Another World Lls Book 1 Chapter 12

Volume 1 Chapter 12 Will I Remain Deaf?


Incredibly inefficient.

No wonder that nobody actively refines the qi, since I have refined all the qi that can store my energy core more than 15 times and I am barely able to create a pair of glass splinters in my head ... It seems that I have put on a pair of ornaments on the forehead ... I can foresee the teasing, Ufff ...

Well, it's time for me to get out of here, because the alarm has sounded less than a minute ago.

Oh, before leaving, I just remembered the defective passport ... I'm going to try the new method of indirect invocation that has worked with my grimoire ... maybe it works.

Have ... how do I ...?

'Hum ... What universes can I go to ...?'

The next moment, a small plaque crosses my chest and shirt, until it stops in my palm ...

Shit! Arrrggg ... The invocation method of this universe is crap ... Arrggg ...

Ufff ... calm down ... Once calm, I look at the plate and as usual a menu appears. But unlike the previous ones, this one only shows a flickering image, of a crossed out battery ...

Are you telling me you're without a battery? Well ... I guess it makes sense, the celestial clerk told me I needed to give him energy ... Well, I'll try to infuse him ... nothing, I guess it needs a lot of energy. I guess I'll leave it for the future.

After releasing the plate, it becomes a ray of light and returns to my chest.

It's time to leave, I've been late ...

When leaving the library next to the horde of brats (of which he is a part), I look for Marcus ... At the end he found him in a bar near the teleporting plaza.

"Hey Marcus, I'm done."

"Oh, Arthur, if you're done, that means it's time to go back," said Marcus, who had reddened cheeks ... Have you been drinking since I left? It could be, since Marcus is in stage 7 and for someone of his cultivation it is difficult to get drunk, unless he drinks special liquors ... which I doubt that this place has.

Hum ... I do not know why, but since I saw that Marcus's loyalty meter did not even reach 10, the impression of this man is going down little by little ... I do not know why it will be ... I guess being the first person with the I've established some kind of relationship, I expected something more ... Ufff ...

Well, I probably will not see it again once I enter the academy ...

After meeting with Marcus, we headed back to the Crimson Dragon empire through the teleportation plaza. Luckily this time I did not get as dizzy as before ... Maybe it's because I started to cultivate or maybe it's Bloody.

After returning, Marcus and I went to the academy, since apparently they are going to do an entrance ceremony.

When I get to the doors of the academy, I see many parents saying goodbye to their children ... Ok, I know I did not want family and I do not regret my decision ... but now that I have distanced myself emotionally from Marcus ... I feel a little lonely ...

"The time has come to separate us boy, since from now on you will live in the academy and no outsiders are allowed to the institution in the complex. But, do not forget about me if someday you have great achievements, okay? Ha ha ha ... "Marcus said as he patted me on the shoulder and laughed.

And shit, old drunk ... I've been a week in your care ... more if we count the trip from the border to here, and you have not even reached the minimum of 10 pts of loyalty ...

I thought that, but I just smiled at him and went inside the academy, following the pile of dwarves (not that he was taller), I came to a large square where there was a stage with several a.d.u.l.ts of different ages and genres.

After waiting about 20 minutes, they assumed that everyone had arrived and the older man approached the center stage and started talking.

"Good afternoon, my name is Anthony Carmesí, the current director of the military academy of the Crimson Dragon empire ... Bla bla bla ..."

Ufff ... He has already started with his boring speech ... Well from what I have heard, the Crimson surname is unique and exclusive to the imperial family ... Well, it is not uncommon for a member of the imperial family to be supervising the future soldiers of his empire .

And after a long and boring speech, in an attempt to motivate bored brats (he being one of them), the director told them that if they trained enough, they might be able to do the same thing he did ... and then he started to floating in the air.

Well, although Marcus told me that once you reached the innate realm, you would be able to fly ... it's amazing to see it with my own eyes.

And as expected, most of the children were very surprised and then they got even more excited, you could see the determination in their eyes ...

Stupid children, if it were so easy to reach the innate level ... Look at that old man, even being part of the imperial family and being trustworthy enough to be allowed to manage an institution as important as the military academy ... He only managed to reach the level innate to an advanced age ...

It can be seen by its appearance, because when you reach the inborn level, you get an incredible increase in vitality, which leads to an increase in lifespan. If it appears to be so old, that means that it took approximately 400 years to reach the innate level.

