Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 337

Chapter 337 chen clan of ginkou continent

AGM 337 - Chen Clan of Ginkou Continent

When Qin Wentian left Chu, the situation in Chu had already stabilized. Chu Wuwei became the Emperor, resolving all the grievances and grudges of the previous era and rebuilding the Emperor Star Academy. The country of Chu was in the phase of recovery after the war.The standings of the noble clans changed according to the prosperity or decline of those whom they had chosen to back.

Luo Huan knew that there was no longer a need for her to stay in Chu and hence, she decided to roam Grand Xia as well. Setting off in the western direction, she visited many countries and had even gone to the Qing Continent where the Greencloud Pavilion and Nine Mystical Palace were both situated in. Her perspectives had long changed and she now knew that Chu was really too small and her individual strength was too weak.

And because of her innate charm, the beauty of her features, and her personality, it was easy for her to become an object of desire whom men coveted over, salivating at her looks. She had come across quite a few dangerous situations because of it. Luckily, as she was someone clever in nature, she knew how to protect herself. In conclusion, she learned the importance of having a major power behind ones back.

She wanted to join a major power, because she had experienced too many things throughout these years when she roamed Grand Xia. Although her talent wasnt weak, she wasnt strong enough to the point where she could dazzle the crowds. Only by joining a major power would she be able to better protect herself.

After arriving in Ginkou, she had acquainted herself with a group of people and hence decided to travel beside them as companions. Although the group was obviously made up of braggarts, she still feigned civility and accompanied them on their travels. After all, for a lone female who had to take care of herself, it was still safer to be in a group. And as for one of her companions saying that he knew someone from the Pill Emperor Hall, Luo Huan was only interested in finding out more information, she didnt specifically want to join the Pill Emperor Hall.

Yet Luo Huan didnt expect that the lying words of that braggart would have truth mixed in them too. The person he knew, Jing Yu, was truly a disciple of the Pill Emperors daughter, Luo He. Once, Jing Yu had even visited Chu together with Luo He before, fetching Mo Qingcheng away.

Naturally, what made Luo Huan sit up in surprise was that she had actually run into Qin Wentian at the inn. This little fellow was exuding a presence totally different compared to the past. Luo Huan still remembered clearly the first time she and Mustang had met Qin Wentian as he was escaping from the Ye Clan.

In that moment, their eyes locked as warm smiles suffused their lips. The relationship between the two of them had long transcended into the level of real siblings, now that theyd met again after such a long while, how could he not feel moved in his heart?

It was truly a precious feeling.

Fan Le also noticed Qin Wentians unusual reaction. Shifting his gaze in the direction of where Qin Wentian looked at, his eyes abruptly lighted up. To think that they would meet their Senior Sister Luo Huan in a place like this.

Jing Yu, youve arrived. At this moment, the young man from Luo Huans table stood up. Up the stairs, a young man leisurely walked up. Luo Huans eyes flashed with a crafty light as she noted Jing Yus entrance.

She made a gesture to Qin Wentian and Fan Le as she winked, signalling that she had some dastardly plot in mind.

Qin Wentian swept his gaze over and also saw Jing Yu approaching. He couldnt help but feel his heart trembling. Since Jing Yu was here, those from the Pill Emperor Hall shouldnt be too far from this place.

Maybe Qingchengs current location was nearby!

As he thought of this, Qin Wentian gave a slight nod of his head, signalling that he understood and would comply with Luo Huan. He remained silent and went back to enjoying his wine, as though he hadnt noticed Jing Yus arrival.

Jing Yu was here together with another young man. This young man was clad in luxurious clothings and was extraordinary good-looking. Luo Huans eyes flickered as she studied the young man, the aura he exuded didnt seem to be faked, but was completely natural indicating that he was at least, also from a transcendent power.

Jing Yu was clad in white, and there was a crease in the centre of his brows as though he were worrying about something. Meanwhile, the young man beside him had the vigor of dragons and tigers, and appeared to be in glowing spirits.

This young man was evidently someone from the Chen Clan.

In the Ginkou Continent, the Chen Clan had existed since the time of Ancient Grand Xia, making them one of the most ancient clans around.

It was even rumoured that the Chen Clan was one of the nine main bloodlines that divided Grand Xia.

After Ancient Grand Xia was no more, the clan lord of the Chen Clan at that time decided to relocate to the Ginkou Continent and thus established their roots there.

And if one were to rank all the transcendent powers of Grand Xia, without a doubt, the strength of the Chen Clan would definitely be ranked among the top three.

