Another World Lls Book 1 Chapter 24

Volume 1 Chapter 24 Will You Call Me A Pervert?

Ufff... my mind feels clear again.

I feel like I have not been able to think for myself for days.

Well, let's get back to the subject in question... I'm a f.u.c.k.i.n.g Ozaru!

The sensation of measuring 10 meters or more is incredible, although I'm having a hard time getting used to moving, although thanks to my incredible instincts I am able to avoid rolling on the ground.

Another thing is the mutations caused by the demonic lineage, it's a bit weird, and I've seen the pieces of armor scattered throughout my body. I have tested the hardness of the bracers that I wear on both arms, and have not flinched when pressed with all the strength I am able to exercise with the other hand, I have also tried to scratch them with my new claws without damaging them. That also cool a lot, look like doing a lot of damage.

While hitting trees and rocks, to test my strength and the hardness of my bone 'accessories', I detect a small flow of energy, it is almost nonexistent but it is there. I guess it's the yin energy, no, the demonic yin energy that adds extra damage.

It's rare that he's so weak, because with my skill [to match loyalty] no matter how low the skill level, it gets a big raise. Oh, of course, we've only seen each other for a few seconds before merging so I did not give in time to feel influenced by my aura.

Uh, there's a lot of blood and bits of meat in my tail... who was the poor wretch that was torn by my tail?

After spending my time playing in the field... practicing with my body, I hear the advisor Lucia call me.

"Arthur, come here!"

I started to run in her direction, but I stopped halfway when I saw that the ground trembled and Lucia advises her almost loses her balance. So I walked slowly towards her, although with my size it did not take long to arrive.

"Arthur, this is Dr. Andrea, it's the one who helped you to awaken your consciousness!" I was shouting, it seems that she thinks, that I will not be able to hear her if she does not shout at me.

"Nice to meet you, Dr. Andrea! Also, Mrs. Lucia, you do not need to shout at me since I listen to you perfectly!" I told them, although now I realize that my voice sounds very loud, it seems that the one who shouts is me.

"Well well. I've been talking to the deputy director and Dr. Andrea, and we've decided that we'll do intensive training this week, since you have free time in the afternoons. If you do not manage to master the transformation during this week, we will have to plan a new schedule, which will be more extended since you will not be able to skip so many classes, "she said with the usual excitement.

"Very well, thank you for your help," I told them.

"Oh, yes, undo the transformation, because without the deputy director we can not repeat the process, so let's take advantage so that you can make the contract with Moon spirit." When listening to his instruptions, I think about undoing the merger with Moon spirit and then of a few seconds the small flame comes out of my body, which is transformed into an invoking crystal and falls to the ground.

I was going to take it, but the moment it came out of me, my body became rigid. And so began the reversion to my original state, in which I lost consciousness... these transformations hurt a lot.

When I recover consciousness I feel that I'm covered with something, when I open my eyes, I see that I'm covered in Dr. Andrea's lab coat... Shit! I forgot about the fact that my clothes would break... Shit!

"Hum... thanks for the robe..." I said with my face flushed with embarrassment, thank goodness that my current appearance is that of a small child, otherwise I would die of shame.

Before getting up, I wrap my tail around my waist, giving it several turns... I'm glad that my tail is longer than usual, besides that I'm pretty small, so I can make an impromptu miniskirt...

"Quiet Arthur, as it has been a failure of mine not to foresee that this would happen, the academy will give you a free set of uniforms. In addition, I will also get you a pair of underwear and pants, delighted with the extension charm. I would like to give you a whole set of enchanted clothes, but I can only get you the minimum and necessary for free, plus you will learn how to make them next year so it is not worth buying them. "She told me trying to comfort me... Oh, it seems They teach runes and enchantment from the second year.

"Thank you, it would be too much to ask them to add a hole for my tail, in this last set I did it myself, but I was not comfortable..." I told him that I really felt somewhat uncomfortable, because although I made a hole, It's well done.

"Sure, the truth is that your previous uniform should be prepared for your tail... maybe they were wrong to give it to you..." she said with a thoughtful face.

"Well, now I will break the Moon spirit contract with the invocation crystal, by which you can contract it. But keep in mind that by breaking a contract, the Moon spirit will feel extremely uncomfortable, so the contract could fail. So do not worry if the first attempt fails, I recommend you let him calm down before trying to hire him. "She told me as she pulled out the invocation crystal. It seems that it was she who picked it up when it fell to the ground...

Saying that, she crushed the glass and the small flame reappeared, the Moon spirit seemed quite nervous as it constantly blinked and moved from side to side.

After a while it seems that he calmed down a bit, and then he moved a little closer to me... I do not know if he feels attracted to my demonic aura, or maybe he feels familiar with me, since we've been fused for a couple of hours less.

As I did with Medea, calm my mind and then transmitted my wishes for a long friendship through the contract, it seems I was lucky since I accept it on the first try.

"Congratulations Arthur, with this strengthening type beast you can transform into the mighty Ozaru, although it goes without saying that you are forbidden to do so until you master it." Lucia said as she congratulated me.

"Oh, do not forget, you have to sign this bill to pay for Moon spirit. Ha ha ha, I got my friend to give you a discount, so it only cost you a little more than 6000 gold coins, "she said as she handed me a bill, in my week before coming to the academy, I already signed several papers with respect to inheritance so I know that I only have to drip a drop of blood. Which is very easy thanks to Bloody.

Having finished with all this, I start talking to Mrs. Lucia about the experiment.

"Cough..." While I talk to Mrs. Lucia, I listen to Dr. Andrea feigning a cough...

Wow... it seems that we have completely ignored Dr. Andrea...

"Hump, I see that you are very focused on yourselves, enough to forget me," she said with a clear complaint in her voice...

"Ha ha ha, sorry Andrea, let me invite you to eat. Arthur, you have the rest of the day off, so go and do your chores. "Lucia said as she took Dr. Andrea away.

"Well... I guess I'll go back to my room and put some clothes on... since I'm technically n.a.k.e.d."

Shit! They have left me here n.a.k.e.d in the middle of nowhere...

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