Another World Lls Book 1 Chapter 104

Volume 1 Chapter 104 Have I Become A Spectator?

After introducing myself and talking to Kami-Sama, I asked him if I could stay in the lookout, I also told him that in less than 2 years I had to go back, since my body was still unstable.

Kami-Sama accepted my request, since in fact he was very curious about my experience in the trip between universes. Many times we meet and talk about life in general in both universes... Kami-Sama is a very good conversationalist.

They offered to teach me their training routines, but I told them that with my body still unstable, I shouldn't increase my Ki anymore. Since I don't know what could happen if I increase my Ki, during the formation process of my new and mutated Ki.

Another interesting detail is that almost all my beasts are starting to develop Ki, but very slowly... I think it has to do with my grimoire adapting to the laws of this universe... But Luna has not started to develop Ki, I think it is because It does not have a physical body, so it does not have vital energy and therefore cannot generate Ki.

My beasts tried to train to increase their Ki, but it didn't work... Kami-Sama and I have theorized that until my grimoire has finished adapting to the new universal laws, they won't be able to train to increase their Ki...

I also talked a lot with Goku when he was not training, he was surprisingly interested in knowing about our race... That surprised me, since in the Dragon Ball series he seemed to care very little...

I guess it's not the same to find out your origins, of a murderous psychopathic brother who kidnaps your son, than of any other person who seems friendly.

I told him that due to our lineage, the people of our race tend to be somewhat violent and brutal, and that according to their ancestor, the Saiyans once invaded planets and sold them...

Goku seemed surprised by what I said, since after talking to me, he realized on his own, that surely those of his race sent him to conquer planet Earth...

With how silly Goku seems almost all the time, I'm surprised how smart he is sometimes...

This news not only worried Goku, but also Kami-Sama... Since if they sent Goku to conquer planet Earth, sooner or later they would come to see if the task was completed...

Goku after being in deep thought for a while, Goku found a new motivation to grow stronger... And he devoted himself even more fervently to training.

Another thing that happened during my stay in the lookout was that I intercepted Kami-Sama's attempt to cut and seal Goku's tail.

At first Kami-Sama said it was dangerous for Goku to keep his tail, since Goku was a bit clueless at times and had already transformed into a giant ape several times...

Goku seemed not to care much, and he had long since realized that he killed his grandfather himself when he was transformed, so that subconscious mind did not much appreciate his tail.

Later, I explained that the transformation was part of our lineage, and that it could be controlled with training. I also told them that the Saiyans have several development paths to grow stronger, and that if you cut the tail is like giving up one of them.

But after all my speech, what convinced Goku was... "Then every time you find something that is problematic do you prefer to get rid of the problem instead of trying to solve it?"

After hearing those words, Goku felt challenged and agreed to keep his tail, and asked me to help him control his Ozaru form.

I agreed to teach Goku to control his Ozaru form... which basically consists of letting him transform and waiting for him to regain consciousness... I helped someone to awaken my consciousness during my first attempts... unfortunately I am not able to do the same for Goku.

In the end we just went to the rocky desert, and I asked Luna to infuse her moon energy in Goku. Goku was surprised to see Luna, since it was the first time to see such a "strange" being according to his words.

Goku became Ozaru shortly after receiving Luna's energy.

I decided not to transform. At first I wanted to teach Goku that it was possible to control the Ozaru form, but Kami-Sama kindly reminded me that my body was not stable at present, so I have to be careful …

So I left the matter of controlling the uncontrollable Goku Ozaru to Medea, in the end it was she who kept the giant ape occupied throughout its transformation.

But I was secretly surprised to discover that Goku's Ozaru form was stronger than mine... But after thinking about it, it made sense. Since when I was previously transformed into Ozaru, I only trusted the physicist of the Ozaru. But Goku has free access to his Ki, which strengthens his body passively... And his Ozaru form not only had 10 times more Ki, but it seems that he instinctively uses it to strengthen his body even more...

I guess when my body stabilizes, my Ozaru transformation will also be strengthened.

Let's say that Goku didn't seem to have much talent in controlling his Ozaru form, so even now he hadn't succeeded, but at least he settled down to try every day. Since with the help of Luna, there was no need to wait for the full moon nights.

And so Goku added another type of training to his daily routine.

I also got off the Kami-Sama lookout and visited Karin, the talking cat is another good conversationalist, I also met Krillin, Yamcha, Tenshinhan and Chaoz. Everyone was surprised to see another person with a tail like Goku. After chatting with them for a while Karin interrupted us and sent them to train again...

Karin asked me if I wanted to train with them, but I told him that I currently couldn't…

After explaining my 'special condition' to Karin, like Kami-Sama, Karin showed a lot of interest. And after talking about several things, I asked about the senzu bean...

I asked him if he could tell me the method of planting and cultivating the senzu beans, and to my joy Karin accepted.

And although I will not go into details, I will say that technically they are not difficult to cultivate, but they are very demanding of attention. So Karin is not able to grow many at once... All those urns full of senzu bean will have taken centuries to gather...

And when I thought that all those valuable senzu beans would surely end up in the stomach of the f.u.c.k.i.n.g Yajirobe... I want to make him suffer an 'accident'... But as much as I would like to do it, the bastard is sometimes useful... But that doesn't It will prevent trying to save as many senzu beans as I could.

That's why I asked Karin to give me some of the seeds of the senzu bean, since according to Karin not all the senzu beans could be planted again... I guess that is why in the future there will be a shortage of them...

Karin asked me what I wanted them for, and I told Karin that I have a small world in a personal dimension, and that in my small world I have some people and beasts that are capable of growing plants. So I wanted to try if they were able to grow them.

Karin was very interested in seeing my little world, but I told him that due to my body and unstable energy, I have no control over access to it... So his beasts were the only ones that could come and go... And unfortunately they didn't can take anyone with them...

In the end Karin agreed to give me several of his seeds, since he didn't have many either. And we pass them to Elvara, and she along with her guardian beast, tried to cultivate them... And although they have made some progress, they are still not able to make them grow, but at least they have prevented the shoots from wilting and dying.

And these are some of the events that happened in the first 5 months living in the lookout of Kami-Sama.

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