Another World Lls Book 1 Chapter 119

Volume 1 Chapter 119 I Don't Think I'll Get In That Pool?


Right now I am standing in front of the stairs that lead to the fourth floor...

I am scared…

I don't know what's up there, but I feel that if I climb these stairs... I could die...

And in the case of a ghost sect, I do not believe that my soul survives to be reborn in my blood phylactery.

So I think I'll stay on the safe side and won't take a chance...


Now the question is...

What do I do with this sect?

Because the truth is that apart from some manuals, the rest does not interest me much... Also, that anything of value is under the protection and I have no way to access almost anything.

I'm going to call my mother-in-law, maybe she can make use of what's left in this place.

After having decided what I was going to do, I look for a communication talisman in my storage ring.

This talisman was given to me by my mother-in-law so that I could get in touch with her when necessary.

I activate the talisman and...


It seems to not work...

Oh, it's true, it seems that this subspace interferes with the outside. I guess I'll have to go outside...


How am I supposed to get out of here?

I leave the library and return to the area where I appeared when entering this subspace.

There is a kind of giant door frame... But only that, it is a door frame with nothing behind...

Turning around the door frame and seeing that there is nothing around it, I decide to go through the door frame.

And dizziness later, I find myself falling down the cliff...

Luckily, Nimbus formed around me and stopped my fall... I have to learn to fly at once...


Now that I'm out, I'm going to get in touch with my mother-in-law.

I activate the talisman and...

"What do you want brat? So much trouble to let you go on an adventure and you're calling me in less than 24 hours... "Shortly after activating the talisman, my mother-in-law's voice came out of the talisman.

"Err… Yes, well… The truth is that on my short trip, I found the ruins of a sect. It seems to be a sect specializing in ghosts, and although I have investigated a little, the defenses are still active and overwhelm me in strength. So I called to see if you had any advice. "I told my mother-in-law, who was silent for a few seconds.

"Are you telling me that in less than 24 hours you have found the ruins of a sect?" My mother-in-law wondered in disbelief.

"Actually, a long time ago I got a map badly made and only now I remembered that I had said map, so I went to look for the place indicated on the map..." And so I explained to my mother-in-law, what there was past.

"Wait for me where you are, I'm going to go there, to see if we can take advantage of this. If what you have told me is true, this could solve many problems. "

"Very well, I will send Nimbus to the city to guide you here... Remember, Nimbus is the yellow cloud." I replied to my mother-in-law.

And so, in a couple of hours, my mother-in-law appeared... It seems that the fact of traveling in the right direction helps to travel faster.

"Let's see brat, where are those supposed sect ruins, which you found." My mother-in-law said as soon as she arrived...

"Hello to you too... Well, the sect entrance is on the cliff..." And so, I showed my mother-in-law how to enter the sect.

After entering the ghost sect, my mother-in-law ignored me and went to explore the sect...


(A few hours later...)

"Wake up brat."


I open my eyes, and I see my mother-in-law with an annoying face, but with a sparkle in her eyes.

I got up from Nimbus, in which I was taking a nap, to pay attention to my mother-in-law.

"How was your exploration?" I asked her.

As soon as I asked, she changed her annoying expression and a bright smile appeared on her face...

F.u.c.k, this passive charm of nightmares is too strong... Luckily my body is not able to react.

"The truth is that these sect ruins are much better than I expected, although it is noted that this sect was in decline when I finished in this state, you can also notice that at its peak it was more or less at the same level as our clan of 7 sins. "She said very excitedly.

"If we give these ruins to the clan, many of our problems will be solved... Since so far I have had no luck in getting you good cultivation manuals... Those bastards of the pride faction, they are too careful with their manuals... They are the best in the Cultivation of the body, since according to them: 'To be proud of oneself, a perfect body is needed.'. Or I know that nonsense.

Ufff... But well, with this great contribution, I can have you accepted as a direct disciple of an elder of the pride faction, which will give you access to all his best cultivation manuals.

In addition to consolidating my position as the matriarch of the l.u.s.t faction… "said my mother-in-law, with a greedy glow in her eyes…

Ok... It seems that my mother-in-law has been having trouble maintaining her matriarch position... Well, I hope this helps.

Oh... Speaking of helping, I just remembered something.

"Mother-in-law, I have a couple of beast eggs, but I think they will take a long time to hatch... Do you know any way to accelerate their development and hatching?" I asked her since I just remembered the dragon egg she possessed, and I have forgotten the amount of time he has left to hatch.

"Oh… Ummm… I remember now! I think I remember that if you let the egg absorb blood or blood essence, of the same species or a higher rank. It will increase its speed of development and therefore hatch blood. "My mother-in-law said after thinking for a while…

Hum... That's not difficult, I can buy the essence of blood from the grimoire shop... Or better yet, I buy normal blood and let Bloody refine it, so I will save some points.

"Arthur, now that I have confirmed the value of these ruins, you have to decide what you want as a reward. Although I have already decided several rewards for you, there is still some contribution left for you to choose something yourself... So think about it. "My mother-in-law told me, with a serious look.

Hum... a reward...


