Another World Lls Book 1 Chapter 22

Volume 1 Chapter 22 Is Anger Contagious?

(Lucia pov)

Ufff... this is getting out of control, it's been more than half an hour since the Ozaru used that technique to raise his power, and the battle continues.

The problem is that the little Leo does not want to hurt too much the little Arthur, so he can not use all his strength, which brings us to this dead point.

I do not think that the extended use of this technique that increases power, is good in the long term... I think I will ask for help again.

"Ahem... deputy director, we have a problem in private training camp 3, I would like to ask you to come and lend us a hand. I have already asked for help from Professor Leonardo, but he is not able to take care of the situation without harming the student, so I ask for your help. "I said through the faculty ring, hoping that the assistant principal was free.

"Um... okay, I'll be here soon," the deputy director answered through the ring.

Ufff... we were lucky, the vice president apparently was free at this time. It must be taken into account that the deputy director is actually the strongest expert in the academy, since his cultivation has reached level 5 innate. Although the director is also an innate, but only a level 1, the reason he was given the position of director is because of his affectionate grandfather aspect. Apparently that makes the students feel relaxed, or something like that.


"AAHHHHH...!" I screamed in fright, apparently while I was thinking about my things the deputy director had already arrived.

"Sorry, deputy director, I was thinking about my things and..." I said while I apologized, what a shame...

"Ufff... nothing's wrong, tell me what's going on here," he said while sighing, looking a little tired. I wonder why?

"You see, the problem is that we underestimated the abilities of little Arthur during his transformation, so we are not able to put him under control without hurting him." I said with embarrassment, the truth is that I get very excited with this experiment, so that does not prepare all the appropriate security measures... What a shame.

The deputy director raises an eyebrow, apparently realizing my lack of preparation... In the end he just sighs and watches the battle of the Ozaru with little Alex.

After watching them for a few moments, suddenly disappears and you can hear a boom, which I look at in the direction of the sound.

Apparently the deputy director appeared behind the Ozaru and hit him on the back of the head with the hope of knocking him unconscious, but... I do not think it works. Although in theory the people who can transform themselves return to their original state when losing consciousness, Arthur has been transformed through with the help of fusion with a beast, so it will not return to its original state until the fusion ends...

The problem is that with his skill, which allows him to maintain the state of fusion permanently... So it does not serve to leave him unconscious to cancel the fusion.

But, as dictated by the contract of the soul that signs, I can not tell anyone or anyone the skills of a student I advise... Oh, look, it seems that it will not be necessary. Apparently, the Ozaru has some kind of resistance against the loss of knowledge (It's actually Bloody, which with some tricks is able to keep him awake).

When looking face down on the ground, the Ozaru tried to get up. But the deputy director did not allow it, so he keeps it on the ground by using his innate qi. In an attempt to get up, the Ozaru tries to move the earth around him, but it does not work.

"Deputy Director, let's try to keep him in that state, since he seems to be resistant to the loss of knowledge. And hit him more, could cause him severe damage. "I told him to stop trying to knock him out, as it will not help.

The deputy director looks at me for a moment, and finally agrees... Ufff, the truth is that I understand why they put the director as face to the public of the academy, this guy gives chills... Although I heard that he is very nice.

Thirty minutes later…

Hum... it seems that this wait does not work... and the deputy director seems a little impatient. Maybe he has things to do, there has to be some way to accelerate this...

"Oh, vice principal, I'm going to call Mrs. Andrea. I think she'll be able to help, because with his psychological trauma treatment skills, I think she'll be able to help us wake Arthur up, "I told the assistant principal, as I concentrated on my faculty ring.

"Andrea, the deputy director and I are dealing with a matter in which we could use your help, it would be great if you could come." I told Dr. Andrea, she is in charge of curing the students who get some kind of help. of mental trauma, either due to the loss of one of their beasts, or some personal trauma. You would be surprised what impacts the minds of students, losing a beast with which they have lived for years.

After 10 minutes Dr. Andrea appears.

She looks a little surprised when she sees a giant ape in a hole almost 20 meters deep, that's another thing, after almost an hour of being stuck in a big hole.

"Thanks for coming Andrea, we need you to try to awaken the consciousness of student Arthur, who has transformed into this giant ape," I told Dr. Andrea, explaining the situation.

"Oh I understand. Leave me space, I need to get closer to your head. "She said as he approached the head of the Ozaru.

The Ozaru does not seem to take well the approach of the new guest, so when she got close enough, opened his mouth and gave a roar at the top of his lungs.

Oh... I really did not expect this. Who was going to tell me, that I would send Dr. Andrea flying with a roar?

The deputy director also seems surprised...

After landing about 5 meters and roll a little, she gets up with a red face... The truth is that we were all caught by surprise, the strength of the roar was not enough to cause any harm, but as I did not expect it she could avoid flying.

While we all try to act as if nothing had happened, Dr. Andrea returns to approach the head of the Ozaru, but this time Andrea is more attentive. In addition the deputy director makes sure that the Ozaru can not move any part of his body.

Upon reaching the front of the Ozaru's head, Andrea puts her hands on her temples and closes her eyes. Soon after, a light blue energy begins to emerge from Andrea's forehead. This energy extends from the forehead of Andrea to the forehead of the Ozaru, this is a technique that allows mental communication, more specifically with the subconscious of the target.

A few minutes later, Andrea's face starts to change... it seems that it is not going very well. With the passage of time, Andrea's face begins to writhe in extreme anger and hatred, it seems that she is being influenced by the feelings of the Ozaru...

After about 5 minutes things seem to improve a little, apparently Andrea has managed to contact Arthur, since the expressions of both Andrea and the Ozaru have improved a lot.

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