Another World Lls Book 1 Chapter 29

Volume 1 Chapter 29 Do I Meet A Gold Digger?

Ufff... how tired I am...

While I sit in one of the benches on the sides of the training area, I see a man with a knife dismantling the two beasts with which I fought.

Oh... You have taken a core, it is the first time I see one, because when you kill a beast in the battle room the core automatically disappears. Apparently you can stay with the body, but not with the core... I suppose that somehow they will have to finance the whole issue of beast breeding.

Well, it's time to comfort Medea.

"Medea, come, take a candy," I said as I offered Medea a blood candy... What a pity that the two previous beasts were not demonic attribute, so it had no use to make a candy from them.

"Phssss..." Medea seems not to be interested... Oh, I almost forgot...

I change the candy in my hand for one created with a golden rank beast... Immediately I have Medea looking at me with puppy eyes...

What a cute thing.

I give the candy to Medea and caress its smooth and shiny scales, which seems to please its, as it curls up in my lap and digests the candy calmly.

As I watch the man dismantle the beasts and stroke Medea, one of the girls in my class approaches me... I wonder what she will want.

"Hi, nice to meet you, my name is Annabelle Redwind" She introduced herself, with a slight bow while lifting the hems of her skirt... Or at least that's what she intended but wore trousers... Since this is a military academy, both the male and female uniform wear pants.

Being a little frozen by her failure, she decides to do as if nothing had happened and completed the greeting.

"Nice to meet you too, my name is Arthur." I answer with a slight nod, she seems disgusted with my nod, but hides it quickly with a smile. But I see contempt in his eyes.

On the other hand, Redwind... Red wind, the imperial family is called Crimson and apparently the noble families continue with the theme of color...

"Nice to meet you Arthur, I could not avoid approaching to say hello after seeing your magnificent performance. look at the poor Redwolf boy, even with that big brown wolf, he has trouble fighting with a beast of his same crop range. "She said as she gave a contemptuous look to the poor boy, who is having problems with his battle …

"Thank you, I suppose..." I answered, whispering that last part, since I still do not know what she wants from me this girl. Because it is clear that he has not come because of his admiration for me.

After a few minutes of uncomfortable conversation, apparently unable to take more, shows his true intentions.

"I noticed, that you have fed your beast a kind of red sphere, which your beast seems very happy to eat..." She told me with a smile, but I see the greed in her eyes, this girl tries to be intriguing but It is clearly a girl still. So she is not able to act according to his intentions... It seems that she has seen how interested Medea was in the blood candy, and she will have thought that this is the secret of Medea's strength, so she wants him to tell how to get them to make their beast grow stronger...

Too bad that is totally wrong, ha ha ha.

"Oh... you mean this?" I asked as I showed him a blood candy.

Seeing her nodding, I said with a smile.

"This is just a candy for beasts, I only give it to Medea when it behaves well, because as you've seen she likes them a lot," I said to her, while hiding many details.

"If you want I can give you one, but these candies are for beasts of demonic attribute, so I do not know if your beast would like it," I said, offering the blood candy to her.

She takes it happily and offers it to her swan... She seems not to have listened to what I said, she seems not interested in my excuses, I just wanted the candy.

But of course the swan does not want to eat the blood candy... It is very normal, not only because the blood candy has a lot of vital energy of demonic attribute, which is not suitable for the swan, another reason is that it is a candy of bronze range... Ha ha ha...

Seeing that her swan does not want to eat the blood candy, she decides to give up and looks at the candy with disappointment... Apparently she thinks that candy is not the secret of Medea's strength, because if it were candy her swan would not reject it like that . It is commonly known that beasts are willing to eat anything that increases their strength, even if it has some disadvantages... That's why I gave him a candy of bronze rank, if I give him one of golden rank, surely the swan eats it .

But luckily, Annabelle is not insightful enough to notice my little trick, so she gives me back the candy with disappointment on her face. I would laugh at seeing her plan to take advantage of my failure, but I can not help but get angry, when I see that she looks at Medea with greed...

Damn little girl, you're not only trying to extract the secrets of my strength, but you also want to rob my beast.

Ufff... Luckily, unlike her, I manage to keep my expression and look as if I had not noticed.

After another time of chat even more uncomfortable, in which this damn girl has insinuated several times that it is possible to exchange and trade beasts in the academy, in the end I can get rid of it... Well, actually it has been Professor Leonardo who I called you to do your test.

Ufff... Damn noble, so intriguing even when they are so young...

This can be a problem... I guess I'll discuss it with Lucia when I see her.

While I'm reflecting on how to deal with this issue, I do not notice that my tail is swinging and hitting with the bone spike the bench on which I'm sitting.

Calling my attention, I direct my vision towards my tail... Could I have used it in the battle? From what I have seen, in my Ozaru form my tail becomes a deadly weapon, so it would be great to learn how to use it.

I approach Leonardo, who looks bored at the battle in the battle circle...

"Professor, I have some questions to ask you," I said, drawing his attention from the "boring" battle.

"Oh... Go ahead." He told me with little encouragement... This guy seems pretty bored.

"I've been thinking, that I could have used my tail in battle, since in my Ozaru form my tail looks pretty dangerous. So I was wondering, if there was any manual or anything like that that taught me to use my tail in battle. "When I told him about my thoughts, I noticed that his eyes began to glow with interest.

"Oh... It's true, that tail looked pretty threatening! Hum... Give me some time so I can look for something on the subject! Because although people with tail is not very rare, but those who use them to fight are something else, so I need to find something that suits you! "He said with great interest, and I can tell you that if it were not for what he has to continue teaching, he would have gone out looking for things on the subject.

While Professor Leonardo and I are talking, Annabelle ends her battle and looks at us with interest... but in the end she decided not to approach us. Noticing that, I cling to Professor Leonardo like a limpet, until the end of class.

That said, when I finish the class, I decide to go to the cultivation room after lunch. Luckily it seems that Annabelle is embarrassed to talk to me in front of everyone in the cafeteria, so I'm safe... for now.

Quickly finishing my meal, I head directly to the grow room, as I plan to spend some extra points to spend the afternoon cultivating.

Although it may not seem like it, it is quite addictive to cultivate. And I've noticed that my demonic ring is recharged before absorbing the demonic qi inside the room. In addition to not only its storage size of qi is equal to that of a level 6 grower, but the quality of the demonic qi that refines, it is also level 6.

So whenever I fill it with demonic qi, I use it to refine my energy core, since it is much more effective than the demonic qi of the cultivation room.

Well, enough of chatter, to cultivate has been said.

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