Another World Lls Book 1 Chapter 16

Volume 1 Chapter 16 Medea Is Hungry?

Go map shit.

It took me almost an hour to find the growing rooms, when according to the map they are 20 minutes away on foot ... and I have not missed, the indications are not clear.

Well, putting that aside, I've noticed that throughout the school they use some kind of expansion charm or something. Because when looking at the academy from outside, it looks like a big soccer field, but that's what a single consulting room occupies ...

It is the same with the facilities where the growing rooms are located, the building does not seem very big, but once inside it is extremely huge ...

After reflecting on how to optimize space in this world, I approach the reception desk.

"Excuse me, could you tell me where the rooms of the demonic attribute are?" I asked him, who I assume is a student who works for student points.

"Go down the corridor on the right, then again right into the corridor with purple decorations." He said without any emotion in his voice ... so bad this work can not be, I say it because I know a celestial clerk, who has gone through the literal hell ... I wonder if it's over already?

Following his instructions I see the corridor that indicated, in which there are innumerable doors, some have crossed bars ... I guess those are in use.

I approach one of the unbarred doors and press my card on the door, which opens without any striking light or anything ... I expected something more like when I went to the pyramid ... the library.

I enter and the room closes, I can hear the bars sealing the door ... The question is how to get out now ...? Well let's leave it for later.

I sit in the center of the room and start cultivating.


After about 4 hours, I hear a voice that takes me out of my cultivation trance ... f.u.c.k, who was going to tell me to cultivate hooked like that.

[To the student Arthur, he has run out of his assigned 4 hours to cultivate today and has no more acc.u.mulated. Do you want to exchange student points for more cultivation time? The conversion rate is 1 point for 2 hours, you have 10 remaining points.]

Right after listening to the message, I feel that the demonic qi in the environment has disappeared ... that stingy, do not let me scr.a.p.e a little more. Well, at least I know I have 10 points.

"No, I'm going out and open the door." I said, I've already reached the peak of the middle range of the first level ... If I'm not mistaken, people usually take half a month to a full month to reach this point. But as the advisor Lucia already knows my extreme affinity, I do not think it's strange that she progresses fast.

So I'm going to save my points for now, Oh ... it's true, on the map that the professor gave us, however defective it was ... There were some annotations in the margin with marks to show them on the map, I remember one of the annotations I mentioned that in some facilities you can earn points.

I open the map and look for the annotation and read it again. Oh ... Apparently there is a fight room, in which you can let your beast fight and if you win you can receive points ... But the explanation is quite scarce, so I will go and ask who is in the reception again.

Having decided my goal, I head towards the fight room.

- three times more than the time needed to go after -

At last I've arrived ... what the map shit.

I enter the room and go straight to the receptionist, this girl seems more alive than the previous young man.

"Excuse me, could you explain to me a little about how the fight room works?" I asked him with the best smile I could put on.

"Of course, in essence there are two types of modes, the private and the arena."

"In the private mode, you enter an individual room where you will find an empty space, so that your beasts can fight. In order to activate the room, first you have to invoke the beast you want to fight and enter the battle area, then in a small obelisk that is outside you have to put your student card and then the spirit of the fight room I will assist you in the preparations for combat. "She said without his smile faltering ... she must have trained that smile for a long time.

"You must bear in mind, that in order to fight you have to pay with points and depending on how strong the beast you will have to pay more or less. One very important thing is that you will only win points, if the beast that you defeat is of a higher rank than yours, either in rank or stars. If the rank and stars are the same, the cost of the battle will be returned, but if your beast is of higher rank then you will not win anything. "Um ... interesting, so it seems not easy to earn points here, at least not Many.

"The arena mode is not available until you are in the 3rd year, so it is not necessary to know how it works now, they will also explain it to you in class." She said with the clear intention of avoiding the explanation.

Detecting the hint, I go to one of the many doors indicated by the receptionist lady, and I enter one that is not blocked.

As in the grow room, the door closes when entering. Although the decoration of the room is different, this room has been enlarged, and there is a circle with runes in the center. There is also the small obelisk ... Well, we will follow the steps indicated.

1st step, invoke Medea.

When Medea appears, it looks around curiously, and then rolls up on my leg, as if wanting to climb higher.

"Wait, Medea, now we're going to train so you can not hold on to me," I said, with a smile to see how loving it is ... how cute.

When he listens to me it stops and then he gets off my leg, and it looks at me ... How nice and obedient.

"Medea, I need you to stay inside that circle and wait, after a while an enemy will appear that I need you to defeat ... OK?" I ask, to which Medea obediently goes to the battle circle.

With Medea fixed, I continue with the next step.

2nd step, interact with the obelisk.

As the receptionist told me, I put my card on top of the obelisk and moments later I hear the voice of the spirit.

[Welcome Arthur student, seeing that it is his first combat and that his beast is only 1 star bronze quality, you are recommended to choose an opponent of similar level. Indicate your rival requests and you will be given a price while waiting for confirmation.]

Oh ... how considerate is the spirit of the fight room ... I will follow his advice, although with the improvements in [Correspond loyalty] skill I do not think Medea has trouble fighting against higher rivals.

"I want the rival to be of the same rank as my hired beast, by the way What will happen to the corpse after the battle? What if my beast were to lose?"

[The corpse is at your disposal to do what you want with it, most let their beasts devour them. If you do not want your beast to devour the corpse, the fight room has the function of collecting booty automatically, to speed up the continuous fighting. In case your beast is going to be defeated, the combat will be stopped by force and you will lose your points.]

[A 1-star bronze quality beast will cost 1 student point, if it wins you will be reimbursed for the cost. Do you want to confirm the order?]

Hum ... if the corpse is at my disposal …

"Yes, but I would like to add that the rival is the demonic attribute."

[Changes accepted, confirmation received.]

Right after confirming my order, a barrier is activated around the battle circle ... Poor Medea seems confused.

Just then a magic circle appears on the other end of the ring, which appears a purple rabbit ... Is it that in all isekais, the first battle must be rabbits?

Medea seems to calm down when she sees the rabbit ... it seems that the lights disturbed its more than its enemy ... Well, a snake against a rabbit ...

Before finishing my internal monologue, Medea rushes towards the rabbit like lightning, the rabbit has not even noticed until the fangs of Medea on its neck.

A few seconds later ...

[Congratulations, for defeating your opponent, your points will be reimbursed.]

Hum ... well, Medea is more than twice as strong as it should be, but ...

After thinking about it for a few moments, I understand what happened ...

If this were a game and assuming that both the statistics of Medea and the rabbit, somehow were balanced, with the increase of statistics of Medea by my ability ... This battle is like comparing a battle between a lv1 vs lv15, for putting a example.

I mean that if all the statistics of both beasts were at 10, after the increase provided by my ability, the Medea statistics would be above 20 ... And being generous, if for each level each statistic increases by 1 per level, the Medea's level would be around level 15 virtually ...

Although I know that it is not exactly like that and that there are many variables apart, but in essence, among the beasts of the same rank as mine, the masses will always have the advantage.

While I reflect, about how broken my ability is. Medea realizes that its enemy has died and prepares to devour him.

Seeing that quickly I stop its.

"Wait Medea, do not eat it."

Medea stops with its mouth open and looks at me with puppy eyes ...

"Quiet Medea, I'm going to try something that maybe is good for you, if it does not work you can eat this rabbit and your next opponents," I say trying to convince its.

Although it looks a little disappointed, it uncoils herself from the poor rabbit and separates a little ... but it continues staring at him hungrily.

Well, let the first experiment begin.

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