Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 2032

Chapter 2032 If He Wins Ill Just Kill Him

“BOOM!” The sky trembled, the starry space shook. The nine astral rivers seemed to cast their light at one location, onto the body of the Godking of the Western Paradise. He was half-buddha and half-devil, his body continued to grow in size, becoming even larger than a constellation. He wanted to become a true giant, an existence that transcends everything.

The fates of everyone in the Supreme Ancient Immortal Realms were taken hostages by him. Even a single finger from him was as large as a constellation. His eyes were like shining moons, and by standing in the starry space, it looked like his feet were in the nine astral rivers. The constellations surrounded him, this scene was truly terrifying to the extreme.

In the astral river where he stood in, not only was his gigantic body in there, there were also the reflections of the multitude of lives in the Supreme Ancient Immortal Realms. At this moment, the scene here was projected down, appearing before the eyes of everyone in the immortal realms. The sun has vanished, the world transformed into the starry space. In the boundless starry space, the gigantic figure of his could be seen. He was like the victor of the Supreme Ancient Immortal Realms about to ascend the throne. He only needed to destroy these people and from then onwards, no one in the Supreme Ancient Immortal Realms would be able to threaten him.

All lives in the world couldn’t help but feel their hearts trembling now. Naturally, the vast majority of people’s fate was now being controlled by him. This was like the ultimate goal of the western world earlier but on a much larger scale. He wanted to gather the faith of everyone for his own use. The Godking of the Western Paradise’s ambitions were even greater now.

In a picturesque mountain range, a location with lush-greenery, there were a few small huts under the foot of the mountains. On top of a particular cliff, two figures stood there. One was an old man, the other was a woman.

This woman was like a maiden from the ninth heaven, simply not of the mortal world. Her beauty was transcendent, it was probably difficult to find another woman who could match her beauty in this world. But she actually lived in the mountain range, far from civilization. Not only was she beautiful, she was also powerful as well. Her cultivation base was at the heavenly deity realm, she was a character that could stand at the peak of the Supreme Ancient Immortal Realms.

However, this young woman now had an extremely anxious look on her face as she stared at the starry space. The beams of fate cascading down from the sky wanted to control her fate as well. However, as a heavenly deity, how could she be controlled so easily?

She stared at that gigantic figure who was a fusion of buddha and devil. This figure looked so powerful, like an invincible existence.

“I’m afraid it won’t be so easy to flee from this calamity.” Beside her, that old man softly spoke as he sighed. That shocking young man was already extremely powerful. From the world overlord realm, he managed to stir up all the hegemonic powers in the Supreme Ancient Immortal Realms and even destroyed the immensely powerful Qin Clan. But could he still not escape the clutches of fate? To think a monster like the Godking of the Western Paradise actually appeared. Who in the world could win against him?

The look of anxiousness in the young woman’s eyes intensified after she heard that. Her figure flashed, wanting to leave as she soared into the air.

“Nichang, when you rush over the battle most probably would have already ended. Also, if you really head there, you would only be courting death!” The old man called out. He was none other than Qu Shen. Right now, both of them were living in seclusion here, ignoring all external matters.

Her beautiful eyes stared at the boundless starry space, it seemed like her heart has already drifted there.

Daoask City also suffered the disturbance from the starlight.

In the city, there was a holy ground – the Heavenly Dao Sacred Academy.

At this moment, in the airspace above the Heavenly Dao Sacred Academy, many students inclined their heads and stared at the sky. Their hearts were also incomparably shocked. Was this the Godking of the Western Paradise? Who in this era could stop him? He seemed poised to conquer the entire Supreme Ancient Immortal Realms with unstoppable momentum. Would their senior brother Qin Wentian die here?

During these years, countless junior geniuses entered the sacred academy for cultivation. Many of them had nothing but respect for this senior brother of theirs. Qin Wentian might be the student with the highest accomplishments in the entire history of the sacred academy.

“There are still a few senior brothers of the sacred academy in the Heaven Vault. Would the headmaster head over and participate in the battle?” Many people glanced at an ancient peak within the sacred academy. Their Headmaster Ye was currently standing there and looking up at the sky. At this moment, he didn’t exude the aura of a supreme expert. He seemed ordinary and stood quietly behind a figure, executing the courtesy of a disciple greeting a teacher.

“Headmaster Ye probably cannot contend against the Godking of the Western Paradise. The godking is simply too powerful now. I wonder if that person would be able to win or not?” The eyes of many people turned towards the young man in white who was standing in front of the headmaster. Now, many rumors about this white-robed young man were circulating around the sacred academy.

Many people claimed that the creator of the Heavenly Dao Sacred Academy was none other than this young man. He was a true supreme expert and has already attained transcendence. Usually, he didn’t bother about matters of the world.

