning that he comprehended the dao in a single day, stepping into the Xiantian Realm, he accepted Yue Changkong into the family again and sighed and spoke to him, “Changkong, those years ago I was forced to send you away. You should understand very clearly what sort of place the Moon God Hall is. You, who had no cultivation then, would only be the butt of endless humiliation here.”

“Your child understands.” Yue Changkong respectfully replied as a warm smile appeared on his face. A reunion of father and son, things were naturally extremely joyful.

There were four people from the Ziwei Divine Court who entered the world of reincarnation. Other than Yue Changkong, one was his martial uncle and the other two were rankers on the Heavenly Dao Rankings of the Mystic Region. In the world of reincarnation, they originated from the same power – Moon God Hall. Everything seemed destined. This world of reincarnation was seemingly able to sense their fate.

At this moment, the four experts from the Ziwei Divine Court gathered together. Yue Changkong’s martial uncle spoke, “The Moon God Hall in here, seems to represent the Ziwei Divine Court in the outside world. The cultivation system here is completely different from the external world, yet there are points of similarity. Are we supposed to comprehend a different dao here in the world of reincarnation?

“But, where is that holy place? Could the world of reincarnation be that holy and legendary place? Our lifetime here is supposed to be the test?”

“Since the world of reincarnation and the outside world are connected, we have to grow stronger as soon as possible so we can trample the experts from other powers down beneath our feet.” A ranker on the Heavenly Dao Rankings spoke.

“Martial uncle and two senior brothers have supreme talent. We will naturally be able to do this.” Yue Changkong bowed.

“You can’t put it this way. There are no weaklings among those who entered the world of reincarnation, all of them are extremely powerful. Changkong, since you are reaccepted into the Moon God Hall, your strength now must definitely be extraordinary. Come and spar with me.” Yue Changkong’s martial uncle spoke.

“How can Changkong be a match for martial uncle?” Yue Changkong bowed.

“If we don’t try, how would we know?” His martial uncle took a step forward as a powerful law body appeared behind him. The energy in the surroundings was absorbed by the law body as a desolate and cold streak of saber light flashed past. Yue Changkong gave a shout, summoning his strength to resist. However, with a thunderous explosion, Yue Changkong was directly sent flying by the force of that saber light. Wounds appeared as blood flowed from his body. He was slammed into the ground and he could only climb up with difficulty. “The insights martial uncle gained in this world of reincarnation is as extraordinary as the outside world.”

“Being able to block one of my strikes, you are considered not too bad.” His martial uncle laughed. “You can leave.”

“Yes, Changkong will take my leave.” Yue Changkong bowed and departed. The other two who were rankers on the Heavenly Dao Rankings stared at Yue Changkong’s back. Their eyes were filled with contempt, “I heard that he was abandoned by his family in this world and had become a beggar, forced to endure all sorts of humiliation.”

“He is such a despicable person, he even fooled the world and gained the approval of the Ziwei Divine Court. If I was the decision maker, I would have killed him. Why would our master spare him?”

“Despicable characters have their own uses. To become stronger, he is willing to use all methods no matter how vile. You guys have to guard against him.” The martial uncle laughed.

After Yue Changkong left, he spent his time in quiet cultivation. One day, he told his father of this world where he encountered a miraculous bout of good fortune in a secret realm when he was cultivating outside and hence, he wanted to lead everyone to explore the secret realm. They came to a desolate ancient mountain and his father looked at him, “Changkong, where is the secret realm you were talking about?”

“Father, you once said that you were forced to expel me from the family because you were helpless, right? In that case, today, I’m also forced to do this as I’m helpless.” As Yue Changkong spoke, his hands turned into claws and directly penetrated his father’s back. A terrifying devouring might frenziedly began to absorb all the energy in his father’s body.

“VILE BEAST!” The experts in the surroundings roared. However, a cold malevolent smile appeared on Yue Changkong’s face. Father? Ridiculous, wanting him to call this man as his father? There was naturally a price to be paid for this.

