Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 530

Chapter 530 a single axe

AGM 530 A Single Axe

As to why Qin Wentian was so confident in Mu Feng, it was naturally because of Mu Fengs prowess in the venom arts. He had once personally witnessed how terrifying Mu Feng was, able to kill without anyones notice. Even he himself had narrowly fallen to the poison administered by Mu Feng.

Back then on the Vermilion Bird Platform of the Heavenly Fate Rankings, how powerful Si Qiong was? His combat prowess was obviously many times stronger compared to Mu Feng and although Si Qiong was the one victorious in the end, his victory came at a staggering cost he was almost poisoned to death. This clearly showed that combat prowess meant nothing. Even those stronger than him could die easily in his hands. This was especially true if Mu Fengs opponent didnt know that he was adept at using poison.

Let alone now, Mu Fengs temperament got colder and colder and he even acquired the true inheritance of the Blood Emperor. Even Qin Wentian didnt know how strong Mu Feng was right now.

Hence this was why Qin Wentian was so certain that Mu Feng would be the winner. Although throughout the fight it appeared that Mu Feng was at an disadvantage, only the end result mattered the golden-robed young man was the one who died.

Upon hearing Mu Fengs words, that the girl who had always been taking of him had died, Qin Wentian could only sighed in his heart. He nodded his head and replied, Okay, follow me in the future.

Mu Feng didnt say anything. He silently walked over and stood quietly behind Qin Wentian, resembling a shadow. If one didnt pay attention it would seemed that Mu Feng didnt exist at all.

Never in Ye Kongfans wildest imaginations would he imagine such a scenario would occur. He initially intended to recruit Mu Feng but the other party ignored him and even chose to join Qin Wentian.

Without a doubt, this only served to increase Ye Kongfans hatred for Qin Wentian.

Those from the Battle Sword Sect and the Medicine Sovereign Valley all felt shocked in their hearts, they didnt expect the exquisite-looking young man who stood beside Mo Qingcheng would have such a side to him. His cultivation base was only at the fourth-level of Heavenly Dipper but a character like Mu Feng didnt even paused to consider Ye Kongfans invitation and directly chose to join him instead.

This couldnt help but made them re-evaluate Qin Wentian. The Holy Maiden of the Medicine Sovereign Valley Mo Qingcheng loved him deeply and the members of the Battle Sword Sect also knew that there was another maiden whose beauty didnt lose out to Mo Qingcheng that was willing to follow Qin Wentian as well.

Now thinking back to the time where Qin Wentian comprehended the fourteen sword strikes in a span of five days, Ye Lingshuang was finally connecting all the dots together. She silently speculated that there were even more mysteries to Qin Wentian. Not one of them from the Battle Sword Sect truly understood him. In that grand stretch of desolation Grand Xia, what storm had Qin Wentian wrought?

Right now, they only felt Qin Wentian was increasingly inscrutable the more they thought they knew of him.

For example an woman like Mo Qingcheng, just based on her beauty alone even if she wasnt the Holy Maiden of the Medicine Sovereign Valley, she would still be as outstanding like the cold moon surrounded by twinkling stars wherever she go. As for such a terrifying character like Mu Feng, it didnt matter what sort of story he had with Qin Wentian. The point was he was willing to follow Qin Wentian with no questions asked. Also, the Battle Sword Sect sent so many powerful experts to the Xuan King City including Senior Lin Shuai and even an elder-level character under Sword Sovereign Ling Tian just to recruit two people back. One of them was Qing`er, the other was Qin Wentian. Was this all part of a plan by the Battle Sword Sect?

Also back then when Mo Qingcheng was grieviously injured on the verge of death, who was it that sent her to the Medicine Sovereign Valley? Also why did the Medicine Sovereign placed her in such high regards, naming her the Holy Maiden and even personally treated her himself, expending a great deal of his origin qi in the process. Who was so important that the even the Medicine Sovereign had to give so much face to? After all, there was no way to evaluate Mo Qingchengs talent as was still unconscious. From this, one could see that the one who sent her to the Valley definitely had an extraordinary status.

Ye Lingshuang wasnt a fool. The more she thought about it, the more shocked she became. There were many extraordinary characters in the Battle Sword Sect but even then, this junior apprentice brother of her seemed to be among the more outstanding ones.

