Another World Lls Book 1 Chapter 14

Volume 1 Chapter 14 Can I Be A Monkey Forever?

Thanks to F1nal, for telling me that 'he / she / it' is not translated well. So from now on I will pay more attention.

This happens, because in my native language, we do not distinguish between people, animals or objects. In subjects of pronouns and those things.

And sometimes gender issues can be uncertain, if the context is not taken into account.

Once this is explained, enjoy the chapter.


Hum... I think I'll call it Medea, the mythological gorgon.

Who knows, maybe it helps to guide their evolution... or maybe not.

Just when I thought of its new name, the name section changes to show its new name, I guess it means it accepted it or not? I'll ask it later.


Name of the Beast: Medea.

Gender: Female

Level: 1 Bronze Star.

Race: Demonic serpent (infant).

Type: Combat.


A small common snake which has been imbued with the demonic attribute, because of the demonic energy, this little common snake happened to be a Demonic serpent of bronze rank.


Demonic poison lv 4 (lv 2 + 120 % = lv 4.4 ).

Allows the skill user to secrete poison from the demonic attribute .

It allows to affect with this poison an entities of up to 3 stars of rank of bronze or equivalent.

+1 to the ability to affect an entity of a higher star level or equivalent for every 2 levels.


When looking at its data I can not help but be disappointed, not by Medea, but because I expected more of my ability [ Correspond loyalty ]. After seeing the incredible improvement that I provide to Bloody somehow I thought it would be just as impressive as long I forgot that Bloody has many advantages against others.

From what I see, Medea has a loyalty between 60 and 69, which is incredible to finally meet us. Í knew that Marcus was a bastard.

Although now that I think about it, Bloody had several skills and although most of its abilities are necessary to survive, but I do not see that Medea has a skill called rectando or something like that.

" Excuse me, I've seen that my guardian beast , on a level similar to this demonic snake, has more abilities... and the fact that they are both childish makes me think that they are so different."

" Oh, interesting... Hum... Can you tell me what kind of beast it is? " Ask with curiosity.

"It is an infantile demon of blood" I said without worrying much about him.

" Ohhh... Really? " Ask with some excitement.

" Yes... ? " I begin to regret telling you.

As understanding my thoughts he laughs and tells me. "Ha ha ha, do not worry, it's not that they're too weird. They can be found in the demonic plane, so you do not have to worry about being exposed. What strikes me is that the old code given you a parent as guardian beast. "

" Progenitor?" Ask with doubts.

" Before explaining that, I'll tell you the difference between the two beasts. The demonic serpent is a snake with the demonic attribute and the blood demon is a demon with the blood attribute. Do you understand the difference now? "He said with a smile.

" If I'm not mistaken, you're saying that although technically both are demonic beasts, their different races give them different starting points. As the race of demons is superior to that of snakes, it is normal that at the same level they have some kind of advantage. " I said explaining my understanding.

" Yes, yes, exactly that. "He said happy to see that he understood her.

" The theme of the progenitor, is that the blood demon, is the origin of the demonic race known as the vampires. Vampires are very proud, so they almost never accept contracts and over the millennia have been considered a race on equal terms with humans and all other sentient races. Moreover, they have already reached a sufficient level to hire grimoires without having to be considered divine beasts, since for many years they are born as vampires with wisdom , so they are no longer considered beasts and it is an insult to propose a contract. " He said in one breath.

" Therefore, if someone wants to have any chance of having a contract with a vampire, he has no choice but to make a contract with an earlier stage of his evolution. But the problem is that the blood demons are not very useful... I mean until they evolve into vampires and become fighting-type beasts, they will be of a strengthening type because in themselves they are parasites and as parasites the advantages they bring are those in the long term. So with the little that a fusion lasts, it's not worth the benefits of fusion, "he said, his face flushed with lack of air...

" I understand, thanks for teaching me. "I said bowing his head in respect.

"It's not necessary... it's my job," She said, his face red with embarrassment... I'm starting to think that's the natural color of his face.

" What I find strange is that the old code gives you such an inefficient guardian beast... Did it also give you some inherent ability that somehow makes it more useful? "She asks me curiously.

