Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 715

Chapter 715 peak of the ninth immortal mountain

Chapter 715: Peak of the Ninth Immortal Mountain

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Qin Wentian didnt stop at the second level mountain. His perception continued to climb upwards as yet another formless energy tried to bar his advancement.

At this moment, Qin Wentians perception transformed into a perception projection body, appearing among the immortal mountain range as he ascended peak by peak up in the air. In his surroundings, all kinds of perception projections appeared. Qin Wentian could vividly sense the presence of the other participants.

Evidently, it wasnt merely Qin Wentian alone who sought a higher peak. Those who stopped at the first level mountains were the weakest tier. Their starting step undoubtedly was much later compared to others.

"Bzz!" The formless restrictive energy layer was broken apart as Qin Wentians projection rushed upwards. He saw the third-level immortal mountains and as long as he was willing, his projection could land there and his original body would materialize.

"Bzzz, Bzzz, Bzzz!"

In the surrounding space, the silhouettes of other projections also caught up. There were also experts who chose to appear. He wasnt the only one. In that instant when the connecting pillars of light landed everywhere in the Royal Sacred Region, those who were prepared had already rushed in, including the external visitors. They were very clear of the meaning of becoming a disciple under a supreme existence. They naturally would cherish this chance.

Even if they didnt succeed in entering the Eastern Sage Great Emperors tutelage, they still had to do their best to impress the other powerful characters at the banquet.

The fourth-level immortal mountains, the fifth-level, the sixth-level Qin Wentian unceasingly climbed upwards.

On the level where the immortal palace hung suspended. The experts of the banquet could clearly see what was happening below.

Below them, there were a total of nine mountains, each one taller than the last and the distances between them were further and further apart.

This trial tested the participants affinity and perception strength. These were the basis and foundation of a stellar martial cultivator. Even though people in the Royal Sacred Region rarely had this segment as a test, they took affinity very seriously in the immortal realms. If ones foundation wasnt outstanding enough, why still talk about cultivation?

"Not bad, theres one who ascended to the sixth peak. With such perception strength, he should be able to barge into the 6th astral heavenly layer and could stabilize and stay there." In the banquet, an expert smiled and nodded.

"Not bad indeed. Theres still more trying to ascend higher, there will definitely be people that can ascend the seventh mountain peak and even the eighth peak isnt impossible. This time around, for this disciple recruitment event, there are many talented geniuses from the immortal realms who specially came to this particle world. Maybe, even I will be able to find a disciple I like here." This man who spoke was clad in armor. His entire body had an abyssal destructive aura to it and that pair of eyes that were currently flickering with smiles, were extremely terrifying.

This person was Deepflame, an immortal king under the Eastern Sage Great Emperor with the title Flame King. His strength was mighty, surpassing those on the same tier as him and he even had a regiment of troops under his command. He fought in wars for the Eastern Sage Great Emperor, against the forces of another supreme existences. It was unknown how much blood was on his hands.

"Flame King, you actually want to recruit a disciple as well? Most likely you will be throwing that poor guy into your army for training right?" An elegant scholarly-like character clad in white laughed. This person appeared extremely young, around twenty to thirty years of age. He exuded a clean and neat aura and those who didnt know him would definitely have thought that hes just a little brat who just started on the pathway of cultivation. But in fact, this white-robed person who had a refined and scholarly look had already cultivated over 8,000 years. But given his cultivation base level, 8,000 years was already considered extremely young for him to reach such a level.

This person was named Bai Wuya, a character at the immortal king tier. He also had transcendent might and because of the short period of time he had cultivated for, there was once an ancient immortal king expert who wanted to bully him and seize his treasures. But the ending was that ancient immortal king was completely decimated in a single strike. This battle constituted his fame and imposingness. There was also another story where a thousand years after he stepped into the immortal king level, he killed a descendent of an immortal emperor because that descendant was a despicable scum. This caused the immortal emperor to be so enraged there he sent out thirteen immortal king tiered experts to surround Bai Wuya yet they were all annihilated by him. This only further added onto his fame.

Although immortal king tiered experts were also classified into levels, those thirteen immortal kings cultivation bases werent any weaker than Bai Wuya. Bai Wuyas combat prowess was simply too astonishing and in the end, his potential attracted another supreme existence on the immortal emperor level to speak out for him. And only then, did the enraged immortal emperor stop hunting him down.

There were many who feared Deepflame, but Bai Wuya even dared to kill a descendent of an immortal emperor because of his targets arrogance and the tyranny he caused, how could he fear an immortal king like Deepflame?

"Hmph, since his Majesty is recruiting a disciple, this seat naturally had to be present to support. Bai Wuya, how about each of us choose a participant to accept as disciples and see which of them would travel further in the future?" Deepflame seemed to have an air of confrontation about him when he spoke to Bai Wuya, exuding an incredibly frightening and cold aura.

For characters at the immortal king tier, they already had the qualifications to be termed as supreme existences. But for those in the immortal realms, only those of the particle worlds would term immortal king characters as a supreme existence. They wouldnt call immortal kings that because simply, only immortal emperors were the true controllers of things in the immortal realms. They were almighty figures with the power to truly know all underneath the heavens.

