Another World Lls Book 1 Chapter 21

Volume 1 Chapter 21 Will He Lose The Ozaru?

(Third person pov)



Both apes roared at each other as they lashed out at each other, but due to the much greater mobility of the Ozaru, it reached and attacked first causing the fighting ape to fall on its back.

Seeing the ape lying on the ground, Ozaru jumped on it and began to beat it with brutality. But the fighting ape did not get his name for anything, as it tried to defend himself against the brutal blows of the Ozaru with his left arm. His right arm began to swell until it reached more than double its size, when apparently the right arm reached its maximum size, hit the Ozaru's ribs sending it flying by the side.

This time it's the fighting ape who jumped on the Ozaru with the intention of getting revenge, but before it started hitting his opponent...


The fighting ape roared in pain, apparently while the fighter ape rejoiced over his small victory, the Ozaru used his tail full of bony spikes to viciously hit the back of the fighting ape.

This attack not only caused the fighter ape a lot of pain, but because some of the spikes had a hook effect and they ripped whole pieces of flesh from the ape's back, the ape began to bleed profusely.

What the fierce ape did not realize was that all the blood that was losing rapidly evaporated and a thin red haze began to form, this almost unnoticeable haze was little by little towards the few wounds of the Ozaru... It seems that Bloody is starting to collect blood from the fighting ape, but because it is not strong enough, it is not able to draw blood from the ape's body. So you can only choose to collect the blood that had already leaked out of your body.

Taking advantage of the moment of carelessness caused by the pain, the Ozaru stabbed his new and sharp claws into his ribs, causing the ape to roar even more in pain.

While the Ozaru enjoyed the agony it inflicted on his enemy, it received a powerful and vicious goring in his side. Luckily, the muzzle hit a piece of bone armor, which fractured but did not break. This blow sent flying to the Ozaru again.

Apparently, while the Ozaru and the fighting ape were fighting (not to say 'while the Ozaru viciously mistreated the fighting ape'), Alex worried to invoke more beasts to support his ape.

The one that hit the Ozaru at this time, was a kind of giant rhinoceros, although a little smaller than both apes. The skin of the rhinoceros had a metallic l.u.s.ter and its horn was a bit big for its head, in addition it had 6 legs instead of 4.

While the Ozaru was rolling on the ground due to the blow, many vines came out of the ground around it and tried to tie it and leave it fixed to the ground.

But of course it did not work, with a few pulls it broke free of the vines and lashed out at the little green weasel, who apparently had the skill to control the vegetation. The green weasel fled immediately, seeing the mountain of an ape that was the Ozaru, charging towards him.

The rhinoceros tried to intercept the Ozaru, with one of its charges, with the clear intention of sending the Ozaru flying again.

But with the knowledge that he had more than one enemy, the Ozaru would no longer abandon wars by focusing on a single enemy, so as soon as it realized that the rhinoceros was charging towards him, it prepared to counterattack.

Just when it seemed that the rhinoceros would collide with the Ozaru, the latter moved slightly to dodge the load. But that was not all, just when the rhinoceros passed in front of the Ozaru, he grabbed it by the horn and with all the strength that it had, it threw it into the air.

And unknown to everyone, we do not know if it was planned or not, since the trajectory was a little strange... In short, the flying rhinoceros landed on the wounded fighter ape, which was recovering with the help of one of the contracted beasts of Alex .

Alex at this moment had a look of despair... He accepted the job of helping the famous advisor Lucia, since not only would be able to become known to Lucia, but they also paid him enough student points...

But look at it now... his fighting ape was seriously injured and now he is half dead, due to the impact. His golden rhinoceros is not much better, since his internal organs have suffered severe damage due to the impact against the fighting ape... in a way he had some luck. That is, if the golden rhinoceros had hit the ground, it would have vomited all its internal organs and died in the process, so falling on the seriously wounded ape saved its life.

His two remaining beasts... the wooden weasel was being chased by the Ozaru, while fleeing for his life, the little weasel cried for help...

