Another World Lls Book 1 Chapter 32

Volume 1 Chapter 32 I Think They Have Scammed Me?

Ufff... now it does not come to mind more interesting things that will happen in these 6 months...

Well, I'll comment if I remember something... Oh, yeah, I went up to level 3 in the third month... And it seems I'm going to take to level up... since it's hard for me to cultivate with the level of demonic qi in the cultivation room. And my ring I can only use once a week.

The reason why I decided to stop the time skip at this time, is because today begins the semester evaluation.

And it is not a simple test to check how you are going until now, but that you are given a mission that you must fulfill within a month... The bad thing is that this month we are subtracted from the holidays...

So I finish dressing and I prepare to go to class B, I miss when I was sleeping with Medea... What a pity, the sacrifices I make for power.

Arriving in the classroom, I see some students in their seats... Yes, I'm still marginalized... Even more after, that rejected the advances of Annabelle, let's say now they treat me like air.

Better for me, I guess...

After a few minutes, the rest of the students and Professor Leonardo arrived in the classroom.

"Alright boys and girls! As you should know today you will be given the assessment mission for this semester! "After he said that, he distributed the mission reports to everyone in the classroom.

[Evaluation mission.

Class B.

Student: Arthur.

Objective: Travel to level 4 kingdom Aguamarina, and arrest or kill all the bandits of the black wind bandit group, who are staying in one of the kingdom's most important commercial routes.

Threat level: Level 7.]

EHHHH...! Level 7, it was not assumed that the level of threat would be around level 3 as much...

"Professor, something has to be wrong here. Was not the difficulty of the mission supposed to be level 3? Because mine is level 7. "I said hastily, because if it is a mistake there was still time to fix it...

"Oh, about that...! The board of directors of the academy, has decided that you will be able to face this level of threat!" He told me as if it were something normal...

Shit! I guess they will refer to my Ozaru form, plus Medea has grown quite strong, although it is still not as strong as my Ozaru form. Although Medea and my Ozaru form make a good combination, since both are giant beasts so they fight well together.

But even so, I consider it a bit too risky... And unfair, that I can do it, does not mean that they can give me a much harder test than the rest of my classmates.

When I informed Professor Leonardo of my complaint, he smiled and told me.

"Hahaha! It is true that technically we could not give you a more difficult mission to maintain equality in class, but it was decided to make an exception this time! Since when completing the mission, you will not only receive the maximum score, but you will also be greatly rewarded! "He said with a smile.

Oh, there are rewards... hum, this is something else. Since normally these evaluation missions do not involve rewards, so at the most you are reimbursed for the expenses you had while completing the mission.

While I was thinking about what the rewards might be, the other students complained that I received rewards and they did not.

Professor Leonardo gave them a glow and told them that if they accepted a level 7 mission, they would also receive rewards.

Of course the students were not so stupid, as to accept a level 7 mission, when they are barely in level 3.

"Well, stop fooling around and get ready, since you will be leaving this afternoon!" Leonardo told us and gave us the morning off.

Hum... I wonder what I should prepare for this mission...

Oh, sure, first I'll go to the mission room. There they will give me more information about the mission.

And if you ask yourself what the mission room is... it's basically that, a building where missions are shown for the students to do. I already commented that from the fifth year, the students are quite free so they establish missions so that students earn student points and rewards.

Also, when you reach a certain level, the resources of the academy are not enough for the students. So many students accept missions in places where they can improve and fight against strong opponents.

The majority of the people choose the missions of collection of resources in the tower of Babylon, since there are many beasts of high level, besides that the qi is purer there. So it is a place favored by all.

Well, it's better that I stop getting out of the subject, I'm going to ask about the details of the mission.

After losing me for a while...

Hell, anyone would say that I've been living here for 6 months, but every time I go to a new place, I can not help but lose myself.

Ufff... Well, let's ask the receptionist.

"Excuse me, I'd like additional information about this mission," I said as I passed her the doc.u.ment of my mission.

"Hum... Show me your student card to confirm your identity." She told me with a smile, I guess all the female receptionists rehearse their professional smiles. However, male receptionists always have a lifeless face.

Stop thinking about my nonsense and I showed him my student card.

"Well, wait a moment for me to look for the data," she said after checking that this mission is assigned to me.

After a few minutes.

"Here is the most detailed information on this mission, remember that you can not take these doc.u.ments from this room, so sit at one of those tables there to read them." She told me pointing to an area full of tables, separated by screens for privacy.

Picking up the files of the mission, I go to an empty table, where I leave the files and sit down. Then I choose a file from the small pile and start reading them.

After a half hour...

Hum, I see why it is a level 7 mission.

In short, it is a large group of bandits, with around 500 bandits. Although the vast majority of them are ordinary people, that is to say that they are not even in level 1, and it is their leaders who are cultivators.

Their leader is in level 6, with his direct subordinates being around level 3 to 5. According to the reports, although they are bandits, they are not excessively bloodthirsty or heartless. What I mean is that they only kill during the fight if they require it, and they do not go looting villages or kidnapping women. I guess they try to keep a low profile so they do not send powerful growers after them, and if you pay them the tribute they demand you can safely pass through the trade route.

Although I am surprised that they do not kidnap women, since I do not believe that the 500 bandits are gay, I suppose they have bought 'legally' some slaves to satisfy their needs.

Now the problem is... how the hell did I catch the 500 bandits, without any of them escaping?

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