Another World Lls Book 1 Chapter 11

Volume 1 Chapter 11 Bloody Is Right?

What a difficult decision ...

Well, I have finished reading the description of the five manuals and this is a short summary:

The first is called [Cultivation manual for demonic beasts (Monkey)], in essence it is a basic cultivation manual for demonic beasts, more specifically for beasts of the primate race ... Although it is a basic manual, it is a good manual, but I do not think it's for me. The reason is that by cultivating this manual, I will be provided with a strong body ... that is, to refine my body with qi. Which in turn will cause my body to deteriorate faster ... So it's a no to this manual.

The second one is called [Evil Blood], the name is a little ... evil? Well, name aside, it's not a bad manual either. With this manual, you can learn various arts, magic and curses of blood, which some are quite powerful. I suppose I have received this manual because of my inherent ability [Blood Fungi] and my guardian beast Bloody. This manual will put it in the pile of possible.

The third manual is called [Authority of the demon king], this manual would be perfect for me, since it allows the beasts of demonic attributes to be loyal to you more easily. This would greatly benefit my inherent ability [to reciprocate loyalty], but unfortunately, it has a big flaw. This manual is designed to lean on the cultivator's lineage. That is, depending on what level your demonic lineage is, so the higher the level of your demonic lineage the faster you will be able to cultivate. The problem is that my demonic lineage is only low level high grade ... That is, with this manual will advance quickly to reach the peak level 7 ... after that, this manual will become the shackle that will not allow me to advance more ... A pity, but I do not think you choose this manual.

The fourth manual is [Will of the devil], This manual is basically a degraded version of the previous one, since the previous one also cultivated the aura and something that they call domain ... I do not know what it is for now. Well, to which I was referring, that this manual, besides cultivating the demonic qi, also teaches you some magic and curses that use demonic qi. Like the previous one but without the advantages and disadvantages ... This goes to the pile of possible.

The last one is called [Demon Asura], This manual is the refinement version of the body of the previous one. Besides providing a strong body, it also allows you to cultivate two pairs of extra arms, in addition to teaching various demonic arts. But as I mentioned before, I can not afford any technique of refining the body. So I have to say no to this one.

Ufff ... Although all are very good manuals, it hurts that two of them I can not grow them, because they will do more harm than good. And the one that looked better, has no future ... ufff ...

Well, that only leaves me with two options, cultivate the arts of blood or the demoniacs ... hum ... All the arts of blood, sound very good, but ... I do not know. That is to say, to base my future cultivation on a life-saving skill and on a guardian beast ... it seems a bit excessive to me. Also, I have extreme affinity with the demonic attribute, so I do not know if it will interfere with my affinity with blood energy ...

I think I'll stick with the manual of demonic qi, because although I cultivate the blood manual, my demonic qi does not disappear and I do not want to have a mixture of energies in my body (it already has demonic qi and ki, thinks that problem may arise if you mix more). That is, I will keep what I already have and what I know will work well.

With the decision already made, I raise my arm with the intention of selecting the manual of [Will of the devil]. When I feel a pain in the arm and which proceeds to move only from one place to another ... Shit! It's Bloody.

"Bloody! What's wrong? Why are you moving my arm like that? Calm down! "I said trying to calm Bloody.

After listening to me Bloody proceeds to calm down, I feel pain in my palm and I see a goop of blood come out that forms a ball ... Arrgg, did you have to hurt my palm to get out? Son of a bitch!

Ufff ... after calming down, I look at Bloody with a look that demands an explanation.

Bloody trembles a little and proceeds to transform into an arrow ... it is rare to see a red arrow coming out of your palm ... Well, concentrate on the subject.

"What's the matter, Bloody? Do you point something at me?" After a few moments, I understand what he means and I follow the direction of the arrow with his eyes ... And he points to the manual [Authority of the demon king].

"Do you want me to choose that manual? I can not ... Although I think he is the best of all too, with the level of my demonic lineage, in the end he will only block my progress. "I tell him, explaining why I did not choose the manual that we both thought was best for me.

