Another World Lls Book 1 Chapter 23

Volume 1 Chapter 23 Am I Going To Be A Stallion?

(Andrea pov)

What a nuisance as a child.

Look that embarrass me like that... What a shame, thank goodness that only the deputy director and Mrs. Lucia have seen me (Alex left after the arrival of Professor Leonardo and the latter is resting at a distance). I would rather die than allow this incident to spread, luckily they both know how to handle these issues and the child monkey is not aware.

Ufff... Well, let's go back to work.

After using my immersion technique in the subconscious, my consciousness becomes blurred, in a few seconds I recover consciousness. But my environment has changed, I am in a dark place, I am actually in the mental landscape of the child.

Although it is a bit weird that this all dark and empty, I mean that normally someone's mental landscape is usually somewhere in which they are safe or aspire to possess. While I search for the child in this empty place, I see a red light in the distance, as I approach the child with him.

No wonder he has entered into a commotion, since the child is locked in some kind of red sphere, I guess his mental landscape is also locked with him.

"Child, boy, wake up!" Shit, I forgot to ask the name of the brat to Mrs. Lucia, it would be easier to wake him up if I called him by his name.

After trying to call him for a few minutes, I see that it is impossible, if it were so easy, they would not have called me.

I have no choice but to interact directly with him.

I approach the red sphere that contains the brat, and little by little I touch it with my right hand, to see if I can cross it to try to touch the boy.


I start to scream when rage and anger corrode inside and cloud my mind, I can not think of anything but the things that provoke anger or anger.

After a while, I feel a tremor in my soul that pulls me out of my trance. Luckily, the little Mr. mustache has helped me wake up (Mr. mustache is his guardian beast, a cat-like beast with skills related to the soul, usually sleeps in his soul to protect it from any attack on the soul).

After helping me wake up from my trance, the Mr. mustache leaves my soul and manifests in the mental landscape of the brat. The mustache man looks at the red sphere as it moves around it, after finishing analyzing it, it stands in front of me and speaks to me.

"Master-Nya, this human...? This entity is locked in a huge mass of negative emotions-Nya, you can not touch it lightly-Nya, "It said as it combed his cute mustache.

"Hmpf, I just got caught by surprise, since it's the first time I've seen a case like this." I said trying to keep some pride.

Mr. mustache gave me a look of 'Sure... what you say'.

"Well, putting that aside, we have to awaken the brat in some way," I said, changing the subject.

Mr. mustaches seems to think about it for a while, and then he tells me his plan.

"Although it may be a bit difficult for you, the best I can do is tear a lot of the sphere of negative emotions, in which you have to rush to get it out of the sphere.

I can not directly eliminate the sphere since the child is directly submerged in it, so if my attack gets too close to the child it could damage his soul. So you will have to endure the influence of the negative emotions of the sphere, but it will not be as before, since they will be diluted by my attack.

But you have to be quick, as it will regenerate quickly and as it encloses you inside, I can not even help you. "Mr. mustaches said as he looked at me seriously.

Ufff, think about going back to the state I was in when I touched that sphere...

"Ufff... Come on, let's do it, it's my job anyway..." I said with resignation.

That said, we both prepare.

The Mr. mustaches approaches the sphere and raises one of his adorable front legs, which begins to shine in a clear blue glow. Seeing that it prepares his attack, I also prepare to take the brat out.

Seeing that I am ready, the Mr. mustaches jumps towards the sphere and with a 'Zaaff', a huge claw made of energy hits the red sphere. Making almost a third of the sphere disappear, which immediately begins to return to its original state.

Shit! How fast

I charge forward and insert my arm into what is left of the sphere, immediately my mind fills with negative emotions, but as the gentleman said mustaches are much weaker.

Keeping my mind focused, I go deep into the sphere and get to grab the boy by his tail. Fortunately, I do not know if I would be able to reach his body without succ.u.mbing.

With a strong pull, I get the child out of the red sphere. It seems to notice it and tries to pursue it, albeit very slowly, but Mr. mustache crushes it with another giant claw.