The fearsome devouring might intensified as a heretic devil law body appeared behind Yue Changkong, absorbing everything. Very swiftly, only piles of bones were left here. Yue Changkong took out the messaging crystal in this world and spoke through it, “Martial uncle, I discover a divine depository but there’s an evil creature guarding it. My father and the rest of my family have all died.”

“Where is it? How strong is that evil creature?” His martial uncle asked.

“I can lead the way for senior brothers. The evil creature might have strength on par with martial uncle. In order to play it safe, it’s best that martial uncle brings a group of experts over. This divine depository might contain extraordinary treasures.” An intense emotional fluctuation could be heard in Yue Changkong’s voice, filled with sorrow and agitation like he has completely lost his calm.

“Okay, wait for me.” His martial uncle replied. Yue Changkong kept his messaging crystal and sat cross-legged while a demonic glint flashed in his eyes.

After a long time, his martial uncle and two senior brothers who were rankers on the Heavenly Dao Rankings finally arrived. They didn’t bring anyone else with them. In fact, this was something Yue Changkong had anticipated.

Upon seeing Yue Changkong and piles of bones around him, his martial uncle frowned, “Where is the divine depository and the evil creature?”

“Martial uncle, have you heard that this world of reincarnation is connected to our real world. If you die in here, it would be a true death.” Yue Changkong calmly spoke.

“I know of this.” His martial uncle nodded, staring at Yue Changkong.

“It’s good that martial uncle understands this. Since the various geniuses came to this world of reincarnation, this is like a test of life and death. In that case, no matter how cruel or brutal I must be, I will make sure to walk this path all the way until the end. Those who compete with me all have to die. The legendary place, the legendary character, shall be me and me alone. Martial uncle, thanks for granting me my wish.”

As the sound of Yue Changkong’s voice faded, his law body manifested. That terrifying heretic devil was extremely malevolent, exuding a vile and disgustingly evil aura.

The expressions of the three people changed. His martial uncle coldly spoke, “Have you fallen so low and accepted the deal with the evil spirits? Choosing to cultivate an evil art?”

“What is an evil art?” Yue Changkong calmly spoke. “There are rumors saying that if the sacred academy opened the sacred gate to the legendary place, the entire Supreme Ancient Immortal Realms would undergo immense changes. Since everyone unscrupulously forced the sacred academy and managed to enter here, I naturally have to become the strongest here. So what even if the two of you are rankers on the Heavenly Dao Rankings? After this, all your power shall become mine. All your insights will belong to me!”

As the sound of his voice faded, grey hands manifested from the devil law body behind his back, covering this entire space. The expressions of the three of them drastically changed. They used the entirety of their strength gained from their insights of this world to resist but it was useless. Their bodies were penetrated through by the grey hands as the energy within their bodies flowed out rapidly, infusing Yue Changkong. The Yue Changkong now has completely become a devil.

“I’m your martial uncle. If you kill me, will my senior brother spare you when you exit?” His martial uncle spoke in fear.

“If this evil power is also considered a dao, I can naturally bring back what I comprehend here to the Supreme Ancient Immortal Realms. In that case, if there is an opportunity, I will definitely repay him double everything he caused me to endure.” Yue Changkong sinisterly spoke. After that, he devoured all the energy in his martial uncle’s body, as well as the two rankers on the Heavenly Dao Rankings from the Ziwei Divine Court. All three of them died in the world of reincarnation.

Yue Changkong drew in a deep breath, feeling satisfied in his heart. His gaze contained a serenity that was extremely terrifying.

“You say that you are sealed in the world of reincarnation? In that case, who was the one who sealed you? Who is the master of this world? Is he the creator of the legendary place?” Yue Changkong mumbled to himself, there was no one in his surroundings.

