Another World Lls Book 1 Chapter 108

Volume 1 Chapter 108 Is It Problematic To Be Immortal?

3 months later.

I just want to say one thing... Bulma is amazing.

Yes, her character may not be the best, but I had a great time in her company.

She has also helped me a lot in my rune studio... Yes, as incredible as it may seem... Bulma, of all people, has taught me how to best use the runes.

Although Bulma didn't know anything about runes, not even she is able to use them. Besides that if there are runes in this universe, they will be different from the runes that I know… But all that does not matter, since Bulma is a genius… And programming is something she is very capable of, runes are just a new programming language, which she took little to learn.

And after that, we both developed several theoretical projects with runes... I say 'theoretical', because I am currently unable to use the runes, due to my unstable energy.

For the most part, we only made the runic spells that I usually use more efficient, in addition to 'theoretically' creating a storage ring that can support life... That is not that it is a rare item in the LLS universe, but it is an article Innate level, so I had not learned to do it myself until now.

Bulma wanted to try to theorize more advanced spells, but I stopped her. Since with the runes of low rank that I have, it would be a waste to spend so much time on something, that perhaps it is not possible to achieve.

Another thing that I achieved in these months, is to find where I am in the chronology of Dragon Ball.

Right now I am almost at the end of Dragon Ball, in less than a year the tournament will take place where Goku defeats Piccolo, and Goku and Chi-Chi get engaged and get married.

Now my big question is... When did Goku start to grow?

Because when the tournament starts, Goku will have already left his chibi form and will have an a.d.u.l.t body.

And I think I'm about a year or two younger than Goku... So I guess I still had a couple of years left to be a crab.

Leaving the issue of my stature aside, I think I will not be able to stay for the start of Dragon Ball Z... Since after the end of this next tournament, it will take about 4 or 5 years, until Dragon Ball Z starts...


How I wish I could access the Dragon Ball wiki right now...

Ufff... My time limit is 5 years. And it's been almost 1 year and a half...

At first I thought about spending about 3 or 4 years and then leaving... But, due to my condition, it would be useless to stay longer than necessary in this universe. Because when the almost two years that my grimoire takes to adapt the laws of this universe, it does not mean that I recover. My energy will remain unstable, since according to the celestial office worker, I need to return to the world of LLS so that my energies finish stabilizing.

Phew... I'm looking forward to the time when I can travel through the universes without having to become an invalid for a year or two.

But I think this won't happen to me in other universes... At least I hope so.

Since unlike the LLS and DB universes, I have no relationship with other universes, so my body or energy would not have to adapt to any changes. The only thing that might happen is that my grimoire world adapts new universal laws... But that affects me quite little.

The truth is that if I wanted to, I could go back to the LLS universe right now, but that would interrupt the adaptation of the grimoire world to the laws of this universe. And if I interrupted the process, I would stunt Ki's development in my beasts... And being mostly beasts that fight hand-to-hand, they would benefit a lot from possessing Ki in their bodies.

Speaking of Ki in my beasts...

Both Bloody and Medea's Ki are merging with their respective energies.

Bloody has blood energy, which is merging with his Ki. What will result? I have no idea.

Medea on the other hand... More than merging both energies, it seems that one energy devours the other... Medea has draconic energy, which is apparently as tyrannical as my Ozaru lineage... Since Medea's draconic energy is devouring her new Ki, and growing stronger and more abundant.

But just like my Ozaru lineage did with my demonic lineage, I leave the good things and throw away the useless.

Since according to Bloody, who analyzed my lineage after I finished my transition. Bloody said that apart from the higher energy density and the fact that 'the stronger I am, the longer I live', the bastard ape discarded everything else.

As for my life... According to Bloody, my life will no longer increase when I reach a higher level... Because I have already left that cultivation system... From the perspective of the inhabitants of the LLS universe, I am now a crippled…

Since I lost my core and with all my cultivation...

But... Of course, that is not the case. You could say that I have discarded my energy core, to turn my own body into my energy core... So now I have much more energy in my body than before...

Putting it in terms of game statistics...

If before my MP was: 10/10MP.

Now it would be: 10000/10000MP.

Or something like that. And although it is true that the density of my energy has decreased a little, but not only has it gained in strength, but also has gained in volume... Besides that my new energy strengthens my body passively.

Oh, returning to the theme of my lifespan... And continuing with the reference to the games...

The way in which my energy affects my lifespan is something like that.

Let's say I own 100Ki, because my useful life would be something like this: 100/100Ki = 100 years of life.

Although the ratio of Ki to lifespan, it is not exactly like that, but more or less it works that way. To sum it up, my maximum Ki determines my lifespan... I will be able to give several examples.

200/200Ki = 200 years.

10000/200Ki = 200 years. (super saiyan)

5/200Ki = 200 years. (Exhausted)

So theoretically, as long as I continue to train and increase my Ki reserves, I will be virtually immortal... Although I suppose it will not be so easy, but at least I am sure that I will live at least several thousand years.

That leaves me with several doubts... The story I know about Dragon Ball, covers less than 50 years... What will I do after I finish watching my favorite childhood anime live?

Another thing... I will not gain strength as fast as Goku and the others... What I mean is that, the strength that Goku and Vegeta would gain in 1 year of training, I would take 5 to 10 years...

At least with the same training... I have to look for a cultivation technique when my body stabilizes... Although unlike my last cultivation technique, it will have to be body refining, since I suppose that I will currently be incompatible with my old technique of culture.

Ufff... Many changes await me...


Now that I remember, when I reincarnated I wanted to be a summoner-like character, who let his invocations fight for him... But now I'm slowly transforming into a warrior-like character...

And although I still have my beasts... it's not like I expected things to be when I reincarnated... But the truth is that it was to be expected... Who chooses the Saiyan lineage and doesn't know that he will end up punching his enemies?

But I couldn't resist… Being in this world and being able to spend time with Goku, Bulma and everyone else is a dream come true.

And the truth is that I do not regret having chosen this path.

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