Luckily, it seems that losing the child, the sphere is no longer able to regenerate and dissipates slowly.

"Brat, wake up, wake up, I said." I try to wake up the brat, but this time with light pats on the face.

"Hmm..." The brat seems to react, and begins to open his eyes very slowly.

The mental landscape begins to tremble violently, it seems that it will recover its original state, but unfortunately it would be better for me to go fast. Because being in someone's mental landscape without their consent can be very dangerous for me, so it's better to get out fast.

In a flash of light, both Mr. Mustache and I got out of the boy's subconscious.


(Lucia pov)

Oh, it seems that the violent light emanating from the eyes of the Ozaru seems to diminish. Although they are still red and have a threatening aspect, but at least they no longer emit that aura that makes me tremble...

A few moments later, Dr. Andrea seems to have finished, as the power connection is broken and dissipated.

"Ufff... Ufff..." She seems pretty exhausted, I'm looking forward to asking her later, for what she has experienced since to have been complicated.

"Mrs. Lucia! Could you free me? It's extremely uncomfortable to be in this position! "Suddenly I heard a recorded voice, which apparently was Arthur.

Amazing! You can speak.

I did not imagine that he could speak in his transformed state.

While I was digressing in my thoughts, the deputy director released him from his restraint, whereupon Arthur started to get up and then get out of the hole.

"Ufff... My whole body hurts... It seems you've beaten me up a lot." Arthur said as he reached out and adjusted to his new body.

"Student, I'm the deputy director. From what we have seen, it is quite complicated for you to control this form, so you can only practice the transformation when Dr. Andrea and I are available. We'll let you know when we make a schedule. "The deputy director says as he floats in front of his face.

"I understand, thank you and sorry for the problems," Alex agreed, bowing his head in apology and acceptance.

"Do not worry, it's our job to help our students grow, hehe heh. While we discuss your future schedule, go try your new form while you run and do several exercises. "The deputy director said with a smile... A sinister looking smile, poor man, does not do it on purpose but it comes natural.

Nodding with his big monkey head, Arthur starts running away to test his new body.

Seeing him go away, the assistant director approaches me.

"Lucia, what are the details of that student, and tell me everything you can about his transformation," he told me with a light of curiosity and greed in his eyes. No wonder, if a student level 1 can happen to possess the strength of a level 8, if I could make a squad of soldiers with that transformation would be incredible.

"The student is called Arthur, although I can not give you much more data than there is in your file, I'll give you a summary.

"Arthur, orphan, father soldiers, suffers from amnesia, suffers from a serious case of atavism.

The transformation in its monkey form is due to its mutated Ozaru lineage. Which is suspected to be an extinct beast, you've seen how violent it is, so it's no wonder that it went extinct.

He was diagnosed with the case of severe atavism, due to the fact that his parents have a pure human background record, so his Ozaru ancestry has to be from before the dark age of when we do not have records.

So the chances of their descendants inheriting their lineage is quite difficult, and if they do it is doubtful if they will possess the capacity for transformation, since their lineage is extremely diluted. Which has been proven by different means and references.

That's all I can tell you. "

I said without much emotion, because besides that I literally can not say more without dying, due to my oath of the soul. I do not like it, as he greedily looks at little Arthur, I'm sure he had thought of treating him like a stallion so he could have an Ozarus squadron.

And of course, it seems that I am right, at least that is what I can say for his look of disappointment.

"Ufff... One is better than nothing," he said with a sigh.

"Professor Leonardo has said that we can take him every afternoon this week, so I recommend dedicating ourselves thoroughly to Arthur's training, so that he is able to control the transformation as soon as possible." I said with great emotion, although a little out of control, today's experiment has been great.

"Hmmm... Okay, I think I can make time in the afternoons, since the academy has just opened its doors, so I'm not so busy," he said after giving it a little thought.

But after saying that, he seems to have remembered something and disappeared directly. It seems he had something to do.

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