Seeing that she has practically guessed it, I decide to tell him about the fusion ability and I see his eyes shine brightly.

" Incredible , a skill that allows permanent fusion... Incredible... " While I see that she is absorbed with her thoughts, I ask her how to raise Bloody better.

" Ehh? Ahh... yes, it's really easy , it only needs blood, I better tell the blood range better. "She says again embarrassed by daydreaming.

After talking for a while about my two beasts, suddenly as if she remembers something, she quickly asks me.

" Ahhh... yes, it's true, tell me about your lineage. How do you know it's two, instead of one?" She asks with emotion.

After telling him so many things, I decide to tell him a little more, it's not like she's going to hurt me.

" The truth is that I do not know anything about my demonic lineage, but I do have information about my beast lineage and it turns out to be a giant, brown monkey . That is, without a demonic attribute and without the red color or the bone spike, "I said in a way that seemed reasonable.

" Ohhh... Do you know the name of the monkey? There is much s giant monkey s... so if you know the name may discover some hidden skill. "Question with bright eyes.

" If I'm not mistaken, I think it was called... Ozaru and yes, I have an ability of my lineage. " I said pretending to think a little about the name, as if I did not remember it well.

" Ohhh... do you have a skill? Although the name of Ozaru does not sound to me, so I do not know what your ability may be. " She said more and more excited and as if not with a red face.

" I have the ability to transform into an Ozaru when I see a full moon. " I told him sincerely... Who knows, I may have a way to transform at will.

" With that ability of transformation, ehhh... It's not uncommon, many sacred and divine beasts have the ability to transform into what was their beast form at will. And it is normal for their descendants to have a similar ability, although they usually have some kind of time limit corresponding to their strength. But when such restrictive conditions are established, it usually indicates that the lineage has been diluted enough... " Explains in a dump of information, as usual...

" Ohhh... I remembered... " She said very excited, and went to her filing cabinets, as if looking for a specific file.

After a while, she came back with a token, and told me. "Although I can not give you details about who she is, I once worked with a student who had a lineage of an elf of the moon. She who, like you, could become a true moon elf when he saw the full moon. After much research, we discovered that there was a strengthening type beast, which allowed it to transform when I wanted. The beast was called 'Moon spirit', "she said excitedly.

I was also very excited, but suddenly I remembered my suspicion about extreme affinity and I asked him directly.

" Ohhh... That's complicated, one thing is just to have an affinity which limits your development with the other affinities, but it does not stop you from using them. But extreme affinity prevents you from using any other affinity. That is , in exchange for a better and more rapid development in your affinity, you can not use the others. If what you had It had been only possess affinity for the demonic attribute, though you would not have been able to develop r you another attribute not prevent you from using it... do not know if I explain. "She said with a somewhat frustrated face, because his great discovery is no longer useful.

" I understand what you're saying, it's a shame not to be able to use that beast, since it's not a beast with a demonic attribute," I said with disappointment.

After listening to me, his eyes lit up again.

" Ha ha ha, I know what to do, I remember that the person I consulted the last time about Moon spirit, also cultivated elemental versions. Actually it's like your little snake, if a low-ranking beast is infused with an element's energy, its descendants have the possibility of inheriting that affinity. I'm sure he must have one with a demonic affinity. " She said very happy to discover a solution.

"But even if we can borrow it to prove it . The school will not finance a very rare variant of a beast, which technically you do not need, so if it works and you want it. You'll have to buy it. "She said with a bit of disappointment.

" How much would it cost ?" I asked him to find out if he could allow me.

" Hum... If I remember correctly the Moon spirit was a bronze beast, so it was not very expensive about 2000 golds. If we add that it is a very rare variant... it may cost you 3 to 4 times more. "She said with a thoughtful look.

" Then I can afford it. "In the week I was with Marcus, I went through the bank to check the money I had entered. And it was a total of 47829 gold coins, so I can afford it, even if it costs me about a fifth of my small fortune. But if I can transform into Ozaru at will, it will be worth it.

" If so, I will send a messenger when I finish with your class, and if my friend has it in stock we will have it here tomorrow. And if we do not have to wait a month, until it is able to produce another. "She said very happy.

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