Another World Lls Book 1 Chapter 26

Volume 1 Chapter 26 You Know What Happened?

And without realizing it, a week has passed...

Well, technically only less than 5 days have passed, today is Saturday.

I'll give you a summary of the best events of this week.

First of all... I went up to Medea to 2 stars of silver rank. At first I thought about going slowly at a natural pace, but... Who was going to tell me that the method of leveling through higher-level cores was not unknown here.

They even have professionals who are in charge of refining them, so these rich offspring do not have problems in spending tens of thousands of gold coins to buy silver or gold rank cores, to increase the rank of their beasts...

Although you have to be careful, because if the core is not sufficiently refined it will contain enough impurities, so it will limit the progress of your beasts.

And of course, I would not be left behind, one thing is not to attract attention and another very different is to be the last of the class, plus I already consider myself a nerd so it does not matter.

By the way, when I went to Medea to silver rank, apart from the option to raise normal range that cost 1000 experience points, there was an option in which a skill awakened from his lineage that cost 4500 experience points.

The skill awakened was.


Petrifying view lv 3 (lv 1 + 270% = lv 3,7).

It allows the user of the skill to project through their eyes, energy with petrifaction capabilities. The petrifying energy is capable of affecting entities of up to 2 stars of bronze rank or equivalents.

The range of affected by the petrifying view is 20 meters in your line of sight.

+1 to the ability to affect an entity at a higher star level or equivalent for every 2 levels.

+ 5 meters to the effective range per level.


Although the skill is not very powerful at this time, it is ideal to get rid of all the low-level trash. Although we have not used much... Since when petrifying the bodies, we are not able to get the blood to make the blood candies, besides Medea almost always fights against rivals of higher rank than its.

Oh, by the way, if you've noticed correctly, the Medea loyalty meter has already reached the 90+ range. Between the blood candies and the rise in rank, their loyalty has increased a lot towards me. But the most important thing is that it is technically immortal.

By the way, Medea has grown in size, when before it measured around 30 centimeters it now measures 3 meters. But it's still just as cute.

Another thing I got this week, was the interface I wanted, after spending about 5000 experience points in uploading the [Commerce] skill, I finally got an inherent skill called [Grimoire GUI]. I was surprised at how cheap it was, it cost only 1000 points, although technically it only shows me the information I could see in the grimoire without having to open it. That is, there are no statistics, no missions, no store... Well the store already has it with my other skill, but basically apart from showing me in real time the profits of experience and achievements, it shows me nothing but what appears in my grimoire Although I suspect that if I raise it in level, I will get new functions... Well, the truth is that it puts it in the description of the skill.


Name of the skill: GUI Grimoire.

Level 1.


This skill allows the user to see the contents of his grimoire in the form of a semi-translucent interface, which only the owner of the grimoire can see, is also capable of managing other skill that the user of this skill possesses without having to summon his grimoire. Shows notifications in real time when the grimoire data is modified.

Unlock a new feature with each level.


And here you would ask me, why have not you raised it up with how cheap it is?

Why raise it to level 2 costs... 50000 points...

Shit! It can already be a f.u.c.k.i.n.g function... Well, I understand the initial price, because as it says in the description what it shows you could see it in the grimoire directly. So it is normal to increase the price if you add some function that the grimoire is not able...


Oh, the prices that I mentioned before are rounded, since with the skill level increase [Commerce] I have a 5% discount.

More things…

Oh, yes, I could not master my Ozaru form.

Although now I am able to recover consciousness on my own, but it takes around 30 minutes, so I still have not allowed to use it without supervision.

Speaking of the Ozaru, in the end I decided to call Luna the Moon spirit...

Yes, I know it is a feminine and unoriginal name, but it is the only one that occurred to me. I also found in the store an option to establish a predetermined gender if a beast without gender evolves to another species that has a gender. I mean, I can make Bloody and Luna be females, if I want to …

Well leaving the gender for another side, Luna has already reached the loyalty level of 42, so it already benefits from that skill. It seems that the case of Medea was special, or that Luna is a difficult bone to crack... I'll have to wait for a third contracted beast, to see what the case is, since Bloody does not count... You know, absolute loyalty and all that...

I checked before training my Ozaru form, that if I invoke Luna but I do not merge with its, I do not transform. So I tried to feed its with a blood candy, surprisingly it ate it... Although it would be better to say, that I burn it to ashes... Well, that seems to be its way of eating.

By the way, I tried to feed Bloody some blood candy, but it refused. Apparently it's still digesting the blood of a fighter ape, which it stole during the fight...

Returning to Luna, as I know that I will not be transformed if I do not merge with its, I let its loose at night so that it absorbs the light of the moon and I also let its loose in the cultivation room.

Oh, speaking of the cultivation room, now I am level 2 of advanced stage, since while Medea was recovering I passed a few extra points in the cultivation room.

By the way to reach level 2, unlock some improvements in the skills of my cultivation manual as for example, the first level of the [Crown of the demon king].

That by the way, I have cultivated it until I get a pair of horns about 3 centimeters long, also now I can use the aura that provides this skill more actively. I mean, before I only had the passive effect, but now I can actively use it not only to show my friendly side. If not to suppress the beasts of lower ranks, although it is a bit more effective in the demonic beasts, but at its current level it only works on beasts of bronze rank of 1 or 2 stars.

It has also improved my qi refining technique, among other things, and unlock some interesting techniques. One of them is called [Shield of the demon king], although I have only unlocked level 1 of this technique, so it is not as impressive as its name. In essence, this technique allows me to cover a part of my body with demonic qi, which will offer some protection against damage in that area. But according to the description of the technique, this technique will evolve into the [Armor of the demon king], which basically is the same but covering the whole body.

According to the teachers, most of the techniques and magic that we unlock from our respective manuals, at these levels are not very strong. For the simple fact that we have very little qi in our energy cores, so it would be pointless to learn more advanced techniques that we just are not able to use. That's why in the lower levels, the cultivation manuals teach simplified techniques, so that when they teach us the real techniques we are able to learn them faster.

And speaking of cultivation, I've noticed that my cultivation speed has slowed down a bit. When I consulted with Lucia, she told me that it was due to the cultivation room, since the demonic qi they provide is only level 4 in quality. That is, the demonic qi of the cultivation room is equal to the qi that would possess a level 4 demonic cultivator. So the closer I get to level 4, the less effective it will be in my cultivation, for what I have been told when I arrive at level 6, it will be almost ineffective.

Apparently, it is the most that the academy can provide, since generating qi of any attribute artificially is not an easy task. So they are not able to increase the quality of the qi they provide in the grow room.

The same thing happens with the beasts of the fight room, I've noticed that they are quite limited, such as: With bronze rank beasts, you can easily fight up to the level of 6 stars, more than that and it depends on luck if there is any left at the ranch.

With silver rank beasts, at most you can only fight regularly against those of 4 stars or less. And those of golden rank, you can only fight constantly with beasts of 3 stars or less.

For the time being it's fine, but not for long. Since Medea is able to fight with a 3-star gold rank beast, but has to endure some minor injuries. It's a pity that I can not prove to fight with a 4-star beast.

The bad thing is that I've only been here for a week, so in a month, surely they are not rivals for Medea. Although technically it does not influence me at all, since I get experience and blood pearls, it does not matter what level the enemy is. But Medea is quite proud, so it does not like to fight against weak enemies, besides that its skills take longer to level up if it only fights the weak.

Well, although some things have happened, I will leave them for another time since I have to go to class. Yes, we have classes on Saturdays, although it is more like a kind of checkup for the beast that the academy provided us with.

So let's brag about Medea.

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