"If it were possible, I would like to have access to the manuals that are collected from this sect… As you will know my body and energy cultivation are closely linked, so if I cultivate my soul apart, I can cultivate the three main routes by the effort of cultivating only two routes. "I told my mother-in-law, who reflected a little when she heard my request, but a few seconds later her eyes shone brightly

It seems that she has just realized how amazing I am... (narcissistic mental smile)

"I think it should be possible, although they will make you swear that you will not share the content of the highest level manuals." She said, which did not surprise me since it was normal…

If it weren't for these 'oaths', she wouldn't have had so many problems getting me decent manuals above the basic level.

"Well, let's get out of here, I have to report this to the clan. So you can continue your adventure trip… Tell me, Arthur… Do you have more treasure maps? "My mother-in-law wondered with a greedy look…

"Errr... No..."

"* Sigh * I guess you can't always get lucky... But if you get something valuable, let me know..." She said giving me a warning look as if telling me about the punishments that would fall on me if I didn't share the good things with her...

"Errr... Sure." F.u.c.k, right now I feel extremely conflicted with myself... I feel oppressed by her right now... You know, superior cultivation and all that... But it also makes me very horny... So it is a strange feeling.

Luckily, it seems that when I finally "consumes" my relationship with Lilith, I will gain great resistance to spells and charm abilities.

And with all that, we left the subspace and each of us went to do their respective things.

Although I did not go far since I entered my grimoire world to deal with both beast eggs.

Looking at one of the little spiders that approached me when I appeared, I said.

"Bring me both beast eggs." The little spider nodded but did not move, as it was not necessary.

After a while, Arachne came with some of his spiders that brought both eggs.

"Good morning Master, if it's not too much to ask... What will you do with the eggs? If I'm not mistaken, they still have enough time to hatch. "I wonder Arachne curiously.

"The truth is that I asked my mother-in-law, for a method to accelerate the process of egg development, and therefore I have come to try it." This egg is the size of a car, it's amazing...

Hearing my words, Arachne nodded and turned aside... She likes to observe things in detail, so she walked away so as not to interrupt my experiment.

Let's see... Accessing the grimoire shop, I make my request.

'Check the egg breed.'

[Do you want to buy information about the 'selected egg' breed? Price: 71659 pts, Achievement: E. Yes / No.]

Oh, cheaper than I thought.


[Race of the 'selected egg' identified as 'Earth Dragon'.]

Huh? An earth dragon... Isn't that the dragon that is more like an overrated lizard?

Well, although I expected something better, it doesn't influence me much.

Get turn a simple snake into a dragon... I'm sure I'm able to turn a dragon into... a better dragon.

Let's see... the price of the earth dragon blood essence is... 500pts / cl... And the normal blood? 5pts / cl... Wow, 100 times cheaper...

But as it is a test, I will directly buy 1 cl of blood essence... and with a thought, a small trickle of blood came out of nowhere and stamped against the egg.

I looked at it carefully for a few minutes... And I saw it... Although very little by little, the egg was absorbing the blood... So it seems to work.

"Arachne, call Hestia and Bloody... Wait, don't call Bloody yet, just Hestia." I said to Arachne, who nodded and fell silent.

Shortly after Hestia arrived, escorted by small spiders.

"Good morning Master, how can I help you?" Hestia said in an excited voice... She always has this character a bit hyperactive.

"Good morning Hestia, the truth is that I need you to use your control of the earth, to make two large holes in the ground for these eggs... One for each one, and make them large enough to fit at least 2 eggs the same size on each one. "I told Hestia, who nodded and went to work immediately.

A while later I had two empty pools on the ground, one the size of a large bus, and the other the size of a car.

Shortly after, I asked Arachne to call Bloody, which arrived shortly after.

"Hello Bloody, I will explain your work… I will fill two storage rings with beast blood, and what I want you to do is turn it into blood essence and fill that blood essence in their respective pools. The brown storage ring is for the large pool, and the yellow storage ring is for the smaller pool… Do you understand? "I asked Bloody, to make sure he understood his task.

"I understand Master." Answered Bloody.

Upon receiving his understanding, I began buying blood to fill both rings.

Oh... while Bloody was coming, I checked the angel egg race, and the purchase form was right. He is an angel of sacred light... It seems that this kennel has experience in that combination of parents...

And so after a while, I filled both rings, although the dragon ring was bigger, it was also of greater rank than the angel's egg, so I'm not afraid to overload them.

And so I left Bloody managing the two pools of blood... Making sure the blood didn't lose its vitality or lose any of its properties.

And with all this done, I went to the castle for a meal and a nap. Elvara was quite happy to see me... In several ways, since while serving me food, she rubbed against my body... Unconsciously? Let's say yes, it was unconsciously... She also offered to give me massages, which I accepted...

What's up?... I like massages... Besides that, she removes a little of the desire to rub me...

After my massage and later nap in Nimbus (The best bed in the world), I went to see how Elanna was doing with our little kitten.

She was very happy to take care of our new little kitten... I have to ask Bloody to tell me the kitten's genre so I can name him. Since I refuse to spend a point when I can get the free answer.

After that, I made a round of visit to the other residents in my grimoire world, before leaving to follow my mini-adventure.

Fun fact: In my grimoire world, my beasts have developed what could be called territories, and little by little they have adapted it to their liking.

My next goal is some dungeons... Since I am starting to run out of points and I need the points to be able to evolve the seed of divine lightning elements, in an authentic divine element.

So now it's time to spend several days of battles, blood, and gore.

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