Another World Lls Book 1 Chapter 3

Volume 1 Chapter 3 Prologue 36

Although he was a little surprised at the fact that the change would not cost him anything, he still seemed somewhat reluctant not to clear up his doubts.

"Excuse me, could I elaborate a little more?"

A few seconds later ...

"Although it can not be said that they are a lot, there are also few who chose that same world, and 98% of those who choose that world also choose to be reborn as the protagonist.

Do you think we would put all those souls in the same body? Of course not, what we do is to place each one in an almost identical parallel world ... the difference between two of those worlds? It can be from the hair color of a person unknown in the world, in number of fleas in a random stray dog, etc ... ".

"Oh shit!

"It makes sense, I guess you just send me to a more different version than usual," he said with a sense of accomplishment after his slip.

Unexpectedly without any delay the dead eyes Lord added to his comment right away. "Although the separation of the main line is a free service, if you want to add specifications to which version you reincarnate, you will have to buy a personalized wish. But do not worry, those changes are pretty cheap, since it's just adding filters to the random result. "

"One last doubt, you said that 98% chose mc. Who chose the rest? "Ask out of curiosity.

"The vast majority of that 2% are women, who are divided among the women around the mc. And 70% of those women choose to be Sky Law. You know, younger sister of Zhi Zun, from that time. As long as they do not give them the rebellious outbreak, they can take advantage of their guidance and protection. And if you wish, you can have a talented and powerful MC, as a husband. "

With your new understanding, I do not hesitate to select the lls world. After selecting it, he noticed that a (custom) appeared next to the selection of the world, so it seems that he has already fixed that part for me and I select the last part of his shopping list. The personalized wishes.

Have, have, have ... what advantages should I choose ... umm ... I know.

With the clear ideas, of what I wanted, I select the option of personalized wishes. This time, I was ready for the pop-up window, so I do not hit him in the face this time. In this menu there was only one button with a microphone drawn on it, I suppose it is for you to express your desire.

I hope you do not have to express them out loud and with enough thought. I press the button and think about my desire 'I want to have the capacity to possess a grimoire'.

It started with a simple and essential desire, since it was possible that he was not able to hire one.

Calculating ... success.

1st - guarantee the hiring of grimoire - 100 pts

after calculating the possibilities, only one option appeared, since it sounded quite safe and absolute ... and cheap.

Add to cart.

Second wish 'I want to possess an inherent ability, which allows me to trade with the old code, that is: the grimoire acc.u.mulates some kind of experience in battles and raises levels and gives rewards accordingly. What I want from my inherent ability is that I convert that experience into some type of points or currency that allows me to negotiate directly with the old code, either for the specific rank increases or rewards that I want.

Calculating ... success.

1st - grant the skill you have literally specified - 847 pts

2º- grant the skill with margin of quality with respect to the indicated - 848 ~ ??? pts

hum ... this time there are two options ... the first is explained alone ... and the second I guess, which means that the more points I put in it the better the skill will be in some way ... hum ... I will choose the second version and put 1000 pts, all ways I can change it if necessary later, if I need those extra points.

Third wish 'I do not want to have a family, I want to be an orphan, but without being a beggar or bad rolls. And I want my status, not to interfere with my hiring of a grimoire, or in my future development. '

Calculating ... success.

1st - selection of individual or entity to reincarnate - 509 pts

Look how good, the price has not gone up much. It will be because I have made it quite vague.

Fourth wish 'I want an inherent ability, dependent on the loyalty of my hired beasts, receive a buff in relation to their loyalty. And when it reaches a certain point, they will receive the immortality feature, equal to that of a guardian beast. '

Calculating ... success.

1st - grant the skill you have literally specified - 1392 pts

2º- grant the skill with margin of quality with respect to the indicated - 1393 ~ ??? pts

Hum ... as before, it offers me room for improvement. Hum ... this ability depends on my promotion to a large extent, because with only this ability, my guardian beast would receive a significant increase in strength, since his loyalty is absolute. Hum ... this ability is important for me and against more better, I will set 3000 pts, to make sure it is what I hope it is.

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