Another World Lls Book 1 Chapter 19

Volume 1 Chapter 19 Is My Pulse Quickening?

Poor Medea...

When I returned to my room after eating in the school cafeteria, invoke Medea to familiarize itself with my room, but when I invoked its, I realized that Medea was lying on the floor and was not moving...

After reviewing it together with Bloody, we realized that it was a side effect of the overdose of the blood candies (change the name of the blood pearls again).

According to Bloody it recovered in a couple of days, which does not surprise me. If it were not for his augmented capabilities, I'm sure it would have died, or maybe it would take months to recover.

But it's not all bad news, I've noticed that the price of raising Medea's star level has gone down.

The first time I looked at it, elevate Medea to 2 quality bronze stars, it cost 150 pts. Now however, it only costs 37 pts... It seems that with the blood candy will be able to level by itself, but I have to be careful because once you reach the level of 6 stars, you can no longer climb to silver quality.

At least, I think that I remember... Maybe it's different here, I'll find out in class.

If by the time Medea reaches the level of 5 stars, and not uploaded to silver quality yet, I will do so through the trade.

I'm really sorry to see it lying there... I'm going to put it on my pillow, I'm sure it will be more comfortable.

"Look what happens for being a glutton" I said as I placed its on the pillow, I hope it learns its lesson …

Medea, hearing me reprimand its, with all the effort it could muster, it looked at me with a sad look...

Ugh... How am I supposed to rebuke its, if she looks at me like that?

"Do not give me that look, I'm not mad at you, I'm just trying to learn to control you a bit." I could not help but soften and comfort its.

"Well, it's late so let's go to sleep." I said as I lay on the bed and put my head on the other side of the pillow.

"Phsss …"

Ding, Ding, Ding...



Both Medea and I woke up when we heard the alarm from the school.

"How are you doing, Medea?" I ask as I get out of bed and start dressing.

"Phssss..." Medea raises its head, but immediately goes back down... It seems that still can not move.

"What will you do then, will you stay here to rest or will you do it in the grimoire?" I asked Medea.

Without even answering me, Medea shone a little and disappeared into a beam of light directed at my chest... It seems that when the grimoire is not in an invoked state, I am the receiver... Also, it seems that the invoked beasts may decide to return for their account... Will they be able to leave on their own too?

Well, let's go to class, I do not want to be late.

Once I arrive to class, I see that the girls are already here, they seem to have come early, they are very diligent.

I go to my seat to wait for the rest of classmates and the teacher to arrive, which does not take long to arrive, and to my surprise it is not Professor Leonardo.

Oh, it's true, Professor Leonardo said he took care of the afternoon classes.

And after that, we had a boring morning, in which several professors gave us several level tests. The professor in charge of mathematics praised me a lot, but the rest of the students seem not to think the same as the teacher...

What can I say... Between the clear favoritism of several professors towards me (especially Lucia), and the fact that I am technically a peasant in their eyes... Well, let's leave these brats with their nonsense.

After the couple of hours to eat at noon, I head to training camp B, where I see Professor Leonardo standing in the middle of the training camp. Minutes later, the other students arrive.

"Alright, I'm glad you have no further delays! As it is the first day, first we will do a physical performance test, so start circling the track until I tell you to stop! "

With that said, we started running around the track. I am glad to have a saiyan body, although I can not strengthen myself more than usual through training, due to the universal laws that do not allow ki. At least it has given me a good base.

After a half hour of trotting, and that the vast majority of my classmates are out of lungs, the teacher decides for now.

"Well, you can stop to rest for now!" Then he came up to me and said.

"Very well done Arthur, as expected with someone with a lineage of beasts, your resistance is admirable!" He said as he patted me on the shoulder with a smile.

While the teacher was smiling at me, I could feel the contemptuous looks of my classmates. Which is a peculiar feeling, since almost everyone is lying on the ground while they catch their breath.

After a few minutes of rest, the professor spoke again.

"The rest is over, guys, get close so we can prove your talent with weapons!"

As he spoke, the teacher waved his hand and appeared... a small obelisk? What obsession do these people have with the obelisks? I see them almost everywhere I go...

Once assembled, the teacher explains.

"What we have here is a talent meter, with which we can find out which weapons are best suited to their body structure, I mean the shape of the muscles and bones! Although it is not 100% accurate, but at least it saves us the month of practice with different weapons, to be able to see which one suits you better! "

When I finished talking, the teacher made gestures with my hand to bring me closer.

"Arthur, you will try it first, so others will see how it works!" Ufff... I know you like me, but it seems you do not realize that you are pushing me to a solitary school life... Well, it's not like I care.

I approach the obelisk and I see that it also has a palm-shaped mark, so it will be the same as the one in the library, where I have to put my hand. What I do, right after it starts to shine and some lights go through my body to scan me.

After a little more than a minute, the light begins to disappear and a kind of hologram appears on its surface, showing several weapons.