The cultivation art of the Chen Clan was to draw power from the sun and gain the ability to transform the universe. [1]

The Great Solar Universe Cultivation Art was rumored to be one of the ultimate arts of Ancient Grand Xia. This art contained boundless powers and practitioners of it were able to birth Great Solar energy from within their bodies, easily capable of incinerating the Heavens and boiling the Oceans. After which, ones blood would be endowed with the Great Solar attribute and upon unleashing this art, it would decimate any nearby opponents within a certain radius.

One could well imagine how ferocious and tyrannical this cultivation art could be. In the entire Grand Xia, it was difficult to find another art or technique that was capable of resisting such power.

The Pill Emperor Hall and the Chen Clan had shared a connection with each other since back then. After the Pill Emperor Halls members arrived in the Ginkou Continent, the Chen Clan would naturally welcome them and play host, inviting them to rest in the Chen Clans Estate.

Chen Ran, upon seeing Mo Qingcheng, was completely blown away by her beauty. The fact that many distinguished and talented males of the younger generations had already been turned down by Mo Qingcheng made her even more appealing to Chen Ran in his heart. However, he knew that there would be many love rivals competing for her, with the strongest among them being Hua Taixu and Zhan Chen. He had already prepared himself to be disappointed, until he found out that Mo Qingcheng scorned their presence as well. This made his heart beat with joy again, and hence, after some investigation, hed decided to form a closer relationship with Jing Yu, who was a fellow disciple of Mo Qingcheng under the Pill Emperors daughter, Luo He.

If not for this, with Chen Rans status, why would he deign to hang out with Jing Yu?

Hence, Chen Rans heart was currently burning passionately yet Jing Yus, for some reason, was filled with worry. Jing Yu had already stagnated and was incapable of advancing further in the Pill Emperor Hall. His talent was only average and his master, Luo He, was extremely disappointed with him because of some matters regarding Mo Qingcheng.

He had fallen so deeply in love with Mo Qingcheng, yet he could only admire her from afar. He didnt even have the courage to confess. And now, there were too many geniuses circling her, with even some of them approaching him in a bid to get him to help pull some strings. This made the bitterness in his heart even more intense, and one could well imagine how terrible Jing Yu was feeling. In these few days after arriving in the Ginkou Continent, Jing Yu drank himself to sleep every night, seeking his solace in alcohol. As luck would have it, he met his blood brother Jing Feng yesterday and was subsequently invited to make a trip to this inn today.

As he walked towards their table, Jing Feng greeted him, yet Jing Yu merely nodded his head in response.

Jing Yu, this is Luo Huan and Yang Xia. Both of them wish to enter the Pill Emperor Hall, do you have any suggestions? Jing Yus blood brother, Jing Feng, signalled him with his eyes. Jing Yu laughed coldly in his heart, his brother Jing Feng was too wretched. He didnt want to put in any effort in his cultivation and only knew how to womanise everyday. To think that now, he still wanted to use him, Jing Yu, as a tool to get girls into his bed. How ridiculous.

Jing Yu shifted his gaze over, completely disregarding the ordinary looking girl beside Yang Xia. Yang Xia was pretty good-looking and was currently throwing coquettish glances at him, all while standing in a posture that accentuated her figure. Such a woman was too vulgar for his tastes,, wasnt she acting like a prostitute? Maybe only Jing Feng would be interested in her.

Because Jing Yu was used to seeing Mo Qingcheng, there really werent many woman that could still catch his eyes nowadays.

But as Jing Yus eyes landed on Luo Huan, his eyes finally brightened. Her eyes were filled with an innate charm that immediately attracted him. Even though her figure was covered up, her well-endowed assets couldnt be hidden. When compared to Yang Xia, who was indeed beautiful with her own share of generous curves, it was the deliberate exposure of her cleavage that was an instant turn-off. Quite simply, and with just a single glance, Luo Huan was able to set the flames in his heart ablaze.

Such a beautiful maiden, if I can enjoy a night of passion with her, I wouldnt mind giving up a year of my life. Jing Yu stared at the beautiful countenance in front of him, as his heart stirred with lust.

As for Chen Ran, he naturally understood 70% to 80% of the context just from the situation alone. He couldnt help but sneer in his heart, he knew the reason for Jing Yus depression was because of his love for Mo Qingcheng. It was a love that would never be reciprocated because compared to the other radiant geniuses around her, each and every one of them was many times better compared to him. He was just a toad lusting after a swans flesh.

