Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 1838

Chapter 1838 Chaotic Battle Erupts

Yue Changkong swept his gaze at Lin Xiao. Earlier, he had exchanged blows with Lin Xiao in the past. This man was truly very strong. Before they came to the world of reincarnation, Lin Xiao was already an immensely terrifying world overlord.

If this was before in the Supreme Ancient Immortal Realms, Lin Xiao would surely be able to kill him easily. However, things were different now. This place was the world of reincarnation. He, Yue Changkong, wasn’t the Yue Changkong of the past.

Yue Changkong slowly floated up into the air. He stared at everyone and smiled, “I accept all challenges no matter who wishes to fight me. We didn’t manage to have a good fight at the last gathering. This time, let’s make sure that everyone here has no regrets when they leave.”

His words had another layer of meaning within. Today, experts from the various peak powers all arrived. Was it possible for there to be a conclusion in the world of reincarnation?

The auras of everyone here radiated forth. The experts from the Qin Clan, the supreme character from the Prison God Clan, they all placed the wine cups in their hand down as coldness flickered in their eyes. The secret of the world of reincarnation wasn’t revealed yet. In that case, they naturally would feel that the only way to verify one’s dao in here, was to become the only one remaining, defeating everyone else. This wasn’t simply what they thought, it was what everyone here thought.

A true legendary character can only be one person. The person who is the most dazzling in here.

Only to see that at this moment, an extremely terrifying evil aura descended from the air, permeating the area. For a period of time, the world of reincarnation changed. The layers of clouds turned black as the world turned dark. This entire world lost its luster. Yue Changkong stood in the air and resembled a god of evil. Behind him, many devil heads manifested, causing people to feel fear in their souls.

“Finally he cannot be bothered to conceal it any more?” Everyone could see Yue Changkong at this moment. This was then the real Yue Changkong in the world of reincarnation. Right now, people from the Supreme Ancient Immortal Realms already knew that Yue Changkong has cultivated the evil arts. Yue Changkong also didn’t need to hide this anymore. What he wanted to do now was to kill all of these people. Only then could he be the only one from the Supreme Ancient Immortal realms remaining in the world of reincarnation.

The people in the ancient city inclined their heads, all of them could feel that fearsome aura which caused their hearts to tremble. Some even involuntarily retreated, wanting to distance themselves from Yue Changkong. However, under the pressure, they discovered that they had no way to leave the area. Yue Changkong was too powerful. When his aura gushed forth, it enveloped an extremely vast area.

Lin Xiao stared up in the air. His silhouette flashed as he soared up as well. Qiankun light radiated from him, forming a brilliant Universe Diagram behind his back. The energy from heaven and earth gathered madly, converging in the diagram, waiting for him to use it.

“Qiankun Sect of the Heaven Region.” Qin Wentian glanced at Lin Xiao’s figure. In the Heavenly Dao Library, he understood that the Qiankun Sect was definitely an extremely strong power. The Qiankun Sect Leader was a supreme character that was terrifying to the extreme.

The Qiankun Sect’s cultivation arts can allow them to convert the surrounding energies into qiankun energy to power their own techniques. The Universe Diagram behind Lin Xiao shone resplendently. However, if it was a different expert from the Qiankun Sect, the power unleashed by that expert’s diagram would be different from Lin Xiao due to the different law attributes they cultivated.

A terrifying aura descend from the sky. The devil heads behind Yue Changkong suddenly emanated a shocking might. A moment later, they shot ferociously towards Lin Xiao, brimming with might from the great dao. Yue Changkong has cultivated an evil devouring art. He would gain the insights of all the experts he devoured. Their daos became these devil heads that were floating behind them and contained the law energy of their original bodies. Not only that, they could even work together and exert an immense devouring might.

Hence, the current Yue Changkong’s strength was a result of the insights and abilities of the other experts he devoured. During these years, he simply acted directly and would frequently devour the experts in this world.

“Sword of Qiankun.” Lin Xiao performed hand gestures. All of a sudden, the Qiankun Formation Diagram suddenly shot out a resplendent beam of sword light that manifested into a sword which pierced through the air. When it came in contact with that devil’s head, it directly exploded along with its target from the impact as a fearsome might lingered in the air.

Black clouds churned wildly, the scene was like an apocalypse. Numerous devil heads containing terrifying might lunged towards Lin Xiao from all directions. The Universe Diagram behind Lin Xiao radiated boundless light. After that, the qiankun energy that transformed into a sword unleashed its power, brightening up the darkened sky. With a wave of the Qiankun Sword, millions of other swords manifested, shooting up into the sky. This shocking strike contained heaven-shaking might, and seemed capable of breaking the universe.

The eyes of the experts in the surroundings shone with sharpness as they stared at the battle in the air. The two combatants were very powerful, so powerful that it caused the spectators to tremble. They naturally had to pay attention to this battle. Although everyone had to restart their cultivation in this world, all of them improved shockingly fast and many people have surpassed their achievements in the other world.

