Another World Lls Book 1 Chapter 107

Volume 1 Chapter 107 Did I Just Break A Relationship For Fun?

Hum... It doesn't seem so easy to get a gravity machine, as I've read in so many fanfics...

I will try to be a little more direct.

"Dr. Brief, I have heard that you are one of the brightest minds on the planet. And I was wondering if you could help me with something. "

"Oh... And what would it be about?" Dr. Brief replied curiously.

"The truth is that I have a small planet, but we have some small problems with low gravity, so I was wondering if you could help me with some kind of device that could increase gravity. The area doesn't have to be very big, something on a small scale would be fine. "

"Humm… sounds an interesting project, but I'm not interested in working on it right now. The truth is that I am very excited about my project of the perfect jam toast, although the tastes vary depending on the person, I am one of those who prefer that there is a little more butter than jam… Bla bla bla… "Dr. Brief continued talking about his damn toast...

Is this f.u.c.k.i.n.g old man trolling me? Or it's just that he's really enthralled by the possibility of a perfect toast…

Ufff... I only have one option... If he rejects me after this, I will have no choice but to wait for him to create the gravity room for when Goku goes to the planet Namek...

"Although I personally understand your great interest in the perfect toast, since I am a big fan of toast for breakfast myself, I would like to insist that I reconsider my request. Since in no way would I ask him to work for free. "And with my words, I made a gesture with my right hand, and a ring appeared out of nowhere.

Dr. Brief was interested in my words, but you could see that he had not yet reached his full attention, so I continued speaking.

"What I have here is a storage ring, inside it there is a small space of around 10 cubic meters. In this particular storage ring, I keep a lot of minerals and other different raw materials that you probably won't find on earth… "Stop talking while taking out some small samples of several rather rare minerals from the LLS universe…

Yes, my last tactic is to bribe him... Or just hire him.

If I do not misunderstand, fuel Dr. Brief himself who invented the capsules for which his company is famous, so I suppose he will be interested in the storage ring, since it is a product similar to his own capsules... No I remember what they were called, but in general, I think you will be very tempted.

And to ensure the deal, I have included several fairly rare raw materials, although they are low-ranking, but they are still rare and very unique...

"Oh... What a fascinating thing." Dr. Brief said with a sparkle in his eyes as he picked up the ring...

"I have to remind you Dr. Brieg, that in order to operate the ring, you need to be able to manipulate energy... I guess you will have seen Goku and his friends do it sometime." I said while filtering some energy from my palm, so that the Dr. Brief saw her.

"Although I don't think it is impossible for you to find out in some way to access the content of the ring without such energy... To be honest, where I come from, we already have methods to make people without energy handling capabilities use these rings... But I think that it would be best for you to find the way that best suits you. "I told Dr. Brief.

It is true that normal people in the LLS universe are able to use storage rings, but special devices and external energy sources are required, and I don't carry any with me...

"Hum... It is certainly very interesting... Let me investigate this ring and the samples for a week, and regardless of the results, I will work on your machine to manipulate gravity." Dr. Brief said, with a rather serious look, that he never showed in the anime... I guess one is not the brightest mind, nor the richest person on the planet, being as they showed in the anime.

"Sure, but you can keep the ring and the samples. If you can access the contents of the ring, everything will be for you. "I said with a smile.

"That's very good." Dr. Brief said with his typical smile, as he got up and left... I guess he's impatient to get to work...

Although I personally doubt that he can replicate the storage ring... at least anytime soon. I suppose that with this I have established a good cooperation base with Capsule corp.

The truth is that I tried to make a gravity room with runes in the past... But it clearly didn't work out.

The most I got was to increase gravity by 1.23 times in a 3-square-meter room... And in the end I found out that the reason is, because the runes I use are of low rank. And no matter how skilled I am in my enchantment abilities, and carving of runes... Runes of low rank have their limits.

Try to look for runes of greater degree in the grimoire shop, but they were barbaric... It makes sense, runes are basically the programming language of the universe, so it is normal for its value to be high.

The runes that I currently have are the most basic, which has been made public in almost the entire LLS universe... I guess when I return to the LLS universe, I will have to see if the Clan of Seven Sins has higher-level runes that I can learn .

After a while Panchy returned with a succulent lunch... I guess he remembered that Goku ate a lot...

And so we hang out 3, Panchy, Tama and I...


"Mom... Dad... I'm home!" A girl's voice came from the entrance of the house... I guess it will be Bulma.

"Honey, we're in the dining room... come see that you have a visitor," Panchy said out loud.

Instantly hurried steps were heard coming from the entrance, and for now the dining room door opened and an excited Bulma was seen...

But when she saw me, she lost the emotion on her face, and became suspicious...

"Who are you?" I wonder very rudely... I guess it's normal, to be a little suspicious when someone you don't know comes to see you home...

"Hello, nice to meet you Bulma, my name is Arthur and I am friends with Goku and the others." I said while waving my tail to see it.

"EHHHH! You have a tail just like Goku… Are you his brother or relative? "I ask as soon as he saw my tail.

"I am not a direct family of Goku, but I do not deny that there is a possibility that we share an ancestor... But if that were the case, it would be a distant one." I said with a smile.

"Tell me, how are you all? And... Yamcha like this... Did he tell you anything about me? "Bulma said, getting a little uneasy at her last question.

"They are all well, very busy training in the tower of Karin... Err... To be honest, Yamcha did not mention you in the few times we talked, it was Kami-Sama who told me about you." Sorry Yamcha, but your relationship with Bulma it is destined not to work.

And although she does not interest me romantically, I prefer that she is not busy thinking about you, when I could spend her time better keeping me company.

"That damn bastard..." Bulma complained softly...

After a few minutes Bulma calmed down and paid attention again, her mother had long since gone, so we were alone.

"And then… Why did you come to see me? If those who are my supposed friends, are too busy training to come to visit me... I find it strange that someone I don't know visits me... "Bulma said, with her suspicious face again...

"Well... The truth is... You could say, I'm recovering from some injuries, and therefore I can't train or do anything I usually do... So I'm severely bored... And then it was Kami-Sama who I advise that he come to see you, since according to him you could introduce me to the forms of entertainment of ordinary people. "I said with a little shame…

"F.u.c.k, I'm always the last person these bastards think about..." Bulma said resentfully...

Although she basically understood, since she was the only one who did not know or was interested in learning about fighting or martial arts...

And to top her only friends, they are fans of training and fighting... So sometimes she felt quite alone.

After the tantrum passed, Bulma asked me something worried.

"Are your injuries good? They have to be very serious injuries if senzu beans can't cure you... "

"Don't worry, I'm physically fine, the problem is with my energy source… Which you don't have to worry about, since in less than a year I will have recovered." I said with a smile… This girl is starting to fall well.

"Well, if you say you're okay, then it's time for us to go out and have fun." Bulma said with a smile, apparently she also wants to spend time in the company of a friend.

And so I spent several months having fun in Bulma's company.

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