Naturally, immortal kings and immortal emperors were only separated by a small boundary. But to existences on their levels, each step to improve was as hard as a mortal trying to become an immortal. Wanting to take a small step forward is even harder than ascending the heavens. Unless for those who possessed truly extraordinary talents, or those who were innately blessed with innate supremacy like special physiques like the rumored Princess Qing`ers immortal king physique, these people was destined to reach the immortal king tier at the very least. To countless people, the immortal king tier was something so high up that it was unreachable. But to these people, the immortal king tier was merely their starting point. It was a matter of time before they reached it. One could very well imagine how terrifying the potential of these people were.

"I, Bai, have no interest to recruit any disciples. But we can compare our judgement if that interests you." Bai Wuya faintly spoke, causing the others at the banquet to laugh. "Okay, since we are all here to give face to his Majesty, we cant be too boring. Lets casually play together and compare our judgements. Look, its only been such a short time and theres already someone that ascended the seventh peak. Truly excellent, for those who can step onto the seventh peak, this means that their perception would be able to step into the peak of the 6th heavenly layer. A sentence by his Majesty had actually attracted so many genius characters to appear in this remote particle world."

"The eighth peak! As expected, there are even more outstanding seedlings. For their original bodies to materialize on the eighth peak, this meant that their perception would be able to reach the 7th heavenly layer of the nine astral rivers!"

"Whats so strange about this? A majority of these people are Celestial Phenomenon Ascendants, and there are so many who are at the upper limits of the seventh, eighth and ninth level. Such characters have no excuses not to be able to reach the sixth peak. And we are now talking about a personal disciple under his Majesty, its only normal that they should be able condense an astral soul from the 7th heavenly layer for their fifth astral soul when they stepped into the Celestial Phenomenon level." Deepflame emotionlessly spoke, respect for his Great Emperor could be seen flickering in his eyes.

Many had smiles on their faces, yet they didnt think so in their hearts. Even in the immortal realms, the vast majority of Celestial Phenomenon Ascendants condensed their fifth astral souls from the 6th heavenly layer. Although their affinity and perception would improve upon breaking through to the Celestial Phenomenon Realm, it wasnt so easy to break through the restrictive force in the 6th heavenly layer to the seventh. Although there were some talented young characters under the Eastern Sage Great Emperor, they were only a limited few in number.

As for those who could stand at the ninth peak, their perception projection needed to last stably for a period of time on the 7th heavenly layer, able to roam as they will. Would there be such a character in this bunch of participants today, nobody knew.

At this moment, Qin Wentians perception also reached the eighth mountain peak. The perception projections of participants here dwindled, most of them crushed by the overwhelming astral pressure.

"Theres already a person whose actual body appeared on this mountain and a few other perception projections. This indicated that not only me, these people had good affinity as well. I must continue upwards to indicate my extraordinariness." Qin Wentian didnt halt, he continued to rush upwards. This opportunity was something Qing`er had gotten for him. He naturally wished to obtain this.

At the same time, he also had another reason wanting to enter the tutelage of a supreme existence. Only this way would the distance between him and Qing`er be shortened.

After all, Qing`er was the princess of an immortal empire.

Qin Wentian and the others continued to barge upwards. In addition there were other perception projections catching up to them. There were some who knew that they already reached their limit, and because they were worried that their projection would shatter due to the astral pressure, they decided to materialize here. After a few hours, there were already five people / individuals who stood on the eighth mountain peak, causing many experts enjoying the banquet to let out exclaims of surprise. Just within a few hours and there were already five, there might even be more people appearing on the eighth mountain later on.

And at this moment, on the highest ninth immortal mountain peak, a person appeared there.

The arrival of this person caused a fluctuation of astral energy. His black eyes flashed with bright lights as an ice-cold aura emanated from him. When his gaze sweep through the eight mountains below, no hint of satisfaction could be seen within as though everything was just as he expected. He should of course be the person who stood on the highest peak.

"Theres actually someone who managed to ascend to the ninth peak." The eyes of those experts attending the banquet flashed with gleams of sharpness as they stared at the silhouette on the ninth peak, feeling slightly stirred in their hearts.

"This seedling isnt bad. Within a hundred years old and his cultivation is at the eighth-level of Celestial Phenomenon. With such a strong affinity, although Im not sure what layer his fifth astral soul is from, his next one will definitely be a violet-gold astral soul. He has very good potential and a high chance to succeed in stepping into the immortal foundation level." Deepflame glanced at the other experts as he spoke. A light flashed in his eyes. As the first to reached the ninth peak, this meant that that participants affinity and perception was extremely strong.

"A few more appeared on the eighth mountain peak." Someone added.

"Only then would this be interesting, it would be the best if their performance could cause his Majesty to materialize here."

The people of the Royal Sacred Region all could see the scene playing out in the immortal palace. Even the events at the nine-level mountains could clearly be seen as well, including the participants. They were all truly imposing, especially the person who stood at the peak, high-up and unrivalled, reigning supreme as though there was only him alone in this world.


At this moment, Qin Wentian who had kept trying unceasingly, finally broke through the restrictive layer. His perception sensed the ninth immortal mountain as well as the overwhelming pressure there. Sighing in his heart, it seems like he knew that he had almost reached his limit and had no way to continue rushing upwards further.

His perception locked onto the mountain and instantly, his original body materialized there. Resplendent golden light flashed, Qin Wentian directly disappeared in the Royal Sacred Region and appeared on the peak of the ninth mountain along side with an intense astral energy fluctuation!

Translator Note:

(Bai Wuya) Bai is a surname, Wuya can means no horizon.
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