Another World Lls Book 1 Chapter 109

Volume 1 Chapter 109 Why Does Yamcha Seem To Be Looking For Death?

Several months later...

"Arthur, another world lls

Chapter 103

Several months later...

"Arthur, are you going to participate in tomorrow's tournament?" Bulma wondered as we both had breakfast.

By the way, Elvara has prepared breakfast, and like almost everything Elvara cooks, this breakfast is great.

There was a time when I thought about going back to Kami-Sama's lookout, but Bulma almost threatened to kidnap me to stay, since according to Bulma 'I can no longer live without these delicious meals.'

In addition, since all the ingredients in food are grown or raised in my grimoire world, they have a large amount of Qi in them. So foods made with these ingredients, are not only very nutritious, but they are also able to improve the body in a certain amount. Especially for ordinary mortals,

Bulma herself has realized this, seeing her skin softer and smoother over time and after investigating the reason, she realized that they were my meals...

"I don't think I participate, since although my body is stronger than most of the participants… I would lose against almost anyone who knows how to use Ki to fight. Also, remember that I will go back to my universe after the tournament. "I told Bulma, freezing her…

"Oh... It's true, you have to go to be with your s.e.x slaves, locked in your little world." Bulma said annoyingly...

That's Bulma, when she gets defensive she can be a bit much... Vicious? I dont know…

"How many times do I have to tell you, that they are not s.e.x slaves… Ufff, they are only slaves and temporary in that, since when their strength increases they will be automatically released from their slavery contracts." I said exasperated…

I don't know why I told Bulma, that I had two elf slaves, in my grimoire world... But it escaped me, when I wonder where the 'delicious food' came from...

"Hmpf." Bulma just pouted my words... Since just like I liked spending time with Bulma, she also liked spending time with me.

Since as I mentioned before, Bulma feels a little lonely and spend time with a friend with whom he shares certain interests (Rune research can be considered a kind of science...).

"Besides, I have to go back to my fiancee, since even though the time limit they imposed on me was 5 years, it's better to be safe." I said, causing Bulma to leave her tantrum and show a worried expression.

"True, you told me that you had to seal it in a kind of ice coffin. But… don't tell me why… "Bulma told me, clearly asking for a more detailed explanation.

Sighing, I prepare to give a more detailed explanation...

"To begin with, my fiancee is a succubus... And before you draw wild conclusions, the succubi of my universe are not like those of the legend of this universe... At least totally..." And so I began to explain to Bulma the details about the 'soulmates' and the consequences that will happen to the succubus if his male partner dies.

"... And although we weren't sure if our soul bond would support my trip to another universe, we decided to seal it to make sure nothing happened in my absence." I said finishing my explanation on the subject.

Bulma seemed to think for a while about my own romantic drama, until a thought crossed his mind...

"Then... Will you come back?" Bulma said worried again...

Why does she think I will not return?

Oh, I might think that I will establish a family or something and I will not return...

"Do not worry Bulma... We will live several thousand years, if nothing happens to us... It is too early for us to settle. The safest thing is to bring it to me to experience a new universe, since for us 100 years is practically nothing. "I said with a smile, which brought Bulma a smile too, but it also seems to have several thoughts in your head.


The next morning…

Bulma and I headed to the entrance of the world martial arts tournament, by the time we arrived there were already some people waiting for us.

"Hi Bulma, I see you're still as pretty as ever... heh heh." Muten Roshi said with her lascivious face while looking at Bulma's legs... Which by the way was wearing a pretty blue dress.

Bulma shot him a menacing look, which made Muten Roshi cower... And then Bulma went to greet Lunch... The good version of Lunch.

Oolong and Puar also greet Bulma.

And that's when I get out of the taxi.

Everyone except Bulma is a bit perplexed to see me... More like my tail.

"Guys, let me introduce you. This one here is my new friend Arthur, and as I suppose you've noticed, he has a tail just like Goku. And the most shocking thing is… That both Goku and Arthur are aliens from outer space. "Bulma said, causing everyone to let out a cry of surprise… How Bulma likes to get attention…

After the initial surprise everyone showed up and bombarded me with questions.

"Then... Can you also become a giant ape?" Muten Roshi asked me.

"Of course, it is a characteristic skill of our race and in reality it is an Ozaru not a simple ape."

"But your race is not afraid of killing each other when you transform." Oolong asked.

"Although I can't speak for my race at the moment, since in reality Goku is the only other Saiyan I have ever met… But I am able to control my Ozaru form myself, and I understand that Saiyan train to be able to control himself after The transformation."

"Being both Goku and you aliens, what are you doing on earth?" Muten Roshi asked again.

"Ufff... Being honest, our race tends to conquer planets and then sell them... I guess they sent Goku to earth for that purpose, but from what I've seen and asked, it seems that Goku forgot about his mission when he was little..." I said, making everyone pale, except Bulma who already knew.

"Hum... It's true that old Gohan told me that when he picked up little Goku, he was a very violent boy... Until he fell off a cliff and hit his head... I guess it is there when he lost his memory and forgot his mission. "Muten Roshi said, with a very serious face.

"Does Goku know about this?" Puar asked.

"Yes, I told him when I met him, in the lookout of Kami-Sama."


An awkward silence was established for a few seconds...

"Well, we'll talk about these issues later, now we have to worry about the next tournament." Bulma said in an attempt to lighten the mood and lift the spirits.

"Are you going to participate, Arthur?" I wonder Lunch.

"No, the truth is that I am recovering from some injuries, so I cannot use my Ki at the moment. So I will only be a spectator on this occasion. "I replied to Lunch with a smile.