“There’s no need for you to know this. In any case, his power isn’t something you can imagine at your current level. What you need to do now is to continue to grow stronger and stronger. If you can obtain everything in the world of reincarnation, the future you might have a chance to learn of his identity.” A voice rang out in Yue Changkong’s mind.

“Oh.” Yue Changkong coldly smiled, not asking any more. Right now, a person flashed through his mind.

Qin Wentian, where was he in this world of reincarnation? He truly hoped Qin Wentian would be stronger, so it would be more nutritious to consume him.

For the monks from Western Paradise Buddha Sect of the Universe Region, they were also in this world of reincarnation. Now, they were inside a buddha sect as well and the temple they were in was known as the Vajra Temple. There were many eminent monks here and all of them believed in the legends of a Western Paradise.

Reverend Seven Abstinences, his title came from the Seven Abstinences in Buddhism. In the Supreme Ancient Immortal Realms, he was widely respected and was an eminent monk. But now in the world of reincarnation, he was just an ordinary novice monk who could not cultivate. But even so, the temple treated him very well.

“Seven Abstinences, during these days you have already finished reading all the buddha arts in our Vajra Temple. Now that you are bidding farewell to me, do you have some thoughts in your mind?” The abbot spoke to the young novice monk, Seven Abstinences.

“Disciple wishes to head towards the western paradise to seek the truth of buddhism.” Seven Abstinences pressed his palms together and bowed.

“You must have read the ancient records and desire to reach the borders of Western Paradise. There will be countless tribulations before you can reach there. You have to have an original body and after you arrive at the holy place, you have to kowtow with every step you take. No one in my Vajra Temple has succeeded before, but you still wish to go there?” The abbot asked, the original body in his speech referred to a body that has not cultivated before.

“No matter how dangerous the journey is, I’m willing to undertake this journey.” Seven Abstinences nodded. Right now, he could already comprehend the buddhist dao in this world but he didn’t choose to do so. Since there was also a Western Paradise in this world, he wanted to go there to see for himself and seek his dao there.

“Good, having the aspirations to seek buddha at the Western Paradise. You have to first perform the seven abstinences and ten acts of kindness. I only have a high cultivation base but I don’t have your aspiration. Since this is the case, let all my cultivation transform into a sarira to protect you on your journey there.” The abbot smiled.

Seven Abstinences pressed his palms and bowed in silence. The abbot of the Vajra Temple transferred all his cultivation into a buddha bead. His appearance instantly aged, resembling a dried up oil lamp as he took a string and threaded through the bead before hanging the bead around Seven Abstinences’s neck.

“Go on.” The abbot spoke.

Seven Abstinences stood up and started on his journey towards the Western Paradise of this world. He had no distractions in his heart, and experienced everything fate wanted to throw at him. He maintained his principles of seven abstinences and ten kindness, the experiences he underwent was extremely arduous and he was covered in dust. But even so, he didn’t forget his original heart.

This world of reincarnation was an opportunity for him. Since opportunity has arrived, he must naturally grab it. As a true eminent monk in the outside world, his state of heart was naturally as resolute as iron.

On his journey, some monks from the Vajra Temple sought him out and told him that the abbot won’t be able to make it and was about to die soon. They hoped that Seven Abstinences could make a trip back to the temple to see the abbot for the final time. Seven Abstinences didn’t turn back, he simply continued forward. Some monks in the temple claimed that Seven Abstinences had an evil and ungrateful personality but there were also some who believed that Seven Abstinences had already gained insight into the true essence of Buddhism.

In the world of reincarnation, every expert from the Supreme Ancient Immortal Realms have a different identities here. Through their lives in this world, they started to comprehend the dao here using different angles and gradually gained more insights. This would undoubtedly prove to aid their cultivation immensely when they exited this world. In the Supreme Ancient Immortal Realms, there were those truly supreme existences who gave up on everything to enter reincarnation, only hoping to have a second life and revised the choices they made before so they could pursue the ultimate dao. Now, these experts also had such an opportunity in this world of reincarnation. They naturally would cherish it!

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