Another World Lls Book 1 Chapter 18

Volume 1 Chapter 18 Medea Is Doped?


It really is amazing.

I'm still stupefied watching the pile of blood candy... since it reaches my waist, I do not even know how many... Stop counting when I get to 50, who was going to tell me that this cute little thing had so much energy. What's more, right now it's swimming in the pile of blood candy... it looks so happy.

Wait, maybe I can know how many there are through my points...

I look at my card, and thinking about my points, a number appears on it, 537...

Shit, seriously... Because in my current state, the rewards for defeating a 1-star silver rank rat is 3 points. But discounting the cost of 2 points of the invocation cost, the reward is reduced to 1 point, that means that you have fought more than 500 times...

Incredible... but... How does Medea have so much resistance? It is true that with the skill to [Correspond loyalty] it has more than double the resistance, and I suppose that its resistance recovery rate is also more than double... But even so it's too much, right?

While I keep thinking about the why of things. I see Medea in its excited state out of the corner of my eye... Now that I think about it... Is not Medea too excited?

"Medea... come here." Listening to me, Medea ran quickly and wrapped itself around my neck, looking at me expectantly...

"Medea... How many candies have you eaten without being seen?" I asked with suspicion.

Medea froze... It's amazing, a moment ago it was all excited and unruly... And look at its now, all frozen without moving an inch.

A few seconds later Medea under the head and look away... It was right, this little glutton has been eaten secretly, no wonder I had so much energy... This doped!

"As a punishment, I'll reduce the amount of candy I'll let you eat later," I told him impassively when I saw his look of horror.

"Calm down, you can eventually eat them all, but you're currently too weak. Look, you just ate a few in 4 or 5 hours and you're already showing signs of excess energy. "After listening to me it calmed down a bit... although his tail is still swinging here and there... Seriously, I'm starting to worry.

After examining Medea and even asking Bloody to see if it noticed anything, in the end Bloody somehow told me it was fine. So I stopped worrying and returned Medea to the grimoire.

At least, with this we know that in a state of excitement, Medea does not need to stop to rest to digest more blood pearls (without Medea around, unconsciously no longer sees them as candy).

Now the problem is... how I'm taking this pile of blood pearls. I used to have Medea fight with 10 or 15 beasts... but... Before I knew it, it got out of hand. I had planned to take the pearls in my pockets, but now even with a large backpack would be enough.

Oh, this could be a good time to try to buy an old code object, I think I have a good amount of points.

I open the trade menu and look at my points.

[Experience points: 10457 pts. Achievements: 3 E, 2E +, E ++, E +++.]

Ohhh... amazing, plus I've also made achievements... Maybe it's because of some kind of battle streak or something like that.

Haber... I'm going to look for a storage type object.

[Storage object], [Space storage], etc …


Calculating... success

Random object - pts = 150 ~ ??? and achievements = None ~ S +++.

Expand to choose a specific object.


It seems that storage objects are quite common, so I see the cheapest option only costs 150 points and without any cost of achievements.

Well, let's unfold the list, maybe I'll find something that catches my attention.

Oh, this is interesting... This one too... Oh, this is really useful for me.



Hidden storage ring 3m X 3m. Price = 650 pts.


A storage ring of 3 cubic meters, which once linked with its owner, will become a tattoo around your finger.


Plant storage ring 4m X 5m. Price = 1630 pts and achievement E.


A storage ring of 4m X 5m, which is capable of storing living plants, as well as lifeless objects.


Demonic storage ring 5m X 5m. Price = 3000 pts and E ++ achievement.


A storage ring of 5 cubic meters, which is able to collect environmental qi and transform it into passive demonic qi, can also store the demonic qi. The storage capacity of demonic qi is equivalent to a peak level 6 cultivator.


I think I'm going to buy that last one, since it solves my problem of not being able to cultivate with environmental energy. Well, it's not that I can not cultivate, it's just that it's extremely inefficient.

Like the ring, I am also able to convert the environmental qi into demonic qi, but it would take almost a whole day to fill my core and it would only take 5 minutes to spend in reinforcing it.

