Another World Lls Book 1 Chapter 106

Volume 1 Chapter 106 Do Things Always Have To Go Wrong?

I think the next time I try something like that, I will try when my grimoire has finished assimilating the laws of the universe...

Ufff... Well, let's see if at least now I am able to ride on my own nimbus cloud. Since it would be laughable that after going through all that ordeal, it turns out that I still can't ride the nimbus cloud...

So with all my hope at stake, I ask my grimoire to summon the nimbus cloud, since I still can't do it on my own. And shortly after the nimbus cloud appears in front of me.

The nimbus cloud seems... more lively... I don't know, maybe it has received a boost of wisdom when establishing the contract... Or maybe it's because it has achieved a new sense of individuality and identity...

Or I may be imagining things...

Slowly and calmly, I put my foot on the nimbus cloud and...



With a lot of emotion I get on top of my new nimbus cloud... I have to think of a good name... Ufff... I guess there will be some god or goddess of the clouds, but I don't remember their names... So for the moment I will call it Nimbus.

"OH, I see that your experiment has worked, I'm glad for you." Karin said from the side, while she looked at me, being super excited to get on a nimbus cloud.

"Ha ha ha..." I laughed a little with shame, but I didn't explain why I was excited. After thanking Karin for the nimbus cloud, I left in the direction of the city where Bulma lives.


10 minutes later.

It's super comfortable to travel on a cloud... I'm tempted to sleep in Nimbus from now on... It's super comfortable...

Oh, I think I see the city in the distance... The truth is that I have not gone very fast, since I wanted to enjoy the trip, but it still seems that it does not take long to reach... The capital of the west, as it puts in the poster...

I already see the characteristic building of the Capsule Corporation, it is difficult to miss it... Since it says 'CAPSULE corp' written on the wall of the house, with quite large print.

Hum... I don't know if flying directly there, or landing before entering the city to avoid activating possible air invasion alarms without permission in the city...

Well, I think I worry too much, since now that I have come a little closer. I am able to see several flying vehicles coming and going in and out of the city.

So without further hesitation, I fly into the city.

I land in front of the front door, ignoring people surprised to see a child suddenly jump from a cloud, and ring the bell...


"Yes? Who is it?" A voice comes from the doorphone speaker, I guess it will be Bulma's mother.

"Hi, I'm a friend of Goku, and I came to visit Bulma... My name is Arthur." I said, remembering to introduce myself at the end.

"Oh, a friend of Goku, come in and I'll make you some cookies..." Bulma's mother said.

Ufff... This woman always acts so carefree...

After a few minutes, I hear a few steps coming towards me, from the other side of the gate. And moments later the gate opens and a head appears...

"Oh... here you are... Oh, if you have a tail and everything... Are you sure you're not Goku's family? Ho ho ho ho... "Ufff... That laugh makes me a little nervous...

"Come in, I'll bring you something to eat, since Bulma hasn't come home from the university yet. So it is better that you eat something while you wait for it. "Panchy said… I think she was called that, as she guided me through the patio to her house.

"University? I had heard that Bulma was very clever, so I thought she had already finished her university studies. "I said my doubts, since I really believed that she would have skipped courses and would have finished university with… I know… 10 years?

"Ho ho ho ho... It's true that our Bulma is very clever, but her father and I wanted her to experience a more normal childhood... So we didn't let her skip most of the courses... But unfortunately, even so, she didn't get make friends. Since her personality is quite bad, and she always had to prove that she was superior to the other children… Ufff… "Panchy cut her speech with a sigh, I guess it was also hard for her to see how her daughter grew up without friends her age…

"Well, going back to the topic… Although it is true that Bulma has already finished her university studies, that does not prevent her from going from time to time to study on other subjects. Since although she has a very smart father, he has never known how to explain and teach others. So Bulma often goes through the university to listen to lectures, or attend some classes on a topic that interests her at that time. "Panchy said as she guided me to a dining room.

"Wait here, I'll bring you something to eat and drink right away." Panchy said and left, leaving me alone …

Oh... a television... I wonder if they will broadcast anime on any channel...

And so carelessly change the TV channel several times while looking for anime.



While I was changing channels several times, and to my disappointment, not finding any anime... I hear a meow in my ear...

When I turn my head, I see a little black cat on my shoulder... When has this cat reached my shoulder? And how the hell I haven't noticed before?

I pick up the cat from my shoulder and put it on my lap, the cat does not resist... Moreover, the cat seems to enjoy being petted and scratched all over his body.

"Tama... Tama... Where are you kitten?" I hear the voice of a man coming from the hall.

Hearing the male voice, the cat... Tama, raises his head and meows a little, but does not get up from my lap... Apparently he is extremely comfortable in my lap...

Apparently following the cat's meowing, an older man entered the dining room... Bulma's father... Dr. Brief.

"Oh hello boy. I was looking for Tama, but it seems that he is in good hands... Look at him, it seems he is not willing to get up for anything in the world. "Dr. Brief said, as he looked with a smile on his face, the lazy cat on my lap.

"Hello, my name is Arthur. I'm Goku's friend and I came to meet Bulma. "I said while introducing myself.

"Hello young man, you can call me Hakase if you want. And you want to meet Bulma? You haven't met her yet? that's weird... I think remember that Bulma brought a boy with a tail home once... "Dr. Brief said with a confused look on his face...

"Errr... That was Goku. And although it is true that I do not know Bulma personally, they have told me about her. And since I had free time, I decided to come to meet her. "Ufff… With how clever this guy is, sometimes he's incredibly dumb…

After a little silence, I begin to engage in conversation with Dr. Brief while stroking Tama's belly.

"So… What are you currently working on? If it's something secret, you don't need to answer. "I asked Dr. Brief… Hoping to route the conversation to the gravity room.

"Oh, now I'm working on an automatic butter and marmalade spreader... I have made a lot of progress now, since I have gotten a uniform layer of butter on the toast, but I still have trouble adjusting the... Bla, bla, bla … "

Incredible... Is the planet's brightest mind really working on how to make butter toast and jam automatically?

How the hell am I supposed to divert the subject to a gravity machine?

In other fanfic they make it seem easy...

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