Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 718

Chapter 718 the remaining four

Chapter 718: The Remaining Four

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Time flowed by, the energy consumption rate of those who still remained within the illusion-scape got larger and large. These were all of the experts that could still withstand the onslaught of these monstrous beasts. For those who could not hold on, they had since been eliminated.

Six hours later, only a hundred plus participants still remained in the illusion-scape.

Among these hundred plus people, those on the ninth peak were there, and the vast majority of those from the eighth peak was also there. The rest were made up of participants on the seventh peak. As for the sixth peak and below, not a single one was left.

The immortal mountain peaks tested for ones affinity, which was the foundation of all stellar martial cultivators. Those with strong affinity might not be powerful, but those with weak affinity would definitely never be powerful.

"My judgement is right. This persons constellation is like an abyss of destruction, and it even has the ability to devour stuff, completely engulfing those monstrous beasts that rushed him." Deepflame stared at the first person who ascended the ninth peak. The name of this person was called Blackpeak. Hes extremely powerful and had a unique constellation. Darkness stretches everywhere with the power of destruction and devoured everything within. It was extremely terrifying.

"The constellations of those four are all excellent. Check the constellation of the third person who ascended." The gazes of some experts glanced at the third young man who ascended. At this moment, the baleful aura gushing from him was redoubtable. Yet there was a blade-like screen of light which enveloped his person entirely within. As long as any monstrous beasts got near it, they would all be destroyed completely.

"The second young man also isnt bad. Ten thousand swords hang suspended underneath his constellation, suppressing everything underneath. Although we can't feel it, the pressure must be extremely strong. At the very least in front of those at the same level, he can be considered unrivalled. Dont forget, his cultivation base is only at the first level of Celestial Phenomenon, and theres a chance that this might be the first constellation he condensed." Some of the immortal kings commented as they took note of Qin Wentian. These four who ascended to the ninth peak were all extremely eye-catching, attracting the attention of everyone.

However, these immortal king characters all had different likings, which resulted in their differences in opinions regarding these four people. An example was Deepflame and Bai Wuya.

"On the eighth peak, there are a few fellows who are not too bad. Look at the young man in white, he is also at the first level of Celestial Phenomenon and the constellation he condensed is pretty unique too." A golden-eyed immortal king commented as he stared at one of the participants on the eighth mountain peak.

"Yeah its really powerful, an illusion-scape constellation. He is the only one who doesnt depend on attacks to persist on. Within the area of his constellation, incarnations of him are everywhere, yet his true body never appeared. The endless tide of monstrous beasts can attack as much as they want to, yet because their senses are already affected, they will never be able to kill him."

Maybe, that enormous constellation of his is the greatest illusion. His true body has never appear before, that endless tide of monstrous beasts are already trapped within his illusion-scape like headless houseflies. Its already very rare and extremely difficult for someone at the first level of Celestial Phenomenon to condense such a constellation."

"Myriad Incarnations Immortal King, Im afraid the attacks of the monstrous beasts must intensify even more so we can know the results sooner." Deepflames deep eyes stared at the female immortal king who had her eyes closed. He was filled with anticipation for the ending, he wanted to see who could last the longest.

The female immortal king inclined her head slightly. And an instant later, the attacks from the lava beasts further intensified.

At this moment, only a hundred participants could continue persisting on. The top hundred were already chosen but those immortal kings evidently had no wish to stop yet. Since the Eastern Sage Great Emperor wanted to take on a disciple, its only natural to keep going on until the most outstanding person is selected. Only through exhibiting ones talent through tests and more tests, would that person be qualified enough to become the disciple of the Eastern Sage Great Emperor.

In addition, there truly were quite a few good seedlings among these participants. There were even some immortal kings who felt like taking on a disciple. If his Majesty didnt favor the person they liked, they wouldnt hesitate and would grab the one they wanted to be their own disciples.

Lu Ziyan couldnt persists anymore, she was ranked at #97. Zai Xuan gave up too, his ranking was at #73. When their eyes rested on the still persisting Qin Wentian, different expressions could be seen on their faces.

Zai Xuans countenance was naturally unsightly. He initially wanted to make use of this opportunity to kill Qin Wentian, by getting experts of his Royal Sacred Sect to surround him. Yet sadly, the only one from the Royal Sacred Sect who could make it to the top hundred was only him alone.

After some time, those on the seventh peak were all eliminated. There were still fifteen participants on the eighth peak, and all four participants on the ninth peak were still going on strong.

"The monstrous beasts became stronger." Those that were eliminated silently watched on as they stated in their hearts. These remaining participants were all truly demon-level characters. To think that they could actually persist for such a long time. They were all unmatched existences among those at their level. One could only wonder who among them would be victorious if they really did start engaging in a fight against each other.

Qin Wentian and the others didnt know of the situation outside. They only had a single thought in their hearts. Since this was a test personally administered by an immortal king expert. This was undoubtedly a fair trial. The degree of attacks he has to endure, was surely the same for the others as well.

Hence, what they should do now is to try their best to make themselves last here as long as possible.

At this moment, Qin Wentian was still drawing upon the astral energy within the Yuan Meteor Stones. However, the rate of absorption was far from sufficient to offset his energy consumption rate. In a battle of stellar martial cultivators, any techniques they used would require them to use up astral energy as a basis.

"The attacks from the lava monstrous beasts became even more ferocious." Qin Wentian mused. But even so, these lava beasts could not stand up to his Sword Slaughter Constellation despite the fact that their current attack strength had already reached the second level of Celestial Phenomenon. The instant they neared the his constellation, they would feel an overwhelming pressure of suppression that instantly crushed them into smithereens.

