Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 636

Chapter 636 the powerful buried immortal

Chapter 636: The Powerful Buried Immortal

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As the sound of Zai Qius words faded, a cold light flickered in Qin Wentians eyes. There was no need to doubt that the status of this Zai Qiu must be extraordinary in the Royal Sacred Sect. Although Xia Sheng was the leader, the one who grabbed the ancient rune earlier was Zai Qiu. Not only that, nobody had dared to protest.

"Just obey orders?" Qin Wentian coldly laughed. Earlier when Zai Qiu seized the treasure he already knew that Zai Qiu would definitely treat all of them as cannon fodder, placing them in the most dangerous situations to get the benefits for himself. Qin Wentian wasnt such a selfless person that he would sacrifice himself for Zai Qiu.

"You better make that clear. If not, doesnt it mean that we would die for nothing?" Qin Wentian spoke, causing many to be in silent contemplation. This was also something they wanted to ask. Although that expert from the Royal Sacred Sect had promised that they would be able to cultivate an immortal art if they obtained one. But were his promises real? And also, what about immortal treasures? There was no way to share in immortal treasures and earlier when Zai Qiu took that ancient rune, he hadnt consulted the rest of the group. Although they didnt dare to ask the question, it didnt mean that they had no thoughts on it.

"Qin Wentian." Zai Qiu glared at Qin Wentian with a cold light flashing past his eyes. "Ive long heard of you. You are very famous and have outstanding talent, but you have to be clear on one thing. In this place, we of the Core Faction are the leaders. In here, put aside your arrogance, you dont have the capabilities to be impudent in here. If you dont wish to participate, you can scram the fuck off right now."

"Its not that I want to be here, but rather, the Royal Sacred Sect invited me." Qin Wentian locked gazes with Di Shi as he coldly replied. "If you dont wish for me to participate, I dont mind at all, but you better mind your words. So what if you are from the Core Faction? Im not from the Royal Sacred Sect and have no connections with you."

"Hehe." A light laughter rang out, it was none other than the woman earlier from the Grand Shang Faction. How could she forget to throw stones at someone who is down? She added in a glacial tone, "How arrogant, our Royal Sacred Sect invited him to be here? Hehe... Zai Qiu, this Qin Wentian is really self-centered."

This woman was very clear on who Zai Qiu was, she naturally wouldnt miss the chance to cause the conflict between Zai Qiu and Qin Wentian to deepen.

Zai Qius expression turned heavy and just when he was about to reply, Quinn interjected. "No matter what, its best to make things clear first. The majority of the people here are from the Royal Sacred Sect, I have no objections if we faced the danger together. However, if you want us to face danger yet not receive any of the benefits, theres no meaning to it at all."

Quinns words still had some weight to them, as he was also a disciple of the Royal Sacred Sect from the Battle Sword Faction. He had overwhelming combat strength and it was evident that he was on the side of Qin Wentian.

"In that case Quinn, what do you think we should do?" A young man beside Zai Qiu spoke. This person had a face full of pride, and seemed a little younger than Zai Qiu. He was Sun Jing, someone of the Core Faction, and also the junior apprentice brother of Xia Sheng and Zai Qiu.

Sun Jing had very close relationship with Zai Qiu and Xia Sheng, and now, an expression of unhappiness could be seen on his face when Quinn rebutted Zai Qiu. Quinn was from the Battle Sword Faction of the Royal Sacred Sect and people from that faction were all very prideful and extremely tough to control.

"If we obtain an immortal art, the person who seized it shall be its keeper. Once the immortal art is acquired by someone, the others are not allowed to seize it. The possessor can read through the immortal art and pass it over to Senior Li when we exit this place. If we obtain an immortal treasure, we will follow the same rules. The person who acquired it shall be the one to hand over to Senior Li so that due credit can be given," Quinns voice was very calm, neither servile nor overbearing as he stated.

"Impudent, Senior Li has already stated very clearly. Everything in here has to follow the order of Senior Xia Sheng. Quinn, are you deaf?" Sun Qing berated.

"Im only judging the matter where it stands. Since everyone has differences in opinion when we entered here, Im sure I did not overstep my bounds by just giving a suggestion. Naturally, if everyone present is agreeable to follow the commands of Xia Sheng no matter how unfair they sound, I shall do the same as well," Quinn faintly spoke. Sun Qing then turned his gaze onto the others, only to realize that many in the crowd were avoiding his gaze. Evidently, they all felt that Quinns words made sense. And since someone was willing to take the lead and step out, they were naturally willing to sit there and do nothing until a consensus was passed. After all, if the suggestion failed, the one who took the heat wouldnt be them.