However, those from the Violet Thunder Sect naturally wouldnt think too deeply. Right now they wanted nothing more than to dig a hole and hide their faces. Such a situation was something they couldnt accept.

Ye Kongfans eyes radiated coldness and momentarily, a person beside him stood up causing the gazes of Qin Wentian and the others to fall on him.

COME! A loud burst of sound echoed through the air, the voice of this person was like the rumble of thunder, spreading over this empire space making so that the vast majority of stares were shot in his direction.

Lei Yan, a cultivator at the fifth level of Heavenly Dipper. Both his attack and defense are extremely balanced and he has no major weaknesses. If he challenge you, you must not accept. Ye Lingshuang transmitted her voice over, causing Qin Wentians expression to flicker slightly. Seems that this senior apprentice sister of his wanted to use this chance to better their relationship. Although Qin Wentian knew what was Ye Lingshuangs goal, he didnt mind it either. After all no matter who it was, if they found out that their father was so heavily injured, they would act in the same way as well.

Im Lei Yan from the Violet Thunder Sect. When I saw so many heroes of the Ye Country battling out on the combat stages, my blood is stirred and I too, wanted to participate and be a part of this. I would like to seek a spar against an expert from the Battle Sword Sect. What do the rest of you think? Lei Yans loud voice rumbled. An instant later a wave of commotion of wild cheering and shouts filled the air. The sound were like tidal waves of an ocean, fully engulfing the entire battle arena.

The competition between the nine great sects was extremely intense but it wasnt so easy to witness members from the nine sects fighting against one another. Only being present at the Sacred Battle Platform would one have a chance to witness it in a public setting, the occurrence of such an event was truly too rare in other parts of the Royal Sacred Region. Hence now that Lei Yan from the Violet Thunder Sect officially stated that he wanted to issue a challenge to members of the Battle Sword Sect, how could the crowd not be excited about it?

There was a rumor in the Sacred Royal Region that said the individual combat prowess of members from the Battle Sword Sect was the highest. Since today the Violet Sword Sect wanted to test out the truth of this, the crowd naturally would be more than willing to watch.

The members from the Battle Sword Sect were all frowning, their eyes gleaming with coldness. Those from the Violet Thunder Sect actually publicly proclaimed a challenge to force them to accept the battle. If they refused, wouldnt their reputation go down the drain and they would become the laughing stocks of others? Members of the Battle Sword Sect didnt dared to fight against those from the Violet Thunder Sect.

Ive already experienced Brother Qins gift of gab. Truly his glib words left me astounded in wonder. However, I wonder how his strength is? Would his strength be as powerful as his mouth? Lei Yan turned his head to the direction of Qin Wentian who stood beside Mo Qingcheng. As expected, he was the one Lei Yan wanted to challenge. The person which caused the Violet Thunder Sect to lose face today, was none other than Qin Wentian.

The young man at the side of the Holy Maiden? The crowd was filled with anticipation when they noticed who Lei Yan was proclaiming his challenge to. This young man had an extraordinary relationship with the Holy Maiden and was also a member of the Battle Sword Sect. How could the crowd not be enthusiastic?

My Junior Brothers cultivation base is only at the fourth-level of Heavenly Dipper while you yourself has a cultivation base at the fifth level. Dont you feel ashamed challenging him? Why dont you challenge me instead? Liu Yun sarcastically replied, staring at Lei Yan with a smile that was not a smile.

Hehe, I, Lei knows that this is slightly inappropriate. Im only challenging Brother Qin because I want to see if he has the strength to match up to that venomous mouth of his. As for you, theres no hurry. There would surely be members of my Violet Thunder Sect to challenge you. Lei Yans words caused the crowd to feel increasingly excited. Seems like that wouldnt merely be a single battle today.

Qin Wentian inclined his head, staring at Lei Yan with a smile of disdain on his face, What happens if the loser dies?

As the sound of his words faded away, the crowd involuntarily gasped. How arrogant, what happens if the loser dies?. To Lei Yans provocation, Qin Wentian replied in the most direct manner.

Such spirit couldnt help but cause the crowd to sigh in admiration. As expected of someone from the Battle Sword Sect, the sect who was proclaimed to have the highest individual combat prowess.

