Another World Lls Book 1 Chapter 27

Volume 1 Chapter 27 Will I Fight With Winnie The Pooh?

We are already here…

It is surprising, a week of scolding and shouting have turned a group of sleepy brats into punctual students.

Right now we are all in class B, in our training camp B, with Professor Leonardo in front of us.

"Very good boys! As we will do every Saturday from now on we will check how well you have taken care of your new beasts!" He shouted as usual.

Having said this, we all invoke our grimoires and proceed to summon our respective evaluation beasts.

It is the first time I see the beasts of my companions. Surprisingly, 3 of the 4 remaining boys have a wolf as contracted beasts, although it is noted that they are of different races and attributes.

One is brown and big, it is as big as one of those giant Tibetan mastiffs... But in wolf, I also think that it is of the earth attribute... I do not say it only because of the brown color, but because it seems to have a thin layer of earth especially his body, and seeing how fussy these noble kids are I doubt they let their beasts go dirty around.

The second one is gray and with a more normal look... if we do not pay attention to the small electrical currents that run through your body from time to time, I suppose it is a lightning attribute.

The last one is totally black, it is so black that it seems only a silhouette, you can only see its bright green eyes. I suppose its attribute is darkness or shadow... I do not know, there are many possible variant attributes.

The last boy has what appears to be... I do not know what the f.u.c.k is. In my opinion it is an amorphous mass of legs, claws and teeth... If I had to give it a serious name... Chimera, but not like the myths, if not what would come out in a failed experiment of Full Metal Alchemist. It is an unpleasant sight... Apparently the same owner thinks the same, since it gives him a look of disgust... apparently the day they shared the beasts did not have much luck.

The girls, on the other hand, seem to have preferential treatment in regard to the appearance of their beasts.

One of the girls has what I would describe as a fairy... yes, a fairy. A small humanoid with insect wings... looks like something out of a Disney movie.

The next girl, has what I would say is a unicorn... But, it's more like a horse, with rhino features. For example, the horn has it closer to the snout than the forehead and seems to have some layers of light armor, and a musculature that inspires strength and endurance.

The last girl has got a swan... and at first sight the swan does not have anything special... Well, I guess I'll find out later.

"Well, everyone has a healthy aspect at least! Very well tell me the cultivation of your beasts!" We shouted with a satisfied look to see the state of our beasts.

"Silver rank 2 stars." I said.

"Silver rank 3 stars."

"Silver rank 1 star."

"Silver rank 2 stars."

"Gold rank 5 stars."

"Silver rank 2 stars."

"Silver rank 1 star."

"Silver rank 2 stars."

Apparently almost all the beasts have the same level, except the amorphous experiment.

Professor Leonardo does not seem very happy to see it... although I do not know why.

"I'm quite disappointed! If you did not like the beast that was assigned to you, you could have rejected it and been given another! Do you think I'm not able to see that you've fed it with a lot of unrefined cores? You know you're killing your potential! "I scream rather angrily...

I already understand the situation, apparently the student of the amorphous experiment did not care about his beast, so he decided to feed a large number of higher quality cores for his crop to rise quickly and thus increase his grade.

Why could not you feed it with refined cores? Easy, because it is extremely expensive and I doubt that a family that has decided to send their child to class B, can afford that large number of refined cores.

The boy's face went pale.

"You... We'll talk later!" With a cold snort the teacher stopped paying attention to the pale student and looked at me.

"Arthur, go to the battle circle so we can see the strength of your beast and see if you are able to fight together... Oh, by the way, take a set of weapons from the shelves there. I know you have not learned to fight with weapons but make an attempt. "This time he did not scream anymore, he seems to have lost the spirit he always carries with him.

I go to the weapons rack and think about what to select... I think I will go over the spear, since I doubt that I will be able to use it without training. I'll go for the classic set of shield and sword.

I pick up the equipment and head towards the battle circle with Medea.

Seeing me enter the battle circle, Professor Leonardo activates the barrier with the control obelisk... there is always an obelisk.

"As you said the cultivation of your beast is silver range of 2 stars, so that the cultivation of your rival will be the same. Prepare for the battle. "He informed me so that he was prepared.

I take a posture that I've seen in the movies, I bend my knees a bit and hunched a little, I put slightly sideways with the shield in front of me, tried to cover as much of my body as possible and the sword in a semi-raised position to be able to use it at any time.

Seeing that I was ready, Professor Leonardo activates the invocation function.

In front of me appears a two-headed dog... It is totally different from the mass-bred beasts of the fighting room, it seems that this beast has recently been captured for this test.

Meanwhile, when I analyzed my enemy, Medea has already launched herself into one of the throats of the two-headed dog. After injecting its poison, Medea releases the neck of its enemy and starts to escape from the two heads that try to bite its.

About 5 seconds later the 2-headed dog collapses dead on the ground...

[Medea has killed an infernal puppy, you have won 113 exp]

That was supposed to be a puppy... Ufff, at least the experience is much better than the one in the wrestling room.

Medea is still as amazing as ever... It has no equal in its level.

"Oh..." The professor and the rest of the class have been stupefied...

"It was incredible, but I need to see your limit... What level of beast do you think would be necessary so I can see how you both fight?" He asked me, since he supposed that I knew enough about my beast to know its limits.

"Hum... Medea is able to fight with 3-star gold rank beasts, while suffering some light wounds... So I think if we combine strength, we could fight against a 4-star gold-rank beast." I said while thinking about Medea's record.

"Incredible, it seems that you have raised your beast very well. Well, I'm going to summon a 4-star gold rank beast, be prepared. "Leonardo told me with a serious look.

That said, a new beast appeared before me... It was a f.u.c.k.i.n.g bear 4 meters tall, its fur was orange and small flames came out of its snout to breathe...

Shit! This is going to hurt…

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