Bloody again trembled and became a small ball, from which come two arrows which pointed to himself, as meaning. "Me, me."

After a few moments of thought, I say with some doubt "You say, that you can help me to cultivate that manual without suffering any blockage?"

Bloody trembles and undoes his transformation and becomes a gore of blood, which swings as if nodding.

I fall into contemplation, in theory a guardian beast is totally and absolutely loyal to his contractor, so I'm sure he's not lying to me ... But ... Can I trust what he says? For what you put on your page, is a blood demon (child), the problem is the term child. How much I can trust what a child says in its infant stage ...

While I think about the truthfulness of Bloody's words, Bloody himself, as if he felt my doubt, becomes an arrow again. But this time pointing to the grimoire, the grimoire as to collaborate with him, opens and shows me a specific page.

[Fusion (strengthening)]

As soon as I saw the page, something clicked, of course I have not thought of it before ... the fusion ability allows to establish a permanent pseudo fusion with a beast. This is more than just an increase in duration, it is an authentic fusion, it is not like the normal fusion in which you borrow the characteristics of your beast for as long as your body endures forced fusion. Instead my fusion ability allows both entities to merge into one, although both retain their independent consciousness, their bodies are one and the same.

If I have the ability to [Fusion (strengthening)] into account, then I may cultivate that manual. That is, although it is true that the level of my lineage did not increase, but being merged with the blood demon, which literally grows along with his lineage and is also well known for increasing the level of the lineage of the beasts that parasite.

While this merged with Bloody, I will not have any problems in cultivating this manual and if I happen to reach the limit of the Bloody lineage, I can buy an increase in level or rank for it. So all the obstacles have been eliminated ...

"LOL… "

After laughing for 10 minutes, I managed to calm down, by this time Bloody, had already returned to my body and began to heal my palm.

With my clear ideas, I select the manual [Authority of the demon king] and moments later, a ray of light comes out of the obelisk and hits my forehead ... I did not expect it, I feel the same as when I was a soul and the shop's menu of karma hit me in the face ... It did not hurt, but it was unpleasant.

While I reflect on my nonsense, the ray of light begins to weaken, until in the end it disappears. And suddenly I remember parts of the manual, more specifically the entry level and the first level of the manual.

The entry level is just the method of collecting demonic qi and the first level is ... Oh ... interesting, apart from teaching me how to bring that demonic qi to my core of energy and strengthen it, it also teaches me the entry level of the skill [ Crown of the demon king], which is the ability of aura that allows demons with a level of inferior lineage to mine to follow me easily.

Although the ability is called a crown, it actually creates a pair of crystal horns, which I will fill with the essence of demonic qi. The manual also teaches me to refine the demonic qi in its more refined version, the truth is that refined qi energy is not usually used, since it provides very little power increase for the qi that is spent in creating it. So it is only used for special abilities.

With my new knowledge, I enter a position of meditation and I begin to gather demonic qi ... which is fortunate, that this library provides me, since it is not usual for there to be demonic in areas other than the demonic plane or in areas where many demonic beings inhabit.

A couple of hours later ...

"Ufff ..."

I exhale a gust of breath, I do not even remember how long I've been holding ... hehe heh ...

I can not avoid being happy, since all my advantages have come together and this is the result. My crop has reached the low-rank peak of stage 1, heh heh ... Between the increased speed of cultivation by the manual, plus my extreme affinity for the demonic attribute ... Ha ha ha ha.

Well, let's stop for now, since I do not want to draw too much attention. Although I will not retain my cultivation speed, at least I do not want to highlight the first day of class ... because if I continue to cultivate, I will finish in stage 2 before arriving to class tomorrow. And from what I've heard from Marcus, he usually tries a week or two to do it, at least I'll wait to enter class to continue cultivating.

Hum ... I'm going to refine the demonic qi to cultivate the [Crown of the demon king] ...

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