While we all wait for Goku and the others to arrive, I feel that someone is looking at me... I turn and see Piccolo in the distance looking at me with some confusion...

Oh sure... he's confused by my tail.

I smiled and greeted him.

To which Piccolo frowns and leaves...

Ahhh... Shy boy... And to think that in the end is a soft babysitter, ha ha ha...

A few minutes later, Goku arrived, which almost no one recognized... I hardly recognize him, and that I knew was going to make a big change.

And with Goku, Medea and Luna went, who helped Goku train his Ozaru form... Well, Luna is actually fused with Medea right now, so the others can't see her.

"MASTER !!" Medea shrieked with joy and lashed out to give me a hug... I'm glad that seeing a lamia walking in the streets does not call anyone's attention.

"Hi Medea. How did Luna and you go accompanying Goku during his training?" I asked Medea with a smile.

"Hum… It was interesting to see the different places and this world, but I missed you so much… Oh, by the way, Goku has finished his training. So it is not necessary that neither Luna nor I accompany him more. "Medea said, proud to have finished a mission that I sent her and with the relief of having finished it so that she could return to my side.

"So Goku, do you already control your Ozaru form?" I asked Goku to confirm.

"Yes, it cost me a lot, but in the end I got it. But… I don't understand why you insisted so much that I dominate it, because apart from you that it has the means to transform whenever you want… I will only be able to transform when there is a full moon, so I don't see it very useful. "Goku said, indicating your doubt

"Although what you say is true, I already told you that the Ozaru form is one of our routes to strengthen us. And I don't mean just transforming ourselves and that's it... You'll find out in time... I have to get on that route yet. "I told Goku, I can't tell him many things directly, so I can only insist on Do not discard your tail for convenience.

While Goku and I chat, the others recover from the shock of seeing Goku so changed, and that a half-snake beauty is hugging me warmly...

After introducing Medea to everyone, I was going to introduce Luna too, but I felt like she was returning to the grimoire world on her own... What is she going to do, she is still shy with strangers...

Then, we waited for the others.

During that time, it seems that Medea has made good crumbs with Puar, although she has also beaten Oolong and Muten Roshi with her tail a couple of times... These perverts do not learn.

Now that I think about it, I should ask Bloody, Arachne and the others if they want to come see the tournament.

"Medea Can you go ask Bloody, Arachne and the others if they want to come see the tournament with us?" I asked Medea, who nodded and disappeared from everyone's sight, leaving everyone surprised.

"She has gone to your little world?" Bulma asked me, who more or less knew what was happening.

"That's right, it's a shame that only my beasts can come and go in my current state, otherwise, it would take you to see it... Besides, I'm sure that Elvara and Elanna would get along with your mother, since they both like it many animals and plants. "I said, adding the latter when remembering Panchy's garden, which is full of plants and animals.

Bulma nods and shows an expression of longing, I guess she's very interested in seeing my little world.

While Bulma and I talked...

"Hey Goku, is it true that you've learned to control your ape form?" Muten Roshi asked Goku curiously.

"Yes, with the help of Medea and Luna, I managed to control my transformation. Oh, and don't call it an ape form… Arthur puts a lot of effort into calling him by his name… Although I don't know why. "Goku said Muten Roshi.

"Oh… And how did they help you control your ap... Ozaru form? And who is Luna? "Muten Roshi kept asking.

"Let's see... According to Arthur, Luna is a spirit of the moon, who is able to make me transform whenever I want... And the way they have helped me control my transformation, was to make me transform regularly, until I could control myself Oh, and Medea was suppressing me so that I would not be in an uproar... And over time, I get used to my Ozaru form and now I am able to maintain my consciousness in that way. "

Goku said as he thought about what to say, since he was not very skilled at explaining himself...

"Wait... Are you telling me that snake girl is strong enough to suppress you in your ape form?" Muten Roshi asked in shock.

"Yes, all of Arthur's friends are incredibly strong, and the truth is that Medea is a dragon... Like Shenron, but she doesn't grant wishes... Although I don't know why she doesn't grant wishes..." Goku answered again, but his mind I was starting to cloud after thinking about so many things...

Muten Roshi had been petrified at the thought, that he had tried to handle a dragon at Shenron's level...

Returning with our MC...

In the end, as in the anime, we had to wait at the last minute for the last 3 to arrive.

And in the time it took to get there, Almost all my beasts left my grimoire world to see the show.

Everyone was surprised to see them, since they all have a rather peculiar appearance... The only one saved is Bloody, who looks more like Goku and me, than a beast.

Hestia initially wanted to participate, but in singing I told her that no weapons or armor were allowed, and that the strongest opponent she was going to find was going to be at Goku's level or so, she lost interest.

The truth is that my beasts are a bit too strong, at least for now... Over time we will gradually fall behind... It's the bad thing that long-lived beings have, which also costs us more to increase our own strength...

Because in the LLS universe, neither the innate rank nor the sky rank are capable of exploiting planets... At least I think so... But later in the story of Dragon Ball, planets explode like balloons... and even children have the power to destroy planets if they want...

Goku himself, during his fight with Beerus, almost destroyed the universe during his battle...

Anyway, we will see what the future holds...

Returning to the current topic, Krillin, Tenshinhan, Chaoz and Yamcha have finally arrived.

We all greet each other, this time no one is surprised to see me and my beasts, since we met in the tower of Karin.

But, of course, Goku leaves the newcomers surprised by his new stature... And they kept looking at me with suspicion...

"And I thought that you Saiyans were a race of dwarves..." Yamcha said in surprise...

I hope you die sad and alone...

After a few more jokes, we proceeded to enter the tournament...

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