"Let's see, what do we have here... Spear / staff, sword, shield... Look how good, the talented ones in spears, they are quite rare! The talent in the sword and the shield are more common, but they are good talents too! "He said with a smile, and seeming to ignore the other images... Although they're pretty blurry, I think I can see a... whip? Ufff... a picture of me dressed in leather has come to my mind... the bad thing is that it was not a suit for men...

Shit! Get that image out of my head...

"Very well, from Monday to Wednesday you will train each one of those 3 weapons, and from Thursday to Friday you will train a combination of them!" Said the professor. I guess with the combination will refer to 'sword and shield' and 'spear and shield'.

After having finished with me, the teacher called the next student and proceeded with the scanner just like me.

After finishing with all of us, I have to say that really the talent of the sword is really common, since almost all of us have...

"Well, although we have found out which weapons are best suited to you, we will not start practicing with them until the beginning of next week! The reason is that the vast majority of you lack the strength to be able to train properly with weapons, so until next week we will do endurance exercises! So run back down the track! "He said with a stern face, apparently does not like the poor performance of the class...

After listening to the teacher's words, most of my colleagues' faces pale... It seems they still have not recovered from the first impression, which they received from that little half-hour marathon.

After about 15 or 20 minutes, while I'm still running down the track, I hear the professor's voice calling me.

"Arthur, come here!"

Ehh...? For a moment, I worry, but after seeing Lucia next to the teacher I relax. Oh... there's also a senior student with them... because of their uniform I'd say it's fifth year and up.

Oh, yes, interesting fact. In this academy there are only 4 years of compulsory education, as of the 5th year, students enter a state of free study in which they decide what they want to study. In reality, students stay in the academy until they reach the age of 15 or reach a certain level of cultivation. Of course, in those years of free study, you need to show that you are progressing either in your culture or in what you decide to study.


While I think about my things, I approach them.

"Good morning, Lady Lucia, good morning to you, too, senior." I said greeting both the advisor Lucia and the senior student, who this last one smiles at me.

"Good morning Arthur, we were lucky and my friend had some young specimens left over from a lot that he sold recently. I asked Professor Leonardo, if you could skip this afternoon's practice, so that we could take the experiment to bed, luckily he agreed. "She said with a smile on her flushed face... Why is she blushing now?

"Ha ha ha, you do not have to worry, during this week we're just going to do resistance exercises! But this brat does not need them, so feel free to take it with you when you want for the rest of the week!" Said the professor with A smile, happy to help your admired advisor.

"Ufff... Leonardo, you have to try to scream less, one of these days you will leave me deaf." Lucia said with a slightly anguished face, while covering her ears.

Professor Leonardo's face paled and he covered his mouth with his hand, looked at the advisor Lucia with an apology in his eyes.

"Ha ha ha, quiet Leonardo who was joking, ha ha ha."

While Leonardo's face changed between several colors, in the end he established himself in a look of relief.

"Come on, let's go to private training zone number 3, I've reserved it for our little experiment." Lucia said very excited... and of course, with her face flushed.

"Emmm... I do not know if I mention it before, but it is possible that I can not control myself during the transformation and attacks everything I see." I said worriedly.

"Do not worry, for that and invited Alex here." She said, indicating the senior student who was with us, in which Alex smiled at us again.

"Here where you see it, Alex has a 7-star golden-range fighting ape, so he might try to contact you in case you lose control. If it does not work, I think it will be able to prevent you from going on a rampage, without hurting you. "She said with a smile to reassure me.

"It is normal, that those capable of transforming themselves into beasts, lose control in their first attempts." She continued with his explanation, to assure me that all this is normal.

By the time we finish talking about the things in the experiment, we arrive at the training camp.

"Well, we're here, so let's get started." Lucia said as she indicated to Alex with her hands, that he would do his part.

Alex, upon seeing his directions, summoned his grimoire, which is of golden rank. Moments later I see the aforementioned fighter ape... It is a very large ape, I guess it will be similar in size to the ozaru, although it has a fool's face. Apart from having arms a little more developed than it should, it looks like a normal ape, only very large.


It gave a roar, and then scratched his ass with a silly expression...

"Ahem... well, here is the invocation crystal, which contains the Moon spirit. Keep in mind that we can not let you hire it, until you make sure you're going to buy it, so first we'll do a test and if it works you'll make the decision. "

She told me while she handed me the invoking crystal.

"I do not know how to use an invocation crystal," I told him sincerely.

"It's easy, you just have to insert your qi in it and the whole fusion process is pre-programmed in the crystal already, so you do not have to do anything else."

After hearing his explanation, I proceed to insert my qi, into the crystal in my hand. Which shines and disappears, in its place appears a small flame with silver and purple tones. It starts to float towards me, until it hits my chest and after a few seconds it melts into me.

Oh... I do not feel anything, maybe it does not work, I'm going to tell... Oh... I feel my heart pounding, it seems to work.

After a few minutes, I begin to feel great pain throughout my body, while my consciousness begins to darken...

My last thought before losing consciousness is... Shit!

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