Well, I have to hand it to him, this maidens beauty is truly outstanding as well. If Id never met Mo Qingcheng, I wouldve also wanted to play with her for a few nights. But since Jing Yu already has his eyes on her, I might as well help him so his obsession with Mo Qingcheng can come to an end. Chen Ran mused. After which, he laughed, Brother Jing Yu is a disciple under Senior Luo He. If he wants to bring people into the Pill Emperor Hall, although he would need to expend some effort, it shouldnt be too difficult for him. However, why should he help people hes unacquainted with?

Jing Yu sipped a cup of wine. He totally agreed with Chen Rans statement.

I have some treasures on me, and theyre yours if youll help us. Earlier, Yang Xia was still somewhat suspicious about Jing Fengs words but when she noted Jing Yu and Chen Rans extraordinary aura, she had been totally convinced. This was an extremely rare opportunity.

Brother Jing Yu is a disciple of the Pill Emperor Hall, why would he need your treasures at all? Chen Rans eyes roamed over Yang Xias figure. How could Yang Xia fail to understand what he meant? Yang Xia turned her glance onto the two of them and mused, it wouldnt be too bad, she wouldnt lose out even if she agreed to their terms.

As long as its something I can give, Im willing, Yang Xia shyly added as she lowered her head. Their meanings were already extremely obvious, yet at this moment, Chen Rans gaze turned to focus on Luo Huan. Evidently, the target of his choice wasnt Yang Xia, which caused Yang Xias countenance to stiffen, as she felt her cheeks burning from her previous assumption.

Luo Huan had no difficulty in understanding what was happening. She felt extremely depressed in her heart. Initially, she thought that Jing Feng would find a trickster to come over, yet who would have thought that this wasnt the case. Chen Rans cultivation base was surely above hers, just a glance from him was sufficient to give her pressure.

These two people were definitely from transcendent powers, yet their behavior was no different from lechers. Luo Huan was already used to seeing how filthy men could be and wasnt that surprised by it. This must also be the reason why they werent attracted to the free-for-all coquettish Yang Xia and had turned their attentions onto her instead.

My talent isnt high enough, I dont think Ill be able to join the Pill Emperor Hall, Luo Huan smiled as she replied. Although she felt disgusted in her heart, she wouldnt easily show her feelings on her face. She, who had roamed Grand Xia, was now much more cautious compared to back then when she was in Chu.

Its no problem, as long as you are willing to invest something, I dare to guarantee I can make a transcendent power accept you, Chen Ran persuaded in a low voice. After all, this matter wasnt something glorious, and it would hurt his reputation if people identified him.And his insinuations were already becoming extremely obvious. No one could misunderstood what he was trying to sayhe wanted Luo Huan to pay him with her body.

Qin Wentian was silently monitoring the happenings before him, and upon noting the appearance of Jing Yu and Chen Ran, he understood that his senior sister Luo Huan was going to be in trouble. And at the moment when he heard Chen Rans words, he couldnt help but laugh coldly in his heart.

Sorry, Ive got something on. Ive got to go. Luo Huan stood up with a smile on her face, appearing extremely polite.

Chen Rans eyes slightly narrowed before they glinted with a fiery light. Seeing Luo Huan turning, he coldly added, I think youd better sit down instead.

Luo Huan, sit, Jing Yu also spoke, his countenance falling. It seemed that Chen Ran was also interested in Luo Huan.

Luo Huans countenance slightly changed, yet at this moment, Qin Wentian who was in front of her, stood up and smiled at her. Luo Huan returned his smile, before she continued walking in Qin Wentians direction.

Try taking another step forward. Jing Yus emotions today were originally in an awful state. He could only secretly admire Mo Qingcheng from afar, but today, a female with no background actually dared to snub him? Wasnt this rubbing salt into his wounds?

Senior Sister, theres no need to concern yourself with trash. Qin Wentian smiled, as he too, walked towards Luo Huan. Upon hearing Qin Wentians words, the smile on Luo Huans face became even sweeter. Back in Chu, Qin Wentian had a cautious personality and a style of playing it safe. For him to speak such words, it was apparent that he didnt fear Jing Yu and his friend at all. Her smile grew more brighter as she glanced at Qin Wentians companions. She couldnt help but notice that aside from Fan Le, he was also accompanied by Ouyang Kuangsheng and Jiang Tiang. None of them could be considered less than extraordinary!

Tl Notes:

idiom meaning reversal of situation or, the word could mean Heaven and Earth/Yin and Yang/Universe.
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