The last beast he had left was his healing beast that was a deer with white fur, called a sacred deer... (Very original, eh) Which was quite frustrated, since all the work that the deer did on the fighting ape, was he was in a mess... Now it's even in a worse state, and it tried hard to keep him alive... unfortunately it could not help the rhinoceros right now so it could only let it suffer on top of the fighting ape... Yes, the golden rhinoceros was still on top of the fighter ape...

Apparently, the sacred deer warned him not to undo the invocation of the rhinoceros... apparently both beasts had entered a state in which if any of them were removed, the injuries of both beasts would worsen greatly... So I could only leave them there …

While Alex's despair increased, finally a glimmer of hope shone in his eyes... Professor Leonardo had arrived.

"Good afternoon, Mrs. Lucia, I can help you!" Leonardo said, apparently not noticing the seriously injured beasts... or simply did not care.

"Well, you see, we apparently underestimated the transformation of little Arthur... For what would be helpful, if you could hold it without causing harm..." Lucia said embarrassed... I was so excited by the experiment that I do not prepare enough security measures...

"Oh..." Professor Leonardo, I look at the transformed Arthur, who is currently chasing the wooden weasel.

"So far I have shown a force between level 6 and 7, so that you as level 8 peak, you should be able to subdue it without causing damage," said the advisor Lucia, while emphasizing the part of not causing harm, so that Leonardo caught the hint.

Without saying anything else, Leonardo summoned his grimoire that was of platinum rank and merged with two strengthening type beasts. A drake of the earth, which greatly increases its strength and defense, and a condor of the storm, which greatly increased its speed and gives it the ability to fly.

Upon completion of the merger, Leonardo had grown to 2 meters and a half in height and seemed to have a brown stone armor, also appeared a pair of green wings on his back.

Ready for battle, Leonardo takes off and charges towards the Ozaru from the air. In an attempt to finish the battle quickly, he made a furtive attack aimed at the nape of the Ozaru, with the clear intention of knocking him out.

The sneak attack was successful, which caused the Ozaru to roll forward, but unfortunately it was not enough to render him unconscious.

After rising from the ground, the Ozaru sought out his new enemy, finally found Leonardo fluttering around it.

Upon discovering his new enemy, the Ozaru charged towards it, and tried to hit it with his fists and tail. But although it was considered very fast for its size, it was not yet capable of competing with someone of a higher level than its speed, so all its attacks failed.

Leonardo, seeing that the Ozaru could not hit him, began to attack it. More concretely, he began attacking his joints with the intention of immobilizing it and preventing him from attacking.

After 10 minutes, you can see the Ozaru quite beaten, several parts of the bone armor that had been broken and only the parts that were connected to the body of the Ozaru were left.

The Ozaru seeing that he was going to lose, gave a powerful roar. After that roar, changes began to occur in the ozaru, which made it seem more threatening. His already red hair got a somewhat sinister glow, the little skin that had exposed reddened slightly and finally his body began to emit enough heat, the heat was so high that the air was deformed around him.

Professor Leonardo obviously noticed the changes in the Ozaru, but he did not care much, he had almost defeated him once. These are the last fights of a beast, at least he thought, until he received a smack that sent him crashing to the ground.

Everyone was surprised to see the clear increase in the power of the Ozaru, although they were not sure it seems that with the skill they just used their strength almost doubles...

But what they do not know, is that this is actually Bloody's ability. Bloody has the ability to strengthen its host, with its current capacity Bloody can increase the physical attributes of its host by 20%, but this ability also has an overload function. When activating the overload this increase is multiplied by 5, which leads to an increase of 100%, and if we subtract 20% from before this leaves us with an increase of 80%.

After leaving the hole that he had created to hit the ground, Leonardo looked seriously at the Ozaru, that hit before, although it did not hurt much thanks to his stone armor still hurt him a little.

So he decided to take this matter more seriously. And so they both fought each other again.

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