Even Headmaster Ye was taught by him. Headmaster Ye was naturally incomparably respectful of this white-robed young man. It was extremely hard to imagine what sort of existence he was.

Someone also stated that he’s the overlord of fate, able to control the fate of all lives in the world.

However, according to the approved sayings of many people, the legendary place of the sacred academy was none other than the residence of this white-robed young man. Only entering there would one be able to gain a chance to meet him. But now, all of them finally saw him. Because of this war of supremacy, he decided to exit the legendary place and personally witness the war.

On the ancient peak, the white-robed young man stood with his arms behind his back. His expression was as calm as ever, with no fluctuations. A gentle breeze could be felt on the mountain, blowing at his white robes, causing his black hair to flutter. His face was handsome and exquisite like he wasn’t someone from the mortal world.

“This Godking of the Western Paradise is too evil, he actually took everyone in the world as hostages, ignoring their lives and deaths. Before this, many people have almost died due to him. If it wasn’t for Hua Taixu sacrificing himself, those people wouldn’t have the chance to enter samsara.” Headmaster Ye spoke. Other than the wind, only his voice was there on the mountain peak. However, the white-robed young man still stood there quietly, resembling a statue.

“Now, he’s using the strength of his hostages to transform into a heaven-defying existence. That fellow Qin Wentian most probably wouldn’t be able to contend against him. Those little fellows there are all in danger.” Upon seeing the white-robed figure not saying anything, Headmaster Ye continued to speak. However, he still didn’t get any reply. This caused him to feel somewhat depressed.

“What are you trying to say?” The white-robed young man finally spoke. The old face of Headmaster Ye broke into a smile as he said, “Master, could it be that you are simply planning to sit on the fence and watch?”

“Through these countless years, you’ve followed me to many places. Everything that happens in the world would operate automatically according to a prior fixed set of rules. Could it be that I have to interfere every time there’s a calamity?” The white-robed young man shook his head.

“Master, I naturally understand this point. Good and evil engenders each other. Humans would have two sides to them. Unless one destroys the world completely, everything would never be able to escape the cycle of good and evil.” Headmaster Ye nodded, but he was speechless in his heart. Since his master has spoken, it meant that he has already decided not to act. He couldn’t tell what his master was thinking about, but he knew he wouldn’t be able to change his master’s mind either.

“If the Godking of the Western Paradise is the victor, I’m afraid that would be a calamity of everyone in the world.” Headmaster Ye sighed.

“If he wins, I’ll just kill him.” The white-robed young man calmly spoke. The gaze of Headmaster Ye instantly froze.

Down below, some of those eavesdropping on the conversation between the white-robed young man and Headmaster Ye felt their hearts pounding violently.

“Cough, cough.” One person coughed ferociously, his face turning red from the exertion, and he almost fell to the ground from fright. He stared at the ancient peak. The white-robed young man quietly stood there. With him present, everything in the world seemed only qualified enough to serve as his foil. When he said those words, he was so calm and casual, like killing the Godking of the Western Paradise was just an insignificant matter.

If he wins, I’ll just kill him?

Killing the Godking of the Western Paradise?


Even Headmaster Ye was sweating. But he wasn’t as shocked as the others. He then murmured, “Didn’t master just say that you wouldn’t interfere because everything would operate automatically to a fixed set of rules…?”

The white-robed young man turned his head and calmly glanced at Headmaster Ye. The calm eyes of the young man actually caused Headmaster Ye to feel that his master was looking down at him with disdain. Did he just say something wrong?

“Aren’t rules created by humans?” The white-robed young man simply replied. When Headmaster Ye saw the disdainful look his master cast on him, he felt somewhat wronged. In that case, wasn’t everything that would happen or not, dictated by his master alone? No matter what he said, it was useless.

However, although the words were simple. Who else in the world was about to say such words so casually when knowing that the enemy was the Godking of the Western Paradise?

The fixed set of rules they were talking about were the invisible rule that governs the universe. The rules are created by humans? Which human could create that?

However, Headmaster Ye didn’t dare to rebut because the person who said these words was his master. In this world, there was no one else more qualified to say such words than his master.

Headmaster Ye depressedly lowered his head. He decided not to speak anymore. It was better to be more honest and stay quiet before his master.

Hence, a strange scene appeared on the ancient peak. The legendary, extremely powerful elderly headmaster of the sacred academy was now like a little kid that was being bullied. He lowered his head. This scene, for those at the sacred academy who witnessed it, would never be able to forget this all their lives.

And their earlier conversation? Was that a joke…? However, given Headmaster Ye’s status, he shouldn’t joke about such things, right?

Hence, at this moment, everyone in the sacred academy was thinking what sort of character this white-robed young man was exactly.

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