Another World Lls Book 1 Chapter 1

Volume 1 Chapter 1 Prologue 16

I have died…

At least, I think ...

Because, I do not remember having died. Ummm ... I do not remember having had any heroic deaths, nor having been run over by a truck. Those are the minimum requirements to keep your conscience in death, right?

Although, now that I notice, I'm in a kind of tail of will-o'-the-wisps. Oh it's true I'm a little white flame.

This reminds me of the other world of dragon ball where they were going to be judged, by Yama. Although, this seems more like a traffic office, with a lot of rows of souls. Do I need a passport for the next life?

Little by little, my turn is approaching, although it seems that I have been here forever. On earth I would have gone crazy for centuries ... Maybe, it has something to do with not having a body. Think about it, your ankles and knees do not hurt, and I suppose not having any type of hormone or nervous system, it makes it easier to endure boredom.

- An eternity later -

At last!!! The next one is my turn, I look intensely at the red light above the door (yes, there is a door with a light on top, red = busy and green = free). A half hour goes by, but for me it feels eternal.

And as I mentioned, in a half hour, the light above the door changes to green. Immediately, charge towards the door, at full speed. Well as fast as a small flame without legs can go. But as the saying goes, the intention is what counts, right?

As I approached the door, it opened and after passing it, closed by itself. At that time I did not think about it ... But it would have been a bit exasperating not to be able to open the door ... since I do not have hands ... Well, absurd thoughts later, I'm going to meet with someone I suspect is God.

"Oh ..." I was dumbfounded by what I saw ... I did not even realize I made a sound, although I honestly had not tried. Returning to the subject, what I have in front is ... A man sitting at an office table.

Well, up to this point I expected it, you know, the feeling to the traffic office ... But what really stupefied me are the eyes of the clerk, who I do not think is god anymore.

No god can have that dead and lifeless look in his eyes. What kind of torment did this poor man have to go through to end up like this?

Those dead eyes looked at me, and after a few seconds, he told me a speech in a flat tone. "Welcome, before you ask me anything, let me explain your situation."

He stopped for a few seconds, as if to check that he had understood his words and then continued. "Due to several reasons, which are not your concern, we are dismantling your universe. As the disappearance of your universe is not naturally. A compensation has been established for all sentient beings in this universe. "

"Oh ..." I returned to pronounce my fantastic and original phrase ... well more than a phrase, rather it is an involuntary sound.

I'm not surprised by the dead eyes of this guy. At first I thought that a meteorite fell on the ground or something like that, if not how there could be so many souls in the ranks. When I was in the queue, no matter where I looked, I could see rows of souls up to the horizon. But they are all the souls of the universe ... Poor man I hope he is near the end, although I doubt it very much. I hope, that at least they pay him enough, for this torment.

Without taking into account, my thoughts of shock and pity towards him, the clerk continues with his explanation.

"The compensation that corresponds is a free random reincarnation and 10,000 points of karma, to be able to make adjustments of this reincarnation."

Right after his words, a screen appeared right in my face. If I had a nose I would have crushed it. I lean back and look at her more closely.

"Oh shit! Is that going to turn into my brand sound? Well, let's get back to the subject ... In the upper right corner I see a figure, 10027. Shit! Seriously ... only 27 karma points, I've been a good boy all my life and I only get 27 karma points ... Aarrggggg.

After my soul blinks a little, by rage. I calm down and think a bit, and I'm not too surprised either. Since more than being a 'good boy', rather it was a 'not bad boy', so not doing bad things, does not mean you do good things ... but still ...

After accepting, the small amount of points I had base, was prepared to continue. He turned his gaze down and the next thing he saw was a list of popular purchases.

1º - retention of past memories - 100 pts

2nd - random system - 10000 pts

3rd - universe selection / reincarnation world - 2000 pts

4th - selection of individual or entity to reincarnate - 500 ~ ??? pts

5th - customizable wish - ??? pts

6th - anime system - 25000 pts

7th - rpg system - 15000 pts

etc …

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