Zai Qius eyes flashed with coldness as he stared at Quinn. "Fine, we will follow your suggestion. But in order to avoid us fighting over the treasures, I will have to modify your suggestion a little. Whoever was the one who last-hit the buried immortal, the treasure shall temporarily belong to that last-hitter. Does anyone have disagreement with that?"

"We are agreeable."

"Mhm, since its this way, we will just follow this new rule," the crowd all agreed, causing Zai Qius lips to curl in a cold and unpleasant smile. But because of how he stood, nobody in the crowd could see that smile.

"Enough, we are all of the Royal Sacred Region, and shouldnt be overly bothered by such a small matter. Since Zai Qiu has already agreed to do so, we will all just follow. Everyone, lets put in your utmost effort here, and we will naturally obtain many immortal treasures." Xia Sheng spoke as he continued, "Quinn and Zai Qius suggestion was so that everyone would work harder to kill the buried immortals. I hope that all of us can remain united and act as one. You all have already seen for yourself how dangerous things could be."

"Naturally, we must work together to minimize the danger." Quinn nodded, radiating a sense of justice. Siko glanced at Quinn, his expression was filled with disdain. He understood the personality of Quinn very well, an honest goody-two shoes who wanted fairness and justice for everyone. However, these people of the Core Faction, it was obvious that they didnt have the same intentions as him.

"Lets act," Xia Sheng ordered. Instantly, a runic glow flashed as the formation started to exude an intense light. A raging wind kicked up, as though the golden roc was flapping its wings and floating up to the sky. Quinn, Siko, Qin Wentian, and Wu Teng were at the forefront position - the beak of the golden roc. And at this moment, Xia Sheng standing at the position of the talon stretched his arms out and grabbed the air, causing a rumbling sound to echo as the floating sword above the tomb roared. A moment later, the tomb crumbled as a terrifying sword intent that seemed as though it came from the primordial era, engulfed this entire space.

The biting cold wind gusted, blowing onto the bodies of everyone. Above the tomb, a white-robed figure appeared. His eyes stared vacantly at everyone as he stretched out his hands, as though he was sensing his own strength level.

"Why so weak?" a hoarse sounding voice echoed out, containing hints of contempt within. His eyes suddenly flashed with sharpness as everyone felt as though a beam of sword light pierced through their heart when he stared at them.

"Are you all the ones who buried me in here?" That person slowly walked forward as a towering sword qi filled the sky. In that instant, an overwhelming sword might enveloped everyone present.

"ATTACK NOW!" Xia Sheng roared. Quinn nodded, the runic inscriptions that made up the golden roc shone brilliantly. A beam of sword light tore through space, shooting right towards the white-robed figure.

"Why so weak?" That white-robed figure pointed his finger as millions of pinpoints of light gathered there, spiralling madly.


The wind intensified, Zai Qiu, as well as the others located at the wings, made their move. The manifestation of the golden roc rushed towards the buried immortal as a corroding palm strike smashed right towards the white-robed figure.

The palms of the white-robed figure slashed through space, resembling a sword slashing down from the sky, lacerating everything. The sharp talons of the golden roc shot out as well, Xia Sheng and the others channelled all their strength into this attack, wanting to annihilate everything.

That white-robed figure drew in a deep breath as he soared into the air. Brilliant sword-lights concentrated around him as they erupted forth in a frenzy. It was like tens of thousands of sword all shooting out at the same time. He slowly advanced forward, staring at the manifestation of the golden roc before him as his sword qi ravaged the area, shredding everything it came into contact with into nothingness.


The wings of the golden roc flapped as it rushed straight out. Everyone inside the formation was channelling attacks and Qin Wentian and the other three at the forefront directly landed before the white-robed figure.

"He did this on purpose, the movement of the golden roc is controlled by those at the wings." Qin Wentian stated to Quinn and the others. Right now, the left wing was controlled by Zai Qiu while the right wing was controlled by Sun Qing.

"Its fine, lets go all out in our attacks," Quinn calmly spoke.

"Thousand Massacre Sword Art!"

As the sound of his voice faded, his sword qi bombarded the area ahead as millions of rays of light shot out, augmented by the power of the formation. Siko also issued his attack, yet his sword style was completely different from Quinn. Quinns swordplay was straightforward, packed with speed and power while Sikos swordplay was sinister and crafty. The Evil Dragon Sword Art, the Defying Dragon Slash, each of his attacks were also exceedingly dangerous.