That is why everyone uses the environmental qi directly to cultivate, besides my energy core is small since I am still in level 1, so when it is level 3 or 4 it could take a week to fill my core with environmental qi .

Although it is not the definitive solution, at least it will allow me more cultivation time, at least as long as it does not exceed the capacity of the ring by much.

But... I liked the ring that was able to hide, to see if I can find an equal one but with that ability too...

Oh, it's been pretty easy, I just had to put in the search engine the name of the demonic ring and add the hiding attribute, right after similar articles appear.

In the end I selected a ring with a value of 500 more pts, but instead of becoming a tattoo, it becomes a mole on the finger. I think that way it will be less flashy.

Right after confirming the purchase with the purchase menu, a ray of light comes out of the grimoire and hits one of my fingers. In which a ring appears, followed by a little blood that I guess will be a Bloody thing. After binding it with me the ring shines and disappears, instead a mole has appeared on my finger.

It's amazing... Well, let's put it to use, I go to the pile of blood pearls and easily put them in the ring. It's pretty easy to use, I can also feel a bit of demonic qi inside the ring, although the conversion rate seems to be a third that mine... Not everything is perfect, right?

It's better than nothing, I'll treat it as a passive skill...

I still have 6957 experience points left... I'm going to level up the [Correspond loyalty] skill, because with just that ability, my beasts will receive an incredible boost.

After confirming the purchase and losing 3000 experience points, my grimoire begins to shine, even I am shining a bit...

A minute later, both my grimoire and I stopped shining, so I guess the process is over. I feel my pulse quicken, I guess it means that Bloody's skills have gone up.

I open my grimoire on the Bloody page and take a look.


Name of the Beast: Bloody.

Gender: N / A.

Level: 3 stars bronze

Race: Demon blood (child).

Type: Strengthening (Guardian beast).


A demon made of blood, which often parasitizes other beasts and refine their blood to consume and grow. Although it is true that it is a parasite, it does not harm its host on the contrary, it provides certain advantages to its hosts, so they are well received by most of the beasts.


Blood refinement lv 21 → 40 (lv 3 → 4 + 900% = lv 40).

It allows to refine blood in essence of higher level blood.

40% conversion rate

+ 1% at the conversion rate per level.

Reinforce the host lv 7 → 10 (lv 1 + 900% = lv 10).

By stimulating the blood, either increasing the speed of circulation, the amount of oxygen, etc. You can increase the physical statistics of the host by 20%. You can also multiply this value by 5, for a short time since the host would not be able to support the load, the specific time depends on the quality of the host's body.

2% statistical increases per level.

Blood control lv 35 → 50 (lv 5 + 900% = lv 50).

Like being made of blood, this ability is essential for your species, since this ability depends on your ability to move and attack. It is also able to help your host in different ways, such as: avoid bleeding, create different objects of the host's blood, accelerate the healing of wounds, etc.

Increase in the efficiency of blood control + 250%

+ 5% to the efficiency of blood control.


Wow it's amazing…

Oh... I've also raised a level of blood refinement naturally, I guess it's normal after refining more than 500 blood pearls...

Let's see the page of Medea.


Name of the Beast: Medea.

Gender: Female

Level: 1 star bronze

Race: Demonic serpent (infant).

Type: Combat.


A small common snake which has been imbued with the demonic attribute, due to the demonic energy this small common snake happened to be a demonic serpent of bronze rank.


Demonic poison lv 4 → 10 (lv 2 → 3 + 240% = lv 10.2).

Allows the skill user to secrete poison from the demonic attribute.

It allows to affect with poison a entities of up to 6 stars of bronze rank or equivalent.

+1 to the ability to affect an entity at a higher star level or equivalent for every 2 levels.


Wow, even Medea has received a great boost, now I think it would be able to defeat a bronze-quality 5-star rabbit easily... Although it would have to do some tests before trying to face its, a 2-star quality silver rat .

Well, I think it was a productive afternoon... Shit, I have not eaten yet...

Grrrrrrr! (Sound of an empty stomach.)

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