Another World Lls Book 1 Chapter 13

Volume 1 Chapter 13 Do I Have A Stalker?

Ding, Ding, Ding...

How annoying…

Ufff... I guess it's the alarm... I get up, put on my clothes and leave my room.

Once I leave the residence, I realize that our screaming teacher is waiting outside... and that I am the first to arrive.

A few minutes later the girls arrive in a group, mientra s the boys show no signs of leaving. Who was going to tell me that girls are faster than guys in dating?

After a few more minutes, some guys went out and turned pale when they received the teacher's glow.

While we wait and the professor's face grows darker, I begin to worry... I'm going to try to calm him down a bit.

" Um... Professor, you still have not told us your name. "

" Ehh! Really !? What a mistake, My name is Leonardo, remember how well! "He said when he realized that he was right.

Seeing that I managed to distract him, he continued talking with é l.

" Professor, how come you've come looking for us?"

" Ha ha ha, you see, I realized that I forgot to give you the address of the counseling room! "He said while laughing.

It seems that this man is quite forgetful... Well, since we are, I will keep asking.

"Professor, I think you said that today would receive beasts s provided by the academia¿Como they have handled so fast?"

" The academy is in contact with several beast farms, so it's easy for those in charge of the night shift, get them for the next morning! Another thing, you will receive the beast in the counseling room, so Mrs. Lucia can advise you on how to raise her! "

While we talk and the students listen carefully, some children leave the residence and, of course, receive a glow from the teacher. After a while, it seems that no more children are going to drop... the problem is that there are still 2...

The teacher no longer seems to mind my questions and with a dark face rushes to the male residence, so it seems that he will take action on the matter.

After a few minutes you hear a loud scream that looks like a roar and a few seconds later you hear screams of tears... it seems that the missing children have already woken up...

A few minutes later, you can see two boys half dressed, with a big bump each and tearful eyes...

The teacher remained quietly behind them, after they finished dressing the two stragglers, giving a last glow to all who arrived late. We speak to everyone.

" I hope this is the last time you are delayed! And since you have been delayed so much, now you have to run after me, he who is delayed will be punished!" He said with a wicked smile.

After finishing talking, he turned around and started running...

All followed behind é l, luckily I have no trouble following it , but you can not say the same for all s...

Well, in the end they all get to the counseling room on time, although some of them seem to be going out of their lungs... It hurts that the girls have not developed their b.r.e.a.s.ts, it would be a good show...

" Hump, it seems that you have all arrived on time! You, Arthur... No? As you have been the first to arrive, you will be the first to enter! "Said the professor, indicating with his hand to hurry me.

With all said, I proceed to enter the room and I realize that it is huge... It looks like a football field... and the big ones, not those in which children play...

" Ha ha ha, do not be surprised boy, some beasts grow a lot and so you can examine them first they will have to fit in the room, right?" Said an old woman, who was sitting in front of a desk near the door, apparently It's funny to see me with a stunned face.

" Oh, you must be Arthur, right? It's weird to see a case of atavism like yours... between you and me, I chose to be the Class B advisor, just to be able to meet you regularly, "he said after his eyes gleamed when he saw my tail.

Wow... I did not expect that someone so respected by the imperial house would show so much interest in me, the truth is that it seemed strange to me that someone so valued was an advisor to the academy and much less to class B...

" Ha ha ha, do not worry, nothing bad happens... It's just that a case like yours is very strange and I've never seen one like yours, since both of your parents were considered pure humans and the tests have shown that you are the son of both, Bla bla bla... "He said when he saw my frown at his previous statement, while he was talking about my case, he took what appears to be my file and his eyes kept shining as he reviewed the data... and I did not stop talking about theories and things that I do not understand.

" Hufff... I'm almost out of breath, hufff... Well, I do not know if you know, but your case has been discussed a lot in our circle of scholars... We have always had a doubt, we are not able to recognize that demonic beast comes your lineage... Do you have any clue about that? " I ask myself with bright eyes...

It gives me the chills when he looks at me like that... well, let's talk a little about it, he may help me somehow...

