Another World Lls Book 1 Chapter 28

Volume 1 Chapter 28 I Think I Have To Think More?


How we do this...

"Medea, I will try to get your attention, meanwhile you should try to poison or strangle it. But focus on avoiding their attacks, while inflicting damage. "


After listening to me, Medea nods and slides to the right side of the giant bear.

Ufff... Come on, let's fight.

'Bloody overload' I say to Bloody in my mind.

Immediately I begin to feel a strong burning in my whole body, while my whole body begins to redden, and the air a few centimeters from my skin begins to undulate from the heat.

With my increased abilities, I run towards the giant bear, which raises its gigantic paw with which it tries to crush me.

Just when it looked like he was going to crush me with his paw, I slide across the floor under his legs, not forgetting to cut his calf.

The impact of the bear hits the ground.



The bear roared to feel the pain in his calf, and in his moments of pain, Medea took advantage and made a furtive attack. A direct bite in the jugular, with its corresponding dose of poison.

Feeling that something was biting his neck, the bear tried to slap Medea, but Medea had already escaped.

Although at their level, Medea's poison is not able to kill it quickly, but with enough time and extra venom it will surely die.

And of course, while I was distracted by Medea, I got up from the ground and cut it on the back with my sword.

And although the cut was successful... I was too slow between getting off the ground and attacking, so the bear hit me with one of his forearms while turning, luckily my instincts acted on time and managed to block it with my shield... The bear sent me flying until I hit the wall of the barrier.

Ufff... This hurts... But it's also very exciting.

Shit! I wanted to be an invoker, not a warrior.

Well, 2 fighting styles are better than one.

While I recovered from the crash against the barrier, Medea apparently super angry, took a big bite. But this time, instead of injecting his poison, Medea tore the bear a large piece of meat... quite large, the size of a plate.

"Graaaa..." Oh... That sounded weird... it seems that this time it has hurt.

Well, once I got up and seeing that the bear is busy chasing Medea, I prepare to hit the bear hard.

Using one of the techniques I learned when going up to level 2, the technique is called [Demon King's reinforcement], it is basically the same as the [Demon King's shield] technique. But this technique is used to cover your fists or weapons, to increase the damage with the demonic qi, although according to the description at high levels is able to execute attacks from a distance. In plan sword qi or something like that, so I've been practicing it a lot. More specifically, I have concentrated on the sharpness reinforcement, which makes the cutting power of a weapon greatly increase.

Well, I'll talk about the technique later, now it's time to stab this bastard bear.

Calculating where the bear's heart should be, I run at full speed and give a lunge to his heart.

Unfortunately I fail... it was foreseeable, I am a newbie in the use of weapons and in fights in general...

But even so, I've inflicted quite a lot of damage on the bear, since the sword easily penetrates his back. Between the poison of Medea and the blood that the bear is losing... which Bloody is preventing it from coagulating. In general, the bear is in pretty bad shape...

But of course, a wild beast is not like those in the fighting room, it will fight to the death... His or mine.

The beast turns and looks at me with hatred, and attacks me, Medea bites the bear to divert his attention... But, this time the trick of diverting his attention seems not to work, it seems that the bear is determined to kill me this time.

I jump to the right, dodging his assault, but the bastard stopped and made a lateral tackle... Son of a bitch!

I was not ready for this blow and my instincts are not almighty... So it hit me squarely and believe me, it hurts a lot... If it were not for Bloody, I think I would have already vomited a lot of blood.

Medea continues to bite viciously and injecting poison, but the f.u.c.k.i.n.g bear seems focused on killing me... Son of a bitch!

I get up while I endure the pain... and while I see the bear approaching, I try to think of a plan …

F.u.c.k, Medea can alone with a 3-star gold rank beast... Because this one is so f.u.c.k.i.n.g hard to kill, it's just a higher star... Even if we add the jump in quality, from 3 stars to 4 stars, it's still too much difference.

Ufff... Calm down, I guess as I said before, wild beasts are different from those in the fighting room.

Hum, my attack reinforced from before, your body pierced like butter. So the easiest thing would be to cut off his head and everything will be over, but I doubt the bear will let his head be cut... I guess I'll try to start with an arm or a leg.

While I'm making my plans, Medea tries to strangle the bear to suffocate it, but every time Medea tries, the bear lifts one of its claws to attack it. So Medea has to retire so as not to get hurt...

Well, let's go with the plan.

"Come on, you shit bear, you already have one foot in the grave. Let's see how long you can take it, "I said as I mocked the bear to provoke it.

Evidently the bear was furious and attacked me, but this time I'm ready, so when he tries to give me a claw with his right paw I get around it. But not only I avoid it, but with my reinforced sword, I make a cut towards the arm with which he has attacked me.

Which goes flying, ha ha ha, f.u.c.k piece of shit.

With one less arm, the bear is not able to stop his assault and falls to the ground, which I take advantage of.

Jumping on his back, I make a cut on his neck and his head separates from the rest of his body...

[You have killed a flaming bear, you have won 319 exp.]

[For defeating a beast that overcomes the combined cultivation of your team, you have earned an E + achievement]

F.u.c.k, I've been fighting this f.u.c.k.i.n.g bear for half an hour, even wound up hurting me. But after thinking about a few movements, it falls in two strokes...

Shit! Actually, I need more battle experience...

"JA JA JA! Arthur, for your face and your performance, it seems that you have realized your deficiencies! Very well done, although you lack battle experience, you compensate with your incredible instincts! Once you learn to fight decently, you will be a great warrior! "Professor Leonardo told me with a big smile, it seems that he has recovered his mood, as he has shouted again.

"As for your beast... Medea, is not it? Medea is an incredible specimen, the best serpent in the rank of silver I've seen! The only flaw I see is that it's the type of indirect attack, so that against larger beasts or with resistance to poison... Little can do! As we have seen in this battle, Medea has only been able to carry out a supporting role, since it was not able to hold the flaming bear on its own! "He gave me a little sermon, while he told me my deficiencies and those of Medea...

Medea seems shocked... until now Medea has been able to fight against each and every one of the enemies with whom I have faced its, but now it is told that it is not good enough...

Poor Medea, you want to comfort its...

"Well, at least you were lucky that this flaming bear was still young, so I was not able to spit fire!" Ehhh.... Seriously! This 4 meter bear has not yet matured... Shit!

"JA JA JA, you should see your face! Well, get out of the battle circle, it's time for one of your teammates to show us what it's worth!" He said, gesturing for me to hurry.

Ufff... I'm so tired that I do not care...

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