At least according to the information that Marcus gave me, according to the maximum life of someone who has reached stage 9 is about 500 years ... By the way, Marcus says he is 142 years old ... He told me when I once called him old ... And his best way to refute it was to say that he was more than 100 years old ... Well, technically, it can be said that he is in the prime of his life ... Apparently he retired from the army not because he was old (which is what I believed), not because he injured his vital essence in battle, so he appears to be older than he is ...

Well, let's forget Marcus ... The floating old man slowly descends to the stage.

"I'm glad to see you all so motivated, now that the entrance ceremony is over, everyone should follow your respective classroom teachers, who will give you more details below." Said the director with smiles on his face.

After 3 teachers came forward and began to gather their respective students.

"The class B brats, meet here immediately!" Said the one who seems to be my classroom teacher ... It's basically a muscle cabinet ... Well, it seems strict, so it would be better not to make him wait ...

"Well, we're all here, follow me!" He said after looking at a piece of paper he was carrying, which I suppose would be a list of the members of his class ... Look, he likes to scream ...

Once we started to follow him and we separated from the larger group, I see that we are very few in the class ... It seems that what he hears is true, according to class B, it was a 'I want and I can not'. That is, class B is attended by those who can not afford class A, but refuse to go to class C ... Apparently Class A is mostly for the children of wealthy nobles and merchants, Class C is for the plebeians, only the children of almost ruined nobles and some merchants, go to class B.

Well, better for me ... I hope.

After arriving at an unnecessarily large classroom, for the less than 10 people (including the teacher) that we are going to use, the teacher stands in front of the blackboard and waits for us to sit down.

I choose to sit in the front row ... Yes, I decided to be the nerd of the class. The rest of the children are scattered around the classroom, only having a couple of people who sat together.

"Well, since you are all sitting, fill out this form!" He said with what I do not know if it is a strong voice or a scream, then with a wave of his hand, a few sheets of paper floated to each one of us.

I look at the form on my desk and read the title that says: [bequest form for beast B01]. I look at my form with a bit of puzzlement until the teacher explains what this form is for.

"You have to fill out this form so we can prepare a suitable beast for you to hire! Remember, this year's evaluation depends on how you breed the beast that we will provide, so it does not matter how many beasts or what quality I will buy your family! We will only look at what we are going to provide tomorrow, so I advise you to make a wise choice, you will only receive a bronze beast of 1 star! "

Ufff ... I regret having put myself in the front row ... it's going to leave me deaf.

Let's concentrate on the form ... From what I see are several questions, with a few options in which I can only select one.

1º What kind of beast do you want?

-Fighter. *selected*



-I do not care.

2º What kind of attribute do you want for your beast?





-Demonic. *selected*


-I do not care.

3º What gender do you want your beast to be?


-Female. *selected*

-I do not care.


The rest of the questions are nonsense, they are useless ... Well, let's put that aside ... I give my form to the teacher as well as the rest and when he has gathered all the forms, he speaks again.

"Very well, I hope you have made a good choice! Although normally in the morning there are cultural classes, tomorrow you will meet with Mrs. Lucia, she is the advisor that has been assigned to our class! I remember you now handful of brats, that you give him the due respect he deserves, as I learn that you are disrespectful in some way I will expel you from the class! "After making his point clear, he continues explaining.

"Although that old woman lacks a strong crop, her knowledge about the beasts and their possible developments and evolutions, has the respect not only of the whole academy. If not the whole imperial family! Another thing, although it's okay not to tell your secrets, know that she has signed a soul contract to respect the privacy of all students. Like all advisors of the academy, so do not hesitate to ask for advice on any questions you may have!

Ufff ... How can you scream for so long and not be hoarse ... After shouting a little more, it takes us to the residences of class B. We arrived at two contiguous buildings, which seems that one is for male students and the other is for female students.

As I said before ... Both buildings are extremely huge ... and in our class we did not reach 10 students (5 boys and 3 girls) ... I guess they built the classrooms and residential buildings for the three equal classes ... It seems they did not think the class B would not be so successful.

After telling us, there will be beasts patrolling at night, to make sure no one comes out at night, leaves us at our discretion.

Inside the male residence, the caretaker of the residence tells us to choose any room we want since the keys are set. But he also warns us that early tomorrow he will pick up the remaining keys, so if there is one missing apart from the ones we choose to live. There will be punishment.

And with that, I'm going to the top floor, to the last room. Haber if so nobody comes to bother me.

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