Another World Lls Book 1 Chapter 17

Volume 1 Chapter 17 Does Medea Like Candies?

It's a half success...

In the first experiment, I tried to use the Bloody skills, since technically we are merged, we should be able to use their skills...

The result is that I can use their abilities, but I do not enjoy the benefit of my inherent skills [Correspond loyalty]. So I can only use the Bloody skills with the slight boost that the fusion skill gives me.

How do I know? Easy, because I've seen Bloody manipulate my blood and compared to my pathetic control of the rabbit's blood, I'm able to see the difference in skill levels. Since after a few minutes of trying to drag the blood of the rabbit towards me, I have only managed to generate a small thread of blood on the ground in my direction.

Once I have checked these points, I decide to ask Bloody to help me.

"Bloody, could you collect all the rabbit's blood and collect it on my palm?" I said as I put my palm on my back.

Right after, I see the rabbit explode in a cloud of blood which converges in my palm, forming a sphere of 6 or 7 centimeters in diameter.

Much more efficient... I look at what is left of the rabbit... there are only pieces of meat and skin dry and with the appearance of becoming dust with just touching it.

Medea looks at the pieces of meat with disappointment...

"Bloody, refine the blood as much as you can." This time I order him, since I see it is able to follow my instructions perfectly.

As I asked, the sphere of blood starts... Boil? I do not know, it seems to boil while it rotates on itself...

A few minutes later, I have a small red spherical crystal, about the size of my pinky nail.

And without realizing it, I have Medea coiled in the arm in which the glass is, looking at it with desire... after a while, it looks at me with puppy eyes as if pleading for the glass.

"Go ahead, it's for you." It seems that my experiment works. I thought that as in the original version, Yue Yang gave him the beast core of a higher level of the same attribute. So I thought that if I refined the blood of the beasts in blood essence, it could have a similar effect. And because of Medea's reaction, I think I've been successful.

After eating the glass, get an expression of delight on your snake face... Do not ask me how I differentiate the expressions of a snake...

Medea curls around my neck and closes its eyes... it seems to be digesting... I hope it does not take long, since I hope it keeps fighting.

While I wait to see if he opens his eyes, I will look if I have gained experience with this express battle. As if reading my thoughts, my grimoire opens up on the page of my [Commerce] skill and instantly the purchase menu comes out... Really...? This is getting weirder... well, as long as it works.

[Experience points: 5 pts. Achievements: None.]

The rest does not interest me... but, although it's true that the battle has been a bit quick... Ok, it's been instantaneous, but only 5 experience points... I would need 60 battles like this, to level my grimoire to intermediate bronze rank... Now I think so, it would not take long either, I think if I put it I would get it this afternoon.

Since I'm here, I'm going to look at Medea's loyalty points, to see if they've gone up.


Name of the skill: Correspond loyalty.

Level 1.



Loyalty list:

Bloody: 100/100 = + 600%

Medea: 81/100 = + 160%

Lucia ???: 27/100

Leonardo: 11/100



Oh... I did not expect it... Well, it makes some sense... To the advisor Lucia... I do not know her last name. Well, the advisor Lucia is very interested in research, so in a certain sense, it is normal to worry a little about me. As for Professor Leonardo... He really admires the adviser Lucia... Maybe she gave him some degree of concern for me... I do not know... Better for me, I suppose.

As for Medea, it seems that the best way to win over young children is candies... What a bad thing that sounded...

I'm going to find how much it costs to level up this skill.

[Level up the inherent ability 'Correspond loyalty' = 3000pts]

Shit! Damn, I'm almost sure, that with those 3000 points I can upload my grimoire to silver rank...

Well, it's true that just by increasing a level, I would increase the power of my beasts a lot.

For example, Bloody would go from having an increase of + 600% to + 900% and Medea in its current state, would go from + 160% to + 240%.

It's an incredible skill...


Ehhh? Oh... it's Medea calling me, it seems like it woke up. It seems that it took around 5 to 10 minutes to digest the blood crystal, Hum... I wonder if it would take much longer to digest a 2-star.

"Come on Medea, let's get more candies." I said to Medea as if it were a little girl.

"Psshhh" Medea seems very excited, and jumps directly from my shoulders into the battle circle.

I put my card in the obelisk and give my instructions.

"I want the opponent to be a 2-star bronze rank and possess the demonic attribute."

[Petition accepted, it will cost you 1 student point, if you win you will get 1 student point for the difference in level against you. Do you want to confirm the request?]


[Confirmation received]

Just as before a purple rabbit appears, but this time it's a third bigger, but...

The only difference is that it took a couple of seconds for Medea's poison to succ.u.mb...

[Congratulations for defeating your opponent, your points will be reimbursed and you will be awarded 1 student point for winning.]

As before, I ask Bloody to refine the blood of the rabbit and of course, Medea is expectant... But this time it is going to play wait.

"Medea, why do not you wait for us to pick up a few more? So you'll have for the whole afternoon and we will not have to be locked in here. "I ask Medea, although I can order its, I prefer if it agrees.

Medea is in conflict, but after a little thought it nods and goes to the battle circle without me telling its... It seems to like the idea of spending all afternoon eating candy.

After facing it to a bronze rank of 3 stars, the thing did not change much, only that I hold a little more the poison. But not enough to make any difference, the big difference came when facing a 4 star bronze range, it seems that there is a jump in quality between 3 and 4 stars. While the 3-star rabbit only resisted the poison for almost 10 seconds, the 4-star rabbit held on for a full minute, allowing him to counterattack.

I almost got something when I saw the rabbit almost one meter tall, biting viciously my cute little Medea, luckily it seems that the defense of my little girl is still strong enough. I only leave a few scratches on your scales, Ufff... thank goodness.

In the end he managed to kill him, but I was worried, I checked his scales and the scratches were superficial. But even so I've been worried, so until I increase its strength somehow, I will not face her with 4 stars.

After seeing the limit of its strength, at least in theory, I decide to test whether the scale of ranks is true. So, in theory, a 1-star silver beast is equal to a 2-star bronze beast... Although I'm not very confident with the 3 and 4 star levels, but hey, let's try.

[I want a rival of rank of silver of 1 star and that is of demonic attribute.]

[Petition accepted, it will cost 2 student points, in case of winning you will get 1 student point for the difference in level against you. Because the rank of your opponent is greater, the reward will multiply by 2. Do you want to confirm the order?]


[Confirmation received]

This time, instead of a rabbit, a rat appeared... Although its skin seems very l.u.s.trous to be a rat... I guess it is a breeding or something.

Luckily the scale is not very wrong, although hard more than the rabbit of 2 stars, I do not reach the 3 star. And the difference between them are only a couple of seconds.

In addition, the experience received is greater than even the 4-star rabbit.

Oh... The experience that I have received, is this:

1 star bronze range rabbit = 5 experience points.

2 stars bronze range rabbit = 7 experience points.

3 stars bronze range rabbit = 10 experience points.

4 stars bronze range rabbit = 15 experience points.

1 star silver rank rat = 20 experience points.

Right now I have 57 experience points... to 20 experience points per combat, I'll have to fight about 150 times, to be able to level the skill to [Correspond loyalty]... I can leave for later the leveling of the grimoire, anyway it's not I was going to receive no reward. Also, I have pages to spare in my grimoire, since I do not think I'm going to hire any beast at the moment. At least the academy seems to want us to focus on the beast they have provided us...

Well, I'm going to keep fighting the rats, Until Medea gets tired, I do not want my little beauty to get hurt because it's tired.

Although Medea is quite excited, especially every time it sees the pile of blood candy increases in size... Little Glutton.

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