Another World Lls Book 1 Chapter 2

Volume 1 Chapter 2 Prologue 26

Shit! I can not even afford the first two, let alone the others ... Aarrrgggg ... Not all of those options are supposed to be given for free in web novels ... Shit!

Have ... think ... buy a random system and leave random reincarnation too ... No! First, all too random ... I can get a f.u.c.k.i.n.g system or a f.u.c.k.i.n.g world ... or both. Also, without the memories of my past life, that my desires serve me if I can not enjoy them.

If I can not buy a system, I need to choose a world that already has some kind of rpg system or something ... and get some personalized wish that can give me some advantage ...

Come on, let's go with that plan ... retention of past memories, to the cart; universe selection / reincarnation world, to the cart ... "Oh ..." Shit! Another window unfolds in my face.

It seems that it is the selection menu. As in the previous menu there is also a list of favorites, but these are constantly changing position. The most popular worlds are, of course, the worlds of dragon ball, naruto, dxd, etc ... many animes change their position constantly.

If I had eyes, they would have turned red when I saw the name of dragon ball, I had a fervent desire to select it. Not only because he was a big fan of dragon ball, but because that anime was special, was his first anime, introduced by his father and marked the happiest moments of my childhood.

But ... although it hurt a lot, I could not select it. Dragon ball was a very dangerous world and although with the benefits of a desire or two could be able to survive and be strong ... but ... as they show their pitiful points of karma, is not a man that stands out in life, I do not see able to improve to the high levels of dragon ball without external help. And the desires that could give me easy power, it seems to be very expensive, not even as saiyan, I think I could do it. There is your decision to seek a world with some kind of world system or something.

After a few minutes to calm down, I look around the menu and saw what I was looking for ... the search engine. Well let's add some tags to filter the worlds ...

[world system], [leveling system], etc ...

I put some more, which basically meant the same thing.

There were quite a few results, since among them, there were even some videogame worlds. But even though they were exactly what I wanted, they were too restrictive, for my taste. I am one of those guys who likes to learn all the professions and if it is possible to get more than one class or things like that. And the video game worlds that were on the list were too restrictive just one class either by choice or by race. And the same with the professions, so I prefer a world with a leveling system, maybe not as complete but less restrictive.

I went through the list and saw, a world that satisfied the requirements, besides that I liked it a lot too. Long Live Summons or lls for short. It was perfect, it had a leveling system, in which you could level up and strengthen yourself, when your invoked beasts won battles. Was there something more perfect? Maybe the fact, that it's a wuxia type of cultivation or something like that, so it's not uncommon to see people living for thousands of years.

After thinking about all the advantages, he decided to choose this world, but before selecting it ... I look up from the menus, and directed it to Mr. Dead Eyes, after looking at it for a few seconds I try to ask him some questions.

"Oh ... grr ... emm ... excuse me ... can I ask you some questions?" Shit! I really have to stop saying 'Oh' every time I open my mouth.

Mr. dead eyes, he looked at me for a few seconds and answered "go ahead".

"Umm ... have ... I have decided to choose the selection of a specific world for reincarnation, but I was wondering if it would be possible to choose another version of the same world and if possible how much it would cost in karma points".

After looking at it for another couple of seconds, he said "reasons?"

F.u.c.k! It gives me chills just by looking at me with those eyes, and if we add its flat tone and its scarcity of words it gives me a bit of grimace.

"Ahem ... the truth is that I really like the world, but ... I do not fit in with the character of the protagonist, so I would not be able to do many things, of which he is capable. And sometimes these actions are important.

Also in its story line, it does not just solve a problem, when another arises. Old millennial monsters come out of nowhere one after another, and escapes death by the hair. And if by chance I do not reach the standard of the previous protagonist, I would spell my early death ".

As usual, after a few seconds lag, Mr. Dead Eyes answered. "Accepted reason, there will be no additional charge".

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