Another World Lls Book 1 Chapter 35

Volume 1 Chapter 35 Am I Becoming Numb?

This is a pain in the ass ...

My original plan was much simpler, since it consisted in buying an object with my skill [Commerce], that would serve to seal an area so that nobody could escape ...

But I did not expect to be coupled with that sinister stalker shadow ... So now I have to go the hard way, the first part of my plan is, find out the changing times of the guard.

And from what I've seen so far, I've only seen a change of guard at this entrance when night comes. I'll wait until the morning, to check if they also make a change of guard in the morning, thus confirming that there are only 2 changes of guard per day.

After making sure of the guard time of this entry, I will do the same with the other secondary entrance.

Meanwhile, Medea continues to hunt large beasts ... Medea seems happy to be able to go out and play.

After checking the schedules of the change of guard of both entrances, a few days have already passed ...

I took some extra time to rest, because after spending almost an entire day without sleeping, I did not trust my performance ... So I took a nap.

Ufff ... Tonight I'll start with the plan, so I'll make sure I get a good night's sleep and rest during the day.

After getting away from the bandits' lair, I take out camping gear, which consists of an enchanted sleeping bag to keep a certain temperature and some varied tools.

I ask Medea to curl around me, to watch over me while I sleep, and also to hide from any unexpected visitor.

So with Medea's protection, I'm going to sleep ...


Hum ... I wake up from my sleep due to Medea's pushing, since I told her to get up when the night approached.

"* Yawn * Thank you Medea." I thanked Medea as I yawned and stretched.

After I finished waking up and finished picking up, I unsummoned Medea and headed for the nearest secondary entrance.

After settling in the vicinity of the entrance, I wait for the changing of the guard.

With time comes the time of the changing of the guard, so I wait for the new guards to relax and the old ones to leave.

After what I think is ample time, I take out a sphere of blood from my storage ring.

'Bloody, put them to sleep without them noticing.' I order Bloody.

Upon hearing my order, Bloody separates two small piles of blood from the main sphere.

Transforms the two piles of blood, in a fine mist of almost detectable blood, which gives them different properties. One of the properties that I attached to part of the fog is [Relaxation], and to the other part of the fog gave it the property [Dream]. So it should not be difficult to put the guards to sleep.

About 40 minutes later, the bandits who watch the entrance fall asleep, so I approach them ...

These bandits were around level 2, so if I fought directly with them I'm sure they would get to warn the other bandits, and if I transformed into Ozaru to kill them they would see me from a distance ... Besides, I have more things to do so I can not transform into Ozaru when I want, because when I undo the transformation I end up very tired.

It seems that the night guards are more seriously taken, since they send level 2 bandits, not like the day they are only level 1.

But even so, with a few movements of my tail, I pierce them in their hearts with my bone dagger ... One almost screams but I managed to cover his mouth in time ... Better to cover the mouth of others.

I ask Bloody to get rid of the blood so that no odor is released, and I keep the bodies in my storage ring.

When I finish cleaning the area, I head towards the door of the hiding place. During my surveillance, I could see that there were no traps in the entrance, although I will be waiting in case.

Upon entering the cave, I realize that it is quite narrow, so I make sure to see where I step to make sure it does not trigger any possible trap.

As I move through the narrow tunnel, I ask Bloody to let me know if it detects anything.

After walking for a dozen minutes, Bloody warns me that at the limits of his area of perception, it finds many human beings.

After moving a little further, Bloody is already able to detect the leader of the bandits, since he has a strong blood energy that coincides more or less with other level 6 cultivators, which Bloody has seen in the academy.

It also detects that his subordinates of the bandit leader, who are also in the area ... According to his calculations, there are 3 level 4 bandits, 10 level 3 bandits, 23 level 2 bandits and more than 50 level 1 bandits. In the rest of the bandits they do not have no cultivation

When I finish checking that the leader and his subordinates are here, I am ready to go back where I come from.

Although I have no way of knowing if any bandit is missing, the kingdom of Aquamarine along with the academy, have discreetly ensured that no commercial caravan passes this month. To make sure all the bandits are in their lair. Although if someone is missing before I came, it does not count towards my mission.

After leaving the tunnel, I took out half the piles of bones and a third of the blood spheres in my storage ring.

'Whitey, block the exit with walls, blocks, bars ... everything you can do with these bones. Also, make sure it is as hard and as strong as possible. '

"Bloody, work with Whitey to block the way. Try to give properties to the bones, so that they are harder and more resistant ... give it imagination. "

I ordered the two of them and Whitey melted our merger momentarily, since if so it can manipulate all these piles of bones without having to drag me along with its.

Whitey, assimilated one of the piles of bone and began to assimilate the others ... In the end it looked like a white worm, not much smaller than Medea.

Whitey proceeded to enter the tunnel. And Bloody controlled all the blood to keep its behind Whitey, but since Bloody has a lot more control, it does not need to undo the merger.

After about an hour, Whitey separates himself from the gigantic pile of bone that blocks the entrance, and merges with me again through my tail.

I approach the pile of visible bone of the tunnel, and put the palm of my hand on it, to be able to feel it ... It seems quite solid, at least I would not be able to break it ... but I'm only level 3, so I can not Be sure if your leader could break it ...

After making sure everything is ready and they have not noticed anything, I head for the other side entrance, as I circle the main entrance.

I have realized that it is more efficient to travel on Medea, than to go on my own, since she is more secretive than me ... I suppose she will have it in her genes ...

When I get to the second secondary entrance, I realize that the majority of the bandits are already asleep ... I guess this makes my job easier ...

Following the same steps as in the previous time, I make Bloody sleep to those who are still awake, and in the end I kill them with a simple piercing in the heart with my bone dagger while covering their mouth to make sure they do not scream.

After cleaning the corpses, I take out the other half of the piles of bone and another third of the blood ... if you ask yourself, why do not I use it all? The answer is 'Who knows, could be useful later.'

one hour later, I have blocked the 