As he faced the power of the sword attacks, Yue Changkong’s black eyes gleamed with a fearsome coldness. There was no fear in them at all. He opened his mouth, the mouths of the devil heads behind him all opened as well as they drew in a huge breath in unison. He actually managed to swallow the Qiankun Sword. But after doing that, thunderous sounds rang out as many devil heads behind him exploded. But ultimately, the power of the sword attacks were completely devoured.

After seeing this, Qin Wentian understood that the current Yue Changkong was no longer the Yue Changkong of the past. Yue Changkong has even forsaken all his previous innate techniques and secret arts. Now, only the evil art was his everything because it could grant him more strength compared to the rest.

“Not bad.” Yue Changkong coldly spoke. His evil countenance had a malevolent smile painted on it. Behind him, a gigantic evil law body appeared. The head of this law body alone could blot out the sun. A terrifying black hand shot out towards Lin Xiao. This hand contained a power that could destroy all opposition and at the same time, the surrounding energy frenziedly began to gather on the blackened palm.

Upon sensing the power of this strike, the formation diagram behind Lin Xiao grew even more resplendent. Qiankun light covered him as a law body also formed behind him.

“Immeasurable Qiankun Law Body!”

Lin Xiao stood unmoving, allowing the terrifying palm strikes to land on his law body. That law body appeared to be on the verge of shattering but it instantly recovered from the damage after just an instant. Life after death, death after life. Immeasurable Qiankun, inextinguishable.

“Powerful.” The hearts of everyone silently mused. Even Qin Wentian was taken aback. The current Yue Changkong was much stronger now when compared to the past. This Lin Xiao from the Qiankun Sect was also extremely terrifying, as expected of a hegemonic-level world overlord that was nurtured as the next successor of the Qiankun Sect. In the Heaven Region, Lin Xiao was also an extremely famous character like the Mystical Maiden. It was just that he is slightly inferior to Heaven’s Son because Qin Dangtian has already broken through to become a heavenly deity.

And at this moment, the figures of the Qin Clan’s experts flashed as they rushed Luoshen Lei. Upon staring at her beautiful face, lust surfaced in their hearts. Although the current Luoshen Lei exuded an aura of evil, this actually increased the attraction they felt for her, making it so that they wanted her at all cost.

Terrifying blood qi flowed around Luoshen Lei, her aura grew more bloodthirsty as an incarnation of a blood queen appeared behind her. This entire world seemed to be a blood ocean purgatory where numerous blood demons manifested. These blood demons were all saint beasts at their core and each of them radiated an aura that caused a chill in the hearts of those who saw them.

The Qin Clan originally already had a deep grudge with Luoshen Lei in the other world. Her father, the Skyorder Heavenly Deity, was crippled by none other than Heaven’s Son Qin Dangtian. And now in the world of reincarnation, the people of the Qin Clan kept forcing her time and time again. This debt naturally had to be accounted for.

“Quickly capture her.” The three experts of the Qin Clan transmitted their voices to each other. Right now, the experts gathered here were as common as clouds and many were still watching the drama. They could not afford to waste too much time on Luoshen Lei.

“The people of the Qin Clan are actually so despicable.” Qin Wentian spoke. He stepped out and instantly appeared beside Luoshen Lei, facing against the three powerful world overlords from the Qin Clan. This was the first time he was facing against experts from the Qin Clan in combat. Although before this he had seen Heaven’s Son Qin Dangtian, the current him still wasn’t powerful enough to contend against Qin Dangtian.

“I’ll deal with him, the two of you capture Luoshen Lei.” An expert from the Qin Clan spoke. His aura was extremely terrifying as he moved towards Qin Wentian.

“A student of the sacred academy? I’m interested as well.” In another direction, that supreme character from the Prison God Clan also flew over. A towering force erupted from him, as he grabbed out with his palm, a spatial prison manifested, brimming with radiance, sealing the area around Qin Wentian. This prison seemed to be formed from rays of divine light, it could even lock gods within and was incomparably sturdy.

Qin Wentian inclined his head and looked at the prison locking him. In his mind, the introduction about the Prison God Clan he read about in the Heavenly Dao Sacred Academy appeared in his mind. They were able to form the strongest spatial prisons in this world, and those imprisoned within wouldn’t be able to break out from it forever. Now, such a prison actually wanted to imprison him.

“Imprisoning me?” Qin Wentian glanced at the expert from the Prison God Clan in the air. His expression was cold. Today, just Yue Changkong and the Qin Clan’s experts were already very tough for him to deal with. Now, the Qin Clan already made their move against Luoshen Lei and this person from the Prison God Clan also intentionally acted now to deal with him. Since this is the case, the Prison God Clan was his enemy.

“Seals manifest.” A terrifying sealing might brewed, erupting forth as countless sealing gates appeared in the air, slamming into the prison’s wall. Since the Prison God Clan’s expert wanted to imprison this space to lock him within, in that case, he shall seal the area off as they fight to the death inside.

In the world of reincarnation, everyone could comprehend any type of law energy they wanted to. As long as you can sense it, you can cultivate it. Hence, to Qin Wentian, with Di Tian’s insights in the laws of sealing, cultivating the laws of sealing here was undoubtedly something extremely natural to him!

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