Another World Lls Book 1 Chapter 34

Volume 1 Chapter 34 Do We Watch The Lookouts?

A couple of hours later ...

Ufff ... My ass hurts.

Although it is quite comfortable to travel in Medea, but with the passage of time, my ass hurts for her hard scale. At least they are quite smooth ... I need to buy a cushion, the more comfortable it is, the better.

Oh, if I'm not mistaken, that's the ravine on the map.

According to Captain Albert, there are two additional exits, two small holes on either side of the main entrance. Although each one is between 1 or 2 kilometers from the main entrance ... I should block them before doing anything ...

I will try to find the nearest, to see if it is guarded.

I unsummon Medea and leave the main road, as I enter the forest I ask Bloody to execute the plan I had devised.

'Bloody, concealment.'

After giving the order to Bloody, the blood begins to leave each pore of my body, forming a thin layer of blood on my body and clothes. Becoming a man of blood.

Once covered in blood, Bloody hardens it and prevents its odor from spreading. It also adds the property [Hiding].

Yes, this is a stealth technique that occurred to me, while testing the new Bloody skills.

Although, it's not as good as an authentic stealth skill, it's better than nothing. Because although it does not make me invisible or eliminate my presence, at least it diminishes something.

In addition to Bloody, can act as a detector of life ... Actually, it would be more like a blood detector, but in essence it is the same. So it is very difficult for someone to sneak in my back unless he specializes in murder and is able to hide his blood in some way ... That is, a beast that does not have blood ...

Well, to the mess. According to Bloody, in about 1 kilometer or so, there are only small live serines. Since the amount of blood they possess, it is not enough for a standard human being.

After crossing part of the forest, while surrounding all living creatures I was. At the end I reach the wall of the ravine, now it is only to look for the entrance ...

I suppose it will be watched, so ...

'Bloody, see if you can find some humans near the ravine wall.' I ordered Bloody, to see if it could find the bandits guarding the secondary exits.

In a few seconds, Bloody tells me that there are a couple of people together in an easterly direction, and apparently they are about half of their detection range. So they will be around 500 meters.

Let's approach carefully ...

When I am about 50 meters away, I am able to see them ... They are three level 1 bandits, so it is not a threat, they are also sleeping ...

Go shit guards ...

I could kill them or arrest them, but I do not know if there is a change of guard or that, so I'll watch them at least for tonight ... Or until I confirm the changing of the guard.

As I think about my plans, I look at the hole in the wall ... It has a simple wooden door badly made ... I guess it's to prevent any vermin from creeping in.

When I see the door, a plan comes to mind ...

I get far enough from the sleeping 'guards' and summon Medea again. Luckily, my control over the invocation has increased, so I can invoke she without making much noise.

"Medea, go in that direction and hunt the biggest beasts you see, look for the ones that you think have the most bones and try to keep as much blood as possible."

"Also, when you finish hunting some beast, bring it here. Wait, I will mark you with my blood essence, so that when you arrive Bloody can detect you and I come to pick up the bodies. "After finishing telling Medea her orders, I put my hand on her forehead, which leaves a trace of palm made with my blood essence.

When completing the preparations, Medea is going to hunt, and I return to watch the 'guards'.

After an hour and a half, Bloody tells me that Medea has returned, so I'm going to meet her.

When I arrive at the meeting place, I see Medea carrying what seems ... A mammoth? I do not know, it looks like a mammoth, but with short hair and 3 pairs of fangs ...

"Very well done Medea, try to leave that beast on the ground, without making much noise," I said with a smile, as I threw a handful of blood candy, which ate them in one bite. At this point, the blood candy is really candy for her, because at her level the candies of this level do not serve much ... So unless you get blood from a beast with a high number of stars, or of platinum rank, I can do little.

After eating the blood candy, Medea proceeds to wriggle little by little, causing the mammoth to slide from her body to the ground. Ufff ... thank goodness that has not made noise ... At times like these, is when I'm glad to have purchased wisdom improvements to all my beasts. Although it seems that Luna has not done much to its ... I guess its wisdom was really low …

"Very well done Medea, now that you have left it on the ground, go and look for more for me," I said with a smile. To which Medea nods and goes winding with care not to break any tree ... That list is, she has realized that she has to be careful, to complete the mission.

Or maybe it's his way of meandering normally ... I do not know, since it's the first time I let her loose in a forest full of trees ...

Well, let's continue with the next phase of the plan.

'Whitey, get all the bones out of this body and make a uniform pile, so you can not take them in.' I ordered Whitey.

Upon receiving my orders, Whitey manipulates my tail and pierces the corpse with my bone dagger.

The next moment, I can see the whole body trembling slightly, until the bones begin to leave your whole body while they break the flesh and skin in your path.

Ufff ... What a gore scene ...

'Bloody, collect all the blood in a sphere and harden it, but you do not have to refine it.'

Like Whitey, Bloody, upon receiving my orders, begins to collect the blood from the corpse.

After a few minutes, Bloody finished, but Whitey still has a little time ... It's normal, since Whitey's control skill is much less than Bloody's.

About 10 minutes later, I have in front of me, a sphere of blood about 3 meters in diameter and a bone mound slightly amorphous 2 meters high and 3 meters wide.

And of course, the mummified remains of ... This can no longer be considered a mammoth, without the bones and with the remaining corpse totally torn apart ...

Well, I'm asking Bloody to use some of the collected blood, to get rid of this waste. And if you ask yourself, how will Bloody do it? It's simple.

Manipulating a little blood, which gives the property [Corrosion], so with a little time gets rid of the remains.

When finished cleaning, Bloody restores the used blood to its original state and returns it to the sphere.

Then, I keep the sphere of blood and bone mound, in my storage ring and return to watch the guards.

In the end, throughout the rest of the day until the night, Medea and I repeated this process a couple of times more.

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