Lei Yan also felt his heart shuddering from Qin Wentians words. Staring at him, he only saw Qin Wentians eyes were totally clear and seemed to be filled with an endless depth. That smile on disdain on his face seemed to contain a boundless confidence, as though once Lei Yan agreed, his life would be Qin Wentians for the taking.

RUMBLE! A towering lightning-might erupted forth, Lei Yans silhouette flickered as he re-appeared standing in the air space above the hundred-victories combat stage. He roared decisively while pointing a finger at Qin Wentian, If you dared to fight me without using divine weapons or other treasures, I shall accept this bet of yourthe loser shall give his life to the winner.

The reason why he didnt want divine weapons or other treasures to be part of this fight was because he was afraid that Qin Wentian might have a priceless treasure that could instantly reap his life away. Without the help of divine weapons nor other treasures, he didnt believe Qin Wentian would be able to be victorious.

If you dare to fight against me, get the fuck out here. Lei Yan savagely stated, exuding an aura of considering himself unexcelled in this world. There was a manifestation of a lightning dragon coiling around his head, exuding extremely terrifying energy fluctuations.

Junior Brother, his combat strength is no joke. Liu Yun reminded Qin Wentian upon seeing him standing up.

Mhm. Qin Wentian nodded his head. His eyes flickered as he took out an ordinary large axe from his interspatial ring. Would ordinary weapons be allowed?

Those from the Violet Thunder Sect stretched their perception outwards. None of them replied upon sensing that Indeed, that axe in Qin Wentians hand was just an ordinary weapon.

Qin Wentian then slowly stepped forwards with an axe in his hands. Every step he took caused Lei Yan to feel a faint sense of mounting pressure.

Gravity. Lei Yans heart trembled slightly upon feeling the pressure, he instantly activated his Mandate of Great Earth, causing gravity to press down on Qin Wentian. However during the Gravity Mountains, Qin Wentian had long acclimatised himself to extraordinary powerful gravity. Lei Yans Mandate of Great Earth had completely no effect on him.

At this moment, countless gazes were riveted on the two combatants. The maidens from the Medicine Sovereign Valley were also regarding this battle with interest. They wanted to see how powerful the young man in their Holy Maidens heart is.

With every step Qin Wentian took, a formless pressure emanated forth from him. Lei Yans body was covered by an armor of stone that sparkled with dangerous-looking arcs of lightning condensed from the will of his Mandates. With such a terrifying defense, even if Qin Wentians attacks were powerful, it would still be sometime before he could breach that defense.

Those from the Battle Sword Sect were proclaimed to have the strongest individual combat strength? How ridiculous. I will use this battle to show everyone in the Royal Sacred Region how wrong that claim is. Lei Yan bellowed as he rushed out. Instantly, the lightning dragon coiling around his head enlarged and shot out, transforming into a crystal-body, resplendent and incomparably sharp draconic sword. It penetrated through the space and slashed out towards Qin Wentian.

What a powerful attack. The eyes of the crowd flickered. Those from the Violet Thunder Sect coldly laughed, this attack was Lei Yans Draconic Rock Swordplay, it has terrifying destructive capabilities and each of his sword strikes contained an overwhelming might within them.

Qin Wentian lifted his hands, releasing his will of Mandates. In the centre of his brows, a cold light gleamed, shooting right through the sea of consciousness of Lei Yan before he struck out with his axe.

The strike from the axe appeared ordinary and without fanfare, resembling a casual strike used to chop down trees. But the instant the head of the axe landed, it blocked the entirety of the destructive might from Lei Yans swordplay. That overwhelming draconic sword of Lei Yan was simply like an ordinary tree. Under Qin Wentians retaliation, that sword was directly cleaved into two. Not only that, the shockwaves of the attack carried forward, continuing ahead unimpeded.

Bzzz! Sounds of cleaving rang out, the crowd only saw Lei Yans body being severed into two. Blood splattered about in the air as the two-halves of his body fell from the air, slamming onto the ground.

A single axe, just like the motion of chopping trees, Qin Wentian directly chopped Lei Yans life away!

Translator Note:

Lei Yan() Literally as Lightning Rock/Stone
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