"These five youngsters are truly not bad. The attacks of the monstrous beasts already intensified yet the attacks from their constellations were still able to keep them at bay." The Scarce Moon Immortal King smiled. The four people on the ninth peak in addition to one more on the eighth peak, were the five who received the most attention. Their combat prowess was the strongest and if the Eastern Sage Great Emperor really wanted to accept a disciple here, the identity of the disciple would undoubtedly be from one of the five.

"Not bad indeed, I wonder who will his Majesty favor." Another immortal king replied. The judgement of everyone was different, hence they all had different opinions regarding these five people. For the Eastern Sage Great Emperor, supreme existences at his level wouldnt really be too bothered about choosing a disciple as long as the talents of the participants were high enough. Hence, it boils down to whom he would take a liking to. As long as he is fond of that person, that person would be accepted as a disciple under his tutelage.

Time continued to flow, and as the lava monstrous beasts grew even more powerful, many of the participants started to bow out. However, those five that were highlighted still remained as strong and stable as Mt Tai.

Que Tianyis constellation was formed from many moons. The cold qi exuded from him, wrapped around him like a protective embrace. None of the monstrous beasts were able to get near him.

Blackpeak was the first person who ascended the ninth immortal mountain peak. His destructive abyss engulfed and devoured everything.

Qin Wentian was the second person who ascended the ninth peak. The sword might that rained down from his Sword Slaughter Constellation contained enough pressure to crush all things he desired.

Yi Yang was the third person who ascended the ninth peak, his constellation resembled a hellblade formation.

And other than these four who ascended the ninth peak, there was one more character at the eighth peak who was extremely dazzling. He created a super strong illusion-scape with the help of his illusion constellation within the illusion-scape created by the Myriad Incarnations Immortal King. The monstrous beasts who got near him were all trapped within.

This person and Qin Wentian, were the two whom people from the Royal Sacred Region paid the most attention to. Because simply, these two were the only two who were born and bred in the Royal Sacred Region.

"Who would have thought that two out of the top three rankers in the Immortal Martial Realms Ranking would actually be this strong. The tier of power in the recent Immortal Martial Realm Ranking was truly high, far surpassing that of ten years ago. There was no need to say much about the top ranker Qin Wentian, everyone could witness his accomplishments and he even ranked higher than the eight era-suppressing geniuses. As for Hua Taixu, although he didnt have that exemplary of achievements, he was also extremely powerful. Although, he was evidently much more low-profile in comparison to Qin Wentian. To be able to fight against the participants from the immortal realms to such an extent is already a very glorious matter. Sadly, Gu Liufeng has already disappeared for a long time. But since the immortal realms really exists, maybe Gu Liufeng is already roaming the vast immortal realms."

The hearts of those from the Royal Sacred Region were all thinking of this. And who would have expected that it turned out the fifth person who was worthy of attention from those immortal kings was also a first-level Celestial Phenomenon Ascendant that ascended up the eighth mountain peak. This young man was none other than the second ranker of the Immortal Martial Realm, Hua Taixu.

He had now also broken through to the Celestial Phenomenon Realm.

"Myriad Incarnations Immortal King, seems like its time to kick things up a notch." Deepflame spoke.

The Myriad Incarnation Immortal King shook her head, "Theres no need to. Next, we will see their resolve. I wonder how long would they last under such circumstances."

"Sounds good too." Deepflame nodded.

In the blink of an eye, three days passed. Right now, only five remained out of the countless stellar martial cultivators standing on the mountain peaks. The attention of the experts at the banquet were naturally all on these five characters.

How powerful, they could actually persist up till now.

"Next, we will see who gives up first." Deepflame glanced at the five participants. Right now, the immortal kings at the banquet all felt a stirring in their hearts as they stared at these five with the faintest hints of excitement. The ones who persisted all the way until now were indeed as they had expected.

Behind Que Tianyi, resplendent golden light flashed. That was the luster of his astral soul. An incomparably cold pale moon hung suspended behind his back, as the radius of freezing grew even larger.

Yi Yang was extremely strong as well. Saber beams covered the skies as a screen of protective light enveloped him, it was as though he would never fall.

As for Blackpeak, the destructive abyss was terrifying to the extreme, even devil flames of the abyss manifested and was powerful enough to destroy all that stood in his way.

As for Hua Taixu, his illusion-scape constellation was still as effective as ever, causing a countless number of the monstrous beasts to be trapped within.

As for Qin Wentian who was sitting cross-legged, right now he appeared incomparably demonic as the power of his bloodline thrummed within his body.

Another five days passed. These five were still persisting on, causing shock to the hearts of the onlookers.

Yi Yang frowned, the screen of light enveloping him started shimmering in and out of existence. This caused the immortal kings to arch their eyebrows. Seems like this Yi Yang might become the first to reach his limits.

In fact, it was just as they anticipated. After a period of time passed, Yi Yang opened his eyes as a saber glow flashed within. He thought to himself that after persisting for such a long time, no matter what he should be ranked within the top three, right?

"Senior, let me out." Yi Yang inclined his head and spoke. The instant his words rang out, everything in the illusion-scape disappeared. Yi Yang stood at the peak and glanced at his left and right as his expression turned incredibly unsightly to behold.

There were actually still three more who were persisting in the illusion-scape on the ninth peak.

Bai Wuya faintly cast a glance as Deepflame yet he didnt say anything. Just a look was sufficient to express his disdain at Deepflames judgement skills.

"The fellow you thought well of has already resorted to using his bloodline power earlier but Que Tianyi and the first person didnt. Its only expected that they still have trump cards which they hadnt used yet." Deepflame coldly snorted in response to Bai Wuyas disdainful glance.
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