Another World Lls Book 1 Chapter 25

Volume 1 Chapter 25 Can I Be More Stupid?

Ufff... Luckily, I managed to get to my room without anyone seeing me.

Luckily we are still in class time, so there was almost nobody in the streets of the academy... Although the janitor of the student residence has looked at me weird...

After getting dressed with another set of school uniform, I prepare to invoke Medea and look at the page of my new beast.

With a 'Poff' Medea appears on the bed, it seems that my control over the invocation is improving.

"Phsssss..." Medea seems happy to see me, but still can not move much, so it sits on the pillow and starts to rest.

How cute is...

Well, let's see the Moon spirit page. I open the grimoire on the moon spirit page and look at its data.


Name of the Beast: ???.

Gender: N / A.

Level: 1 star bronze

Race: Moon spirit (child).

Type: Strengthening.


Moon spirit is a disembodied beast, it is only a soul which has been able to absorb the qi of the moon to strengthen itself and thus able to maintain itself in the material plane. In this particular case, the predecessors of this Moon spirit forcibly absorbed the demonic qi, so this model has mutated successfully modifying its attribute from the yin element to the demonic yin.


Emission of energy lv 1.

Upon entering a fused state, it is able to emit its energy to match its host's attacks, managing to add damage from the demonic yin attribute to the attack.

Increase in damage: 5 points.

+5 damage increase points per level.


5 points... What the hell are 5 points of damage... !? I think you're wrong about the world, there's no damage statistics here... I think? Ufff... what a mess.

Well, let's put that aside... let's say that if the 5 damage points it refers to, it's the almost nonexistent energy that I felt before... Then those 5 points of damage is not much.

Another thing, it seems that he is not enjoying the benefit of my skill [Correspond loyalty], I guess it has not yet reached 40 points... I'm going to look at him.

[???: 31/100]

Oh, it seems that it needs little... although I do not know how to feed it and I do not dare to invoke it without supervision... Better I wait for tomorrow to ask the adviser Lucia.

By the way, when thinking about the skill [Correspond loyalty], I thought if I could turn Medea into a guardian beast, since her power would greatly increase. I'm going to look at it in the old code store.

[Convert the beast 'Medea' into a guardian beast = Points: 61000000 pts and Achievements: B.]

Ufff... It seems that it will be a long time until I can get it... The 61000000 pts are not so complicated to get, because as soon as I start to fight with stronger beasts I will get more experience points, besides I will have more beasts fighting including myself. same. So I do not think it would be very difficult to get all those points in the not too distant future, the problem is the achievements, because I do not know exactly how they are achieved.

Although I have checked before and I am able to exchange achievements of lower rank for those of higher rank, the rates of change are: 2 equal achievements to change for one of a higher level, but of the same rank. And 3 of maximum level equal for one of a higher rank.

Example: 2 E achievements, can be exchanged for an E + achievement. And 3 E +++ achievements can be changed for an achievement D.

So it is possible to trade an A + achievement, but the amount of low level achievement that it would need would be astronomical. So unless you are able to achieve B +++ or better achievements, it is better not to think about it.

So let's leave that for the future...

Well, what do I do...?

Medea is still recovering, so we can not go to the fight room... I could go to the culture room, since I still have four hours today, plus many student points to live there.

Yes, I'll go to the cultivation room, but first I'll look if I buy something from the old code store.

Hum... Think, what could I buy...?

Level up my demonic affinity is nonsense, since it has reached the maximum level, so increasing the skill level [Demonic Affinity] is nonsense.

Hum... the skill [Fusion] currently increases the benefits of the merger by 20%, so if the level increase will increase by another 20% per level... But the benefits are overshadowed by the skill [Correspond loyalty] so that is not a priority, although I will put it in the pile of possible.

If I remember correctly, when leveling the skill [Commerce], they provided discounts in addition to providing more benefits... I guess it will mean that there will be more items to buy... Maybe I choose to raise [Commerce] level, since in a try, look for a skill that will provide me, some kind of video game interface or something like that. But he did not find any results, maybe if I go up I'm able to get some skill like that...

Actually I thought about this skill in the fight room, especially when I had to stop to calculate how many experience points I got from each battle and with which opponent... How easy it would be if a notification appeared in plan...

[Medea has killed a demonic rabbit, you win 5 exp]


[You have won 5 exp]

That way I would not have to open the page of the [Commerce] skill every two times, plus maybe I could notify me when I get some achievement, so it would be easier for me to get them if I knew when I got them.

Hum... level up the skill [Commerce], just had a big increase in priority.

The skill to [Correspond loyalty] I can not afford it for now, so we leave it for later, although it has the highest priority.

The next one is the skill [Blood phylactery]...

Shit! How can I be so stupid?

How can I leave without using my life saving skill until now...

Ufff... calm down, it's not too late to use it now.

I sit in my desk chair (yes, although I have not mentioned it before, the rooms are furnished with: a bed, a wardrobe, a desk and a trunk), and I tell Bloody what I am going to do and what I can do consequences for it to be prepared, and I start with the creation of the blood phylactery.

Half an hour later...

Ufff... I feel dizzy...

Although I am much better than the description of the skill indicated, from what I see, Bloody has been able to help me mitigate much of the damage I would have suffered from the use of this skill, especially the loss of blood essence.

The final result is this crystal that I have in my hands... if I do not count badly, I think it has some... 20 sides? I think they were called... icosahedros... Right? Well, the most interesting thing is that if you look closely, you can see a mini mini mini me in a fetal position inside the crystal... With a tail and everything, it's incredible...

I suppose that although the years pass, if this phylactery is still active and I use it to resuscitate, I will have my body again for 7 years... I suppose it is in theory a type of pseudo-immortality... Although in many novels and myths, when the soul it exceeds the life time of the original body, there tend to be problems... In some cases, the subject falls into madness, in others it suffers damage to the soul... I do not know, but if by chance I use this method to prolong my life, I will have to make sure to keep my soul in good condition...

Now the subject is. Where do I keep it?

Currently I have no place that is mine to be able to save it safely... Well, yes, I have a house God knows where on the border... but I can not go there right now...

I guess I keep it in the closet, under a pile of clothes... since I do not feel safe leaving it outdoors in the forest, knowing what could happen if someone finds it... When I saw the summary of the cultivation manual related to the blood, I saw many curses that used blood essence... And I'm afraid that my phylactery is a good material for curses...

I also do not dare to bury him... imagine that when trying to resurrect, I end up dying of suffocation or worse, of the pressure of the earth caused by my body expanding in a place where there is not enough space...

I prefer to leave the more sophisticated methods of concealment, for when I learn runes and I can create a moderately decent hiding place...

Ufff... I do not feel like buying anything anymore... I'm going to the culture room.

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