Another World Lls Book 1 Chapter 33

Volume 1 Chapter 33 Can I Go To The Bathroom Quietly?

Hmmm... I think I have a plan, but I'll have to see the situation to see if it can work.

While I think about my plan, I see a map of the area among the mission files.

Hum... From what I see on the map, the lair of the bandits, is in a large cave in the wall of a cliff.

Those caves usually have many exits... Ufff, this is going to be complicated. If only I had more fighting beasts... But we're only Medea and me, and while I'm transformed, we're both a little too big to go stealthily. So I will have to approach first without transforming myself and hope that they do not kill me before I transform...


I go to the receptionist to deliver the mission files.

"Excuse me, you can give me a copy of this map." I ask as I hold the map I had just seen.

"Sure, wait a moment." After accepting my request, she took the map and took it to an adjoining room, after a few moments she came out with two maps. One I keep with the rest of the files and the other one gave it to me.

I guess the previous room was the equivalent of a photocopy room.

Ufff... with all the information in your hand, it's time to eat something, since we'll leave after eating.

After eating, I go to my room to get spare clothes and my weapons... Yes, in these 6 months, I have gotten my own weapons... Although they are not anything special either, the only difference of my weapons with those we use in the training, is that the most used are less.

Once I see that everything is ready, I decide to stop by an academy store where they sell different types of things. Be it weapons, potions, pills, etc.

I more specifically, I come for rations, since I do not know if I'll be a lot of time outdoors...

In the end, I even pick up some camping items, as you may have to spend the night outside.

Having everything I need... at least I think so, I'm heading to the training camp of class B. Since Professor Leonardo told us that when we finished our preparations we were there.

Once I arrive, I see Professor Leonardo along with other employees of the academy, and some students who seem to be leaving already. I guess the departure time is optional.

"Oh, Arthur, I see you've arrived!" Professor Leonardo said, gesturing me to come closer.

"Yes professor, I think I'm ready, although I'm not sure of my mission," I said with an apologetic face.

"And that!? With your strength, I'm sure you're able to take care of them all!" He said with confidence.

"I know that, but the problem is with those who flee, since we are Medea and me alone. It will be difficult to prevent most from escaping. "I told him to see if he offered any advice.

"Oh, that's true, but there's the difficulty of the mission!" He said with a smile... Shit, seen through me...

"Well, since everything is ready, let me introduce you to your supervisor! Toby, Arthur will be assigned to you!" When he said that, one of the men who were nearby approached and greeted me.

"Hi, my name is Toby and I will be the one to record your progress in the mission." After introducing himself, Toby summoned his grimoire and summoned what seems to be a person made of shadows.

"This is one of my contracted beasts, it is a stalker shadow, so it will be attached to your shadow and will communicate all your exploits." He explained the function of his beast... Shit, f.u.c.k my privacy...

"Although I will not follow you personally, with the special skills of the stalker shadow, we can..."

"Communicate to us, since I am able to speak through it. Also if you are in mortal danger, the stalker shadow will take you out of there, but keep in mind that you have failed the mission. "

In the middle of his speech, his voice began to come out of the stalker shadow... Well, I suppose it is a good method of communication, although something sinister.

After finishing his explanation, the stalker shadow was immersed in my shadow... How uncomfortable is the feeling, to know that I have no privacy... even when I go to the bathroom...

"Well, Arthur, since your mission is quite far away! You will have to use the teleportation plaza, do not worry we have already warned the kingdom of Aquamarine, so they will guide you a little when you arrive!" Leonardo while patting me on my back.

After that, he gave me a token to prove my identity in the realm of Aquamarine and a proof for the operator of the teleportation plaza.

After leaving Professor Leonardo and company, I go to the teleportation plaza, where I show the proof to the operator and make arrangements for teleportation.

After a few minutes, he beckons me to go to the center of the plaza so he can start teleportation.

A strong shine and strong nausea later …

And now I'm in a square full of soldiers...

OK, I hope it was true about what they said about my arrival...

"You're Arthur?" A man told me, who stepped forward from the rest of the soldiers.

"That's right, I'm Arthur." I answered him as I showed him the token they gave me at the academy.

Upon seeing the token, the man nodded and introduced himself.

"Nice to meet you, my names the Albert, I am the captain of the guard of the royal capital of Aquamarine," he said while taking a military salute.

"A pleasure, can you guide me in the right direction?" I asked as I pulled out the map.

"Oh, let's see... Yes, although the capital does not appear on the map, if you exit through the south exit and continue on the road at the end you will reach this road on the map. I also advise that if you do not want your lookouts to detect you, it is better to get out of the way around here and fence as stealthily as you can. At least, our spies could approach without the lookouts noticing them this way. "He told me, while giving me advice.

"Another thing, this cave has been used before by another group of bandits, so we know it has two other exits, which are here and here. So you have to be careful so you do not run away, "he continued explaining as he pointed to the map.

"Thanks for the information, it will be very helpful." I said with a smile.

"It's nothing... If it were not for defeating its leader and its most powerful lackeys, we would have to leave the capital unprotected... We would not have to ask for help from your empire, although I'm really surprised that they send a child as small as you "He said in an attempt to protect his pride... And I understand his last sentence, since I am currently in my chibi version, until the spurt...

"Ha ha ha, do not worry, I'll take care of the leader and his strongest henchmen almost certainly, the only problem I may have is that the weakest escape... Because if I make sure that the big shots do not escape, It's hard for me to make sure that everyone does not escape. Although I will try it anyway... "I said to assure him that at least I will take care of the leaders.

When he heard me, he seemed calmer, but even so he sighed.

"It's a pity that according to the rules that your academy imposed, we can not help you, because if that were not the case. It would take some troops to surround the area, to make sure we sweep all of them at once. "He said with pity, after that he gave me something.

"This is a communication device, when you finish, whatever the result, call me. So I can take care of everything from there. "

"Oh, something else, as we discussed with your academy. The loot of the battle belongs to you, but all the slaves that are in the zone and the bandits that you do not kill, will belong to the kingdom of Aquamarine. Do you understand? "He told me with a serious face.

"I understand," I said.

After that, he guided me to the southern exit of the capital.

During the walk, I do not stop thinking, because they would not want the booty and insist so much on the slaves and bandits... Well, I do not care, anyway.

As I leave the capital, I say goodbye to Albert and summon Medea. After climbing on his head, we left for the thieves' lair.

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