All in all, everyone inside the formation was frenziedly attacking. That white-robed figure calmly stood in front of the golden roc, and his tiny inconsequential figure erupted forth with a power that was unfathomably overwhelming. Each of his swords contained a sure-kill might, yet the strength of his attack was cut in half by the defense of the great roc formation. Even so, Qin Wentian felt the sense of death looming in more than once.

"Rush him, position him at the center of the golden roc formation, we will be able to kill him easier then," Qin Wentian spoke. At the same time, the two wings flapped as the golden roc shot forward, appearing above the white-robed figure. Boundless light cascaded downwards, yet the white-robed figure didnt bother to dodge at all. The him now was in a blank state, vacantly staring at the golden roc. He only wanted to attack.

"COMBINE OUR ATTACKS, EVERYONE KILL HIM!" The wings of the golden roc closed as it smashed downwards, burying the white-robed figure underneath.

The eyes of the white-robed figure shone with a towering sword light. He rode his sword and flew upwards to meet the golden roc, his palms pressing forward in space. A boundlessly vast killing intent exploded out from him, as a blinding light covered the entire sky. Sword qi lacerated the formation, and terrifying rumbling sounds rang out when the destructive energy ripped into it. Everyone was forced back, great clouds of dust rose from the ground as the white-robed figure stood there imposingly, bathed in his own blood, exuding the aura of a hero past his prime.

"Despite using an extremely powerful peak-tier fourth-ranked battle formation with supreme-tier Heavenly Dipper Sovereigns controlling it, we are all actually still forced into such a miserable state?" The hearts of the crowd pounded violently.

The white-robed man then shifted his gaze in the direction of Quinn and the rest. He coldly added, "Your swords are too weak."

As the sound of his voice faded, his finger stabbed out into the air. Instantly, a supreme tyrannical sword might controlled everything. Quinn and Siko brandished their swords only to discover that even their sword intent was under the control of the white-robed figure.

The white-robed figure was bleeding, yet he was still advancing forward.

"Quinn, Siko, endure it first. Everyone else wait for the instant the immortal launches his attack. At that split-second after, immediately follow up with your attacks," Zai Qiu spoke causing the expressions of everyone to turn stiff. Zai Qiu was so ruthless, wanting Quinn and the others to be the cannon fodder. Even if the latter attacks ended up killing the immortal, it was highly likely that Quinn and his party would end up as a sacrifice.

Qin Wentian stared at the white-robed figure as he activated the true intent of Dreams. However, that formless sword qi tore apart his true intent, he had no way to bring the immortal into his dreamscape.


A number of water screens manifested protectively while a sonic wave blasted towards the white-robed figure. Fan Miaoyu had made her move.

"LEAVE!" Quinn and the other three immediately fled towards the left and right. A beam of sword qi resembled a rainbow, lacerating the sonic wave. The white-robed figure appeared once again. Although he was injured, the sword might of his attacks wasnt influenced at all. Right now, he turned and shifted his attention onto Fan Miaoyu.

"Damn!" Sun Qing was extremely depressed, their plan was actually foiled. The killing move he prepared erupted outwards, as a huge volume of burning lava gushed towards the immortal.


A beam of sword light split it into two while a part of the lava landed on the white-robed figure, instantly burning him. Such a scene caused Sun Qing to be extremely excited. "QUICKLY KILL HIM, HE CANT ENDURE IT FOR MUCH LONGER!"

As the sound of his voice faded, an incomparably cold pair of eyes locked onto him. After which, the white-robed figure stepped out. Sun Qings position was not far away from Fan Miaoyu, both of them felt a monstrous killing intent locking down on them. Every step the white-robed figure took caused them to feel that they were a step nearer to death. That figure immersed in the burning flames wanted to kill them even if he died.


The white-robed figure rushed out, akin to a bolt of lightning.

"QUINN SAVE SUN QING!" Zai Qiu roared. After the four of them dodged earlier, they were the ones nearest to Sun Qing and Fan Miaoyu.

It was too late, the white-robed figure transformed into two beams of sword light, shooting forth with blinding speed towards Sun Qing and Fan Miaoyu.

"DIE!" Qin Wentian howled, his palms blasting into the void while Quinn moved as well, his sword slashing through the sky.


The sword light shooting towards Fan Miaoyu was delayed by a Grand Nihility Palm Imprint before burrowing through it. The next instant, Quinn arrived, his sword was forcibly resisting the beam of sword light and the impact from the collision caused him and Fan Miaoyu to be flung through the air. However, Sun Qing wasnt that lucky. The other beam of sword light penetrated his throat despite him using the entirety of his strength to block that beam of light.
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