" Actually, they are two different lineages... One is from an ape-like beast and the other is from some kind of demon." I said hoping to calm his curiosity... I'm wrong.

As soon as she heard my answer, she jumped out of her chair and came running towards me to examine me closely... Anyone would say that she is a weak-looking old woman...

" Really? Do you know specifically which is the predecessor of your lineage? Have you awakened memories of your lineage?... " He started asking me questions one after the other without waiting for me to answer them... in the end I had no choice but to interrupt... no, we would never end...

" Excuse me, I think we should leave this for another time, since we're going to have a lot of time to talk about it... Besides, the teacher and the other students are still waiting... " I said, trying not to anger her, since the teacher already warned me who is an influential person...

" You're right, excuse me, I'm really excited about these issues... " he said with a slight blush on his face... Ufff... Apparently it's easy to deal with...

" Let's start with the official issues, see... Arthur your beast is in the box... B03." He said after looking at my file for information.

He approached his table and picked up a small box from which he took out a crystal... I wonder if it is an invocation crystal? I will not be able to hire her if she is already hired to the glass? After asking my questions, he replied with a smile.

" Do not worry, this is not a summoning crystal, it's just a transport crystal so the beast it contains is not subject to any contract. The difference between an invocation crystal and a transport crystal, is that the first is a pink tone and the last is a blue tone. "He said to clarify my doubts... the bad thing is that after continued, why was decided to develop a glass transport, generates l told me the whole story glass transport.

" Hufff... what a shame... forgive me for going around the bush..." She said blushing again... This young woman had to have many admirers when she was young, with that way of blushing...

After calming down, I held the glass in front of her, which began to glow a little and suddenly a small purple serpent appeared...

That thing m to s... mona small snake confused look around and after a few seconds I look and I was about to mona da....

" Oh, look how nice it seems to like you, it's a 1-star bronze demonic snake. She was born 2 weeks ago and she is a female, the way to raise her is not very difficult, since she does not have any special attributes at this moment, so with feeding her things of the demonic attribute you will be able to make her grow well. "He said while looking What I guess is the little snake's file. Then he looked at me and said.

" You specifically asked for a female. Are you going to follow the harem route?"

" Ehh? What? I chose it female because I heard from someone that they are easier to develop into sacred beasts, is not it? I said with confusion on my face, So here there harem route, Ehh...

" You could say that yes, the thing is that as we grow and get more wisdom, it is possible that a female beast falls in love with its contractor. What facilitates its transformation into sacred beasts, if not how would you explain the large number of mestizos, you yourself are an example of this theory. Although women can also choose the route of the male harem, it is not very well seen. "I explain calmly.

" Oh..." So in this version of lls, it has already been established as a development path... Hum... I'm waiting to see that other ways to grow have discovered, I'm looking forward to the beginning of classes.

All this being said, I stare at the little snake, which looks at me and wags its tail... How cute, I do not know if what attracts me is my extreme affinity to the demonic attribute or the aura of the [Crown of the demon king]. But... how the contract...? this time I decide to ask Mrs. Lucia, instead of experimenting on my own.

" Excuse me, but I do not know how to hire a beast..." I said, insinuating if he could tell me the answer...

" That's easy, you just have to invoke your grimoire and have the desire and the intention to establish some kind of relationship with the beast you want to hire, keep in mind that depending on the type of relationship you want to establish with the beast, it will be reflected in The contracting circle and the beast will be able to know if the feeling is real. "

Oh... so it is not possible to cajole a beast, at least not at the time of the contract, as it will be aware of any falsehood.

Well, let's see how I get...

' I want us to be friends for all eternity and to take care of each other forever...'

After thinking about what I think is my most sincere expectation, about my future relationship with this little snake. My grimoire begins to shine and a magic circle, full of what I guess will be runes of all kinds, appears and approaches the little snake. Which seems happy to see and feel the recruitment circle and proceeded to approach it by their own will, once they both collide, emits a strong light from the recruitment circle and both proceed to disappear. While in my grimoire a page begins to shine and the data of my little snake begin to appear...

I should give it a name... How should I call it?

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