Another World Lls Book 1 Chapter 20

Volume 1 Chapter 20 Battle Of The Titans Or Not?

(Pov Lucia)

Hum... there seems to be changes after the merger...

A minute later, I begin to hear the sound of a heart beating... Incredible, it seems to be working, I see that Arthur trembles along with the sound of beats.

About half a minute later, Arthur's body begins to expand... Oh, we forgot to prepare clothes with expansion charms... Well, Arthur is young... I do not think he cares if we see him n.a.k.e.d...

With the passage of time Arthur continues with his transformation, although it is not slow, it is not fast either... So it is not very suitable as a trump card, unless someone protects it while it transforms... Well, with its grimoire, I suppose that in the future it will not be a problem.

As I look excitedly at Arthur's transformation, I clearly see the differences caused by the demonic lineage in Arthur's transformation. According to Arthur, he would have to transform into a giant ape with brown fur, similar to the fighting ape that is scratching his ass there... What a shame...

Let's continue with my internal monologue, what I was referring to is that, apart from the red fur, bone spikes are also emerging from its back and some parts of the body. There are also some smaller spurs, I even see some bone plates in some parts of their body... It seems that it is generating some type of bone armor, but it seems to be incomplete... I guess it is because of its lineage being in a diluted state...

As the transformation progresses, I see that the end of its tail, which previously only had a bone spike. It seems that its tail has been transformed into some kind of mangual, although the main spike has grown in size to a great extent, so it still serves to stab.

In their hands, what used to be the nails, now have become bone claws a little disproportionate.

I see that a thick bone plate has appeared on his left pectoral, it seems to be protecting his heart... I also see that other parts of the bone armor are in other parts of his body, but it is not complete. It has a shoulder-type species with spikes on its right shoulder, but not on the left. Some bracelets appeared on both arms... I think it's the only piece of equipment that appeared on both sides of the body.

A partial helmet appeared in his head, which was still in the process of being transformed... it is quite rare, but very interesting.

Well, as I was saying, a partial bone armor appeared all over his body. And from what I see, it's not only to defend itself, since the vast majority of the parts of the armor have spikes and protuberances... That is, if you collide with any part of that armor, you will receive a lot of damage.

Finally! After a few minutes the transformation finally ended. What is in front of me, can hardly be related to the cute little Arthur (Remember, that Arthur is only 7 years old and that the saiyan have a rather childlike appearance until they mature).

This does not look like an ape-like beast, if not a bloodthirsty monster... Seriously, with those red eyes that seem to convey an infinite hatred for all creation, that fierce-looking face that would shake even trained soldiers... I myself am afraid of that creature... if it were not for the fact that I know it's Arthur and that I'm very excited about this experiment, maybe I would have run away... Well, maybe half a dozen protective amulets capable of withstanding innate attacks have something to do with me value…

What a difference in presence... Looking at the fighter ape with the face of a fool, who seems to have taken the situation with something more serious... And the... Ozaru? Yes, I think it was called like that. As I was saying, looking at the appearance of both giant apes... I can not stop looking at the fighter ape with disappointment...


After completing the transformation, the Ozaru roared at the top of his lungs... In fact, I am able to feel a powerful sound wave that emerged from the roar. A blue glow covers my body... Really !? A simple roar of this giant ape is enough to activate the defenses of one of my talismans...

Amazing! It is extremely incredible, what power.

After the roar of the Ozaru ended, the fighting ape tried to communicate with it, approached it with a silly smile and chattering... I wonder what it is saying...?

While the fighting ape approached the Ozaru, it seemed increasingly excited, and would even be able to say that it has a... perverted smile...?

Ufff... What an embarrassment of ape, I do not know how Alex has raised him to become like this...

While I give a glow to Alex, which responds by lowering his head flushed with embarrassment... The fighting ape came to the proximity of Ozaru.

Do you know how the Ozaru received the cheerful fighter ape? Punch in the face...

And not an ordinary punch, if not an enormously powerful one, the boom is only shaking the ground.

Another point to pay attention to is... the speed of the blow. What I mean, is that beings of that size, tend to have a slower movement speed than a creature of smaller size. I do not mean that they are slow, since the minimum movement of a beast of such size, is able to cover an incredible amount of space.

But the problem was that the blow was instantaneous... Do you know what it means? It means that a being the size of a small mountain, can throw blows from here to there with incredible power due to the power that acceleration brings. The beings of similar size that can manage to move in that way, are usually beings of innate level, so it is surprising to see a being of level... Eh...? At what level is he right now...?

With a special device, I try to measure the level of the Ozaru.

Ehh...? As it is possible... this is incredible...

After calming down, I study the data I receive from the device. From what I see, the qi in the body of the Ozaru has increased by 10 times, but not increased its quality so it remains level 1.

But... then... How do you have the power to send the fighter monkey flying? Oh, by the way, that's what happened. After receiving that punch the fighter ape went flying a few hundred meters... that shows the power that the Ozaru has...

Although the qi in the body of the Ozaru increased by 10 times, the quality is still level 1. so it does not matter how much you have, that will not earn you more power... That means that all that power comes from the physique of the very same Ozaru... It's really amazing, but being only physical power, it's difficult to measure the level of power that it possesses...

While I analyze the data, the fighting ape gets up from the ground and looks at the Ozaru with anger... It seems that there is going to be a fight between these two...

While both apes rush to each other, with the intention of fighting, I decide to call the little Leo (Professor Leonardo) to make sure that no more injuries there...

So I play a bit with the communication ring of the faculty, with which I can get in touch with any professor at the academy.

"Hum... little Leo, I think you should come... I think we're going to need a little help..."

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