Another World Lls Book 1 Chapter 15

Volume 1 Chapter 15 I Am Special?

What a coincidence…

" Excuse me, it seems a lot of chance, that someone grows a very rare variants of low level beasts... What I mean is that it adapts a lot to my situation... I do not know if I explain myself?"

I could not help but ask, since this smells a lot to the armor of the plot...

" Ha ha ha, do not worry, it's not really that weird. The Moon Spirit are beasts of strengthening low level, but the truth is that they are quite useful, because when it merged with them you earn additional damage yin type. And the reason for the breeding of variants, is to add more elements to that additional damage, for example the yin fire or yin ice. And since they are low-ranking beasts that do not apply changes to their host's body, they cause little burden on the body , making it easy to join with other strengthening-type beasts. "She said anxiously to share her knowledge.

" Oh..." Even though it makes sense, I can not help but think that he's a suspect... Do I really own the armor of the plot?

We continued talking for a while and when I was ready to leave and give way to the next one I advised her Lucia stopped me, with embarrassment on her face.

" Wait, wait... I forgot... I have to give you your student card... what a shame. "

After telling me that, he returned to his desk with his face flushed... Seriously, at his age I do not know if it's healthy that all that blood goes to his head...

For a few minutes he was using some tool s and what appear... chisels? I do not know... Oh, it looks like it's over.

"It is finished... this is your student card in which your notes and your student points are recorded, m s later to tell you what they are used. Oh, I had to make some modifications... I mean you're a special case and special rules apply to you in some cases. "She said as he handed me a black card with some runes on it.

" Special? " I asked, this is weird...

" Ahh... I mean, normally students receive some culture resources, like spiritual stones or some pills. But due to your extreme affinity, most of the cultivation resources do not serve you at all, so in compensation you are given access to the demonic attribute cultivation chamber for 4 hours a day for free... The hours are c.u.mulative, but only within a month, if you do not spend them before the next month you will lose them. "She said explaining my situation.

" Oh... Do not forget, you have to splash a drop of blood on the card, to activate it. "

" Ok... " When I was going to make a cut in one of the fingers of my left hand, I see that the card is shining... Ehh...?

I see that there is a bit of blood on one of the fingers with which I hold the card... it seems that Bloody has learned to manifest itself outside my body without hurting me. Oh... the remaining blood back into my finger without a trace... I wonder if using the capillaries...?

" Ehhh...? Ohhh... That, that... Are you currently merging with your blood demon? "She said very excited... After a great series of questions, she finally lets me go when I insist that the rest of the class also have to come by his new beasts and cards. In the end he reluctantly lets me go...

Ufff, I do not know how long I've been in here but it will easily be more than an hour...

When I go out, all the other students and the teacher look at me weird... but the teacher tells the next student to come in and at the end they stop looking at me.

" Emm... Arthur, right? What has taken you so long? "Asks the professor curiously.

" The truth is that Mrs. Lucia, was very interested in my background... " I said ambiguously, putting my tail between the two so that he understands my hint.

" Ohhh... So you're the one that Mrs. Lucia was so interested in, the truth is that if it were not for you, we would not have the honor of receiving her advice. "He said looking at me with some admiration, as if he had made a great achievement.

" The truth is that after talking so much to her, I understand why you respect her so much. " I said nodding.

" Ha ha ha... You're right, I admire her a lot, I was lucky that when I was young and attending the academy. Mrs. Lucia did not have the great status she has now, so I was able to receive her guidance, and the truth is that I would not have gotten that far without her help. He said with a lot of undisguised admiration.

Nodding, I feel that she really is a great advisor and you can see her eagerness to teach others...

While I am thinking about how big of a teacher who is Mrs. Lucia, everything s heard the sound of the door...

We all see the student, who had just entered the counseling room... We all look at him with a strange look, which moment passes to me and vice versa... As if wondering , why the big difference in treatment.

Ufff... I guess I was not so interested in this particular student...

After the teacher sent the next student, an uncomfortable silence was left in the hall...

A few minutes later the student who had just entered, left the room without expression on his face... and uncomfortable glances fell on me again …

And this process continued until all the students went through the counseling room... What an inconvenience...

"Since we have finished here, go to our classroom." Said the teacher, so we all headed towards our class.

Once we arrive at the class, everyone sits in their respective seats... but I can notice that some of the students who were close to me, have sat in other seats further away, leaving a clear margin between me and the rest of my 'companions'... It seems that now I am suffering marginalization... And only on the first day, I know I wanted to be a lone wolf, but this is a bit excessive, right?

The professor, as if he did not notice anything, gave his speech. "Well, since you have all gotten the new beasts with which we will examine you, I will make clear to you the schedule that you will follow from tomorrow. First of all, classes start at 6 in the morning, so I want to see you all sitting here at the sound of the bell. That said, in the morning you will have, theoretical classes from mathematics, geography, history, etc. They will last until 12 noon, then you will have 2 hours to eat and rest. Then, at 2 o'clock they will start the afternoon classes that will last 4 hours and I will be the one to give you those four hours of class. "He said in a single breath... I know who reminds me, no wonder that he admires her so much.

"The classes that I will teach you in the afternoon, have to do with the combat, so it will take place in the training camps B. We passed them when we went to the counseling room, but just in case, here is a map. "And just as he did yesterday, with a wave of his hand, a handful of leaflets fly slowly towards each one of us...

I already said that, here the friend did not look like a history teacher, ha ha ha...

"With all said, you have the rest of the day free. You can go, although I recommend that you familiarize yourself with the different key places on the map. Like the cafeteria, and the training camps. "He said goodbye to the students, who did not need to think twice to get out.

Once everyone left, I approached the teacher to ask him some questions.

"Excuse me, professor. Can I ask you some questions...?"

" You just did it, ha ha ha..." Wow...

" Just kidding, tell me what goes through your head," he said after laughing at his "cunning" joke.

"Mrs. Lucia, has told me that I can access the demonic attribute cultivation room for free, but I forgot to ask if I could access today."

"Oh... Although I do not know why you have that kind of special treatment, yes, you can access from today. You only have to press your student card, in any of the doors of the demonic attribute and if you really have the permission it will open, if you do not have permission the spirit of the culture room will ask you if you want to spend points to use the room. That is already your choice, "he explained, with some skepticism.

" Spirit?" I asked him before the term that caught my attention.

"Yes, most facilities that need points to be able to use them, have an artificial spirit, which is in charge of managing those facilities."

"Oh... I understand, thank you teacher." I thanked him and went to the culture room. Now that I fall, the professor has stopped screaming... I guess he was also uncomfortable with the situation.

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