Another World Lls Book 1 Chapter 10

Volume 1 Chapter 10 Did The Glob Hurt Me?

What a thrill!

To have what is in these two pages ... as I suspected, are the last inherent ability and my guardian beast.


Name of the skill: Blood phylactery.

Level 1.


This ability allows the user to crystallize a portion of their blood essence, to form a blood phylactery, which allows the user to house their soul and recreate their body in case the main body dies. It must be taken into account that when resuscitated by the phylactery of blood, the cultivation of the user of the skill will be determined by the culture that he possessed at the time in which he created the phylactery.

If the soul of the user of the skill is destroyed, the created phylacteries will not be activated, leading to the definitive death of the user of this ability.

By creating a blood phylactery, the user of this ability will enter a state of weakness by the expenditure of blood essence.

Active blood phylacteries: 0/3.

+ 1 maximum of blood phylacteries per level.

-10% duration of weakened state per level.



Name of the Beast: ???.

Gender: N / A.

Level: 3 stars bronze

Race: Demon blood (child).

Type: Strengthening (Guardian beast).


A Demon made of blood, which often parasitizes other beasts and refine their blood to consume and grow. Although it is true that it is a parasite, it does not harm its host on the contrary, it provides certain advantages to its hosts, so they are well received by most of the beasts.


Blood refinement lv 21 (lv 3 + 600% = lv 21).

It allows to refine blood in essence of higher level blood.

21% conversion rate

+ 1% at the conversion rate per level.

Reinforce the host lv 7 (lv 1 + 600% = lv 7).

By stimulating the blood, either increasing the speed of circulation, the amount of oxygen, etc. You can increase the physical statistics of the host by 14%. You can also multiply this value by 5, for a short time since the host would not be able to support the load, the specific time depends on the quality of the host's body.

+ 2% statistical increases per level.

Blood control lv 35 (lv 5 + 600% = lv 35).

Like being made of blood, this ability is essential for your species, since of this ability its ability to move and attack. It is also able to help your host in different ways, such as: avoid bleeding, create different objects of the host's blood, accelerate the healing of wounds, etc.

Increase in the efficiency of blood control + 175%

+ 5% to the efficiency of blood control.


Wooow ... Incredible, a skill of level 5 up to level 35 ... the best 3000 pts spent ... I do not want to think about how much more a couple of levels go up. Although it bothers me that it is not a direct combat beast ... but good, to a gift horse, do not look at its teeth.

Now that I notice, it seems to have some synergy with the ability of blood phylactery ... at least it will help me recover before the loss of blood essence.

That's another blood phylactery ability is not wrong, although the resurrection does not assure me, it's better than nothing. Although later I'll need to find something to protect my soul ... maybe an inherent ability ... Hum, when I have some points I'll look at the old code store ... How do I trade with the old code?

I try the same as I did when summoning the grimoire, I do not try to trade if I do not see what I can buy ... And it seems to work, because my grimoire opens up on the trade skill page and starts to shine, the next moment it appears a shopping menu similar to that of the karma store.


Experience points: 0 pts. Achievements: none.

Major purchases:

Raise the rank of the grimoire (to bronze of intermediate rank) = 300 pts.

Climb the star level of a beast = ??? pts

Climb up a beast = ??? pts




Apparently it works similar to the karma shop, let's see the function of the search engine ...

[Protection of the soul], [Protect the soul before death], etc ...


Calculating ... success

Inherent random ability - pts = 20000 ~ ??? and achievements = D + ~ S +++.

Expand to choose a specific skill.

Random Beast - pts = 15000 ~ ??? and achievements = D + ~ S +++.

Unfold to choose a specific beast.

Random object - pts = 1300 ~ ??? and achievements = E + ~ S +++.

Expand to choose a specific object.


Hum ... It seems that I have no problems with its handling, and it seems that the system of points and achievements seems similar to infinite terror ... Well, let's leave it for now since I can not buy anything.

Let's move on to something else ... let's invoke my guardian beast, since in theory I am able to leave it in a permanent fused state, due to my fusion ability.

This time I think about invoking my guardian beast and luckily it works, I do not know what I should think to invoke him with this grimoire trolero.

A light shines from my grimoire and a blood ball appears in the air and then falls to the ground with a pof ... Will it have hurt itself? Was not it supposed to appear over me, and then join me, to make the fusion ...? I guess it's because of my fusion ability, a pseudo-permanent fusion will have a different form of fusion than usual ... right?

While I finish my internal monologue, my little gore of blood approaches me crawling on the floor in a snake plan, as soon as it approaches my ankle it bites me.

"Aau ..." I look at my ankle and see what now looks like a blood snake, is disappearing inside my ankle ... Well, it seems that it is parasitizing me in the traditional style ... Shit! You could have warned ...

After the process is completed, I feel the increase in my pulse and the increase in my body temperature by a couple of degrees ... I guess this is the reinforcement effect of the host of ... I should name it, hum ... Bloody. Yes, this looks like Bloody's ability.

I look at my ankle, and I see that there is already scab ... I guess it will take little time to heal.

Well with all the matters of the grimoire done, let's see what those manuals are like. Hum ... How do I get the manuals? Marcus said that the library would scan me and present me with the best options ... Hum ... I see a kind of mini obelisk at the end of the room, I suppose I'll go over and inspect it ...

I approach and I see that in the upper part there is the silhouette of a palm, as if to indicate that I put my hand on the obelisk ... What a racist Is not the Library supposed to be built by all races? From what I saw at the entrance, not all races have hands or five fingers, it would be very coincidental, that in the room I entered, it coincides with my hand, right?

While I rant in my head, I bring my hand to the palm silhouette of the obelisk and once pressed, green lights scanner style go through my body and after a few seconds disappear.

After a few minutes the room darkens and 5 virtual books float in front of me ... Well, they are already here ... the manuals that best suit me. Let's have a look.

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