Another World Lls Book 1 Chapter 30

Volume 1 Chapter 30 Should I Be A Life Coach?

What satisfaction.

One feels so good after cultivating.

As I leave the cultivation room with a satisfied face, I realize that there is a group of second and third year students, not far from the entrance of the cultivation room.

Oh, they're looking at me ... And now they're coming towards me ... Are they classic school thugs? Why come to me? Will it be for Annabelle?

While I think about the situation, the students surround me ... It seems that they have some experience, since they cover all the gaps and from the outside it only seemed a group of students gathered ...

"You're Arthur, right?" The one who seems to be the leader, asks me with a slightly annoyed expression ...

"Yes, I'm Arthur, with whom I have the pleasure of speaking." I replied with a smile, you know the saying, 'do not hit someone with a smile' ... I do not remember if it was exactly like that or not, but the essence it's the same.

"Hmpf, my name is Zakron Redstorm." He said proudly ... What an obsession this empire has with the red color ... Well, at least it seems that my smile strategy has worked, at least it does not seem that I'm going to lynch without saying nor hello.

"Nice to meet you Zakron. How can I help you?" Ufff ... This is stressful, if it was just one or two ... what the f.u.c.k even if they were 5, I could get rid of them. But with all these students, it's not going to be possible, since I can not even count them all without turning ...

"Hum, since you seem collaborative, I'll tell you clearly. Do not get closer to Anna, if not ... go to the consequences. "He told me what I think is an attempt at a threatening face.

Oh ... what's that with? Well, if the boy is half as reasonable as he seems, then this is easy to solve.

"Hum ... Anna, Anna ... Do you mean Annabelle Redwind?" I ask to confirm my suspicions, and seeing him nod, I begin to resolve this misunderstanding.

"I think there has been a misunderstanding here, I do not have any kind of relationship with Miss Annabelle," I said faking a sigh, to show him that it is really a misunderstanding and that I have relaxed to see that it is just a mistake.

"Oh ... That's not what my friend told me, he said you were talking very enthusiastically, you even gave him a gift." He told me, refuting my argument.

"Ha ha ha, it's really a misunderstanding, let me explain it to you. It turns out that my test results this morning were pretty good, so Miss Annabelle was curious about my performance, so I wonder about that. And about the gift, it's just a candy I give to my beast, and Miss Annabelle was curious about whether her beast would like it. But after trying and seeing that her beast did not like it, she gave me back the candy. "I let go of all the information dump, with a smile on my face.

"Um ... Well, you seem sincere so I'll let you go through today, but as you approach her ..." I do not finish his words in an attempt to threaten me.

After telling me that, I was ready to leave, but I stopped him.

"Wait." Ufff ... Maybe I'm getting where they do not call me, but after seeing that he's not a bad person in the background, I can not let him walk the path of a third-class villain ...

"Hmpf, you have some problem," he said coarsely, apparently he thinks I'm going to reply or something.

"Is not that. Is that I could not help thinking about some things that can hurt you, so as I've seen you're not a bad person, that's why I would like to warn you. "When I said that his expression relaxed and he looked at me with interest.

"Is that? Then tell me what could cause me problems. "He said with interest, I hope he listens to me and does not get offended or anything like that.

"Well, first I'll say the obvious, you like Annabelle, right?" First I want to make things clear. And seeing him nod, I continue.

"From what I've seen, this is not the first time you assault a fellow student, right?" I keep leaving the points clear.

"It's true, but if you're worried about complaining to teachers, you do not have to worry. That is already solved. "He said with a smile on his face, as if he saw through my thoughts ... How naive, well, still a child. In addition, it is good to know that the school is a bit corrupt in some cases.

Shaking my head, I continue my explanation.

"I was not referring to that, what I was referring to is that if you have not noticed, it's Miss Annabelle who approaches the students ..." While I was explaining, I see her face darken ... Shit, I've been too direct I should have said it in another way.

"You dare to insult Annabelle's purity and honor!" He yells at me, and it seems he's going to send everyone to hit me if I do not avoid him.

"Wait, wait, it's a misunderstanding. You did not let me finish, it's a misunderstanding. "I said hastily, shit, now I look like one of those subordinates who are always terrified of their bosses.

Seeing him calm down a bit, he continued.

"What I was referring to was that if you did not notice, Miss Annabelle often approaches students who show some talent. As in my case, I try to find out if he had a secret or something, I guess he is looking for ways to be stronger. "As he explained, I saw that Zakron's face was calm again, and even seemed somewhat interested in my words.

"Although I am not aware of the background of Miss Annabelle, I guess it will be a declining noble house since it is in class B, so it is normal for her to seek the power to regain the glory of her home. Either by increasing her strength or by attaching herself to someone talented, so it's no wonder that she engages in conversations with different students that demonstrate some talent. "I continued telling him my theory, in which he seems to reflect, so that he may be right

"Eh ... Boss, I think he's right. If you remember, the second year student will * cough * threaten * cough *. It is rumored that he is quite talented with the sword, besides that there are also rumors about the others ... "Said one of the students accompanying Zakron.

"You see, as I said, that's where the problem comes from," I said hastily.

"Whether in the future, you get the love of Miss Annabelle or not, you will have a long list of 'talented people' that you have offended. And if any of them really sees you as a love rival, the situation seems to be worse. "Upon hearing my words, the smarter subordinates pale, since they themselves are ordinary people. So to offend a future expert can cost them their lives.

Zakron, though he did not blanch like his subordinates, but he also put on an ugly face. Apparently, he has also noticed the problem.

"Another advice that I would like to give you. If you really want to be with Miss Annabelle, the path that you are going through, I do not think it is the most indicated one. "Hearing me frowns,

"Oh ... And that?" I ask with a frown, but after listening to me so far, he seems to want my opinion.

"Look, although I personally have no experience (in this life), but I've read many novels and I know that people who do what you end up as third-class villains." When he hears me his face darkens, but does not interrupt me.

"As I have already told you, Miss Annabelle is attracted to the talented, and let me remind you that the Crimson Dragon empire is just a mid-level empire. And that alone in the continent, in the tower of Babylon, the power and prestige of our empire is much smaller.

What I mean by this, is that it is not strange that the talented young people of higher level empires, go to the lowest level to experience. So it is not impossible, that Miss Annabelle meets with someone of that profile ...

What are you going to do at that moment? Threatening him too, surely you and your family would be in trouble by then. Although it does not have to be the case, I'm just telling you one of the possibilities of how you can finish, if you continue like this.

If I were you, I would stop chasing after Annabelle, since by doing that you only show her the message that you have no value. What I mean is, that Annabelle might think that since she has you behind her, she can try to find a 'better' suitor. Because if it fails, you will always be there.

So if I were you, I would go talk to all the students that you have offended and apologize, tell them that you have been impulsive since we are still children, it is not too late to forget all this. And if you want to keep chasing after Annabelle, do it differently. Do not you like talented guys? Become one, you are the descendant of a noble clan, I am sure that you are capable of developing some talent.

And who knows, maybe over the years, you find another girl that you like more. Since as I said before, we are still children, we have all our lives ahead ... And it is a very long life, since we are cultivators, we do not need to hurry. "Ufff ... Piece of speech I have ridden ... At least, Zakron seems to reflect about my words ...

After a while of thinking, Zakron looks at me, and then leaves.

Well, I was hoping that at least he would say goodbye ... What is going to be done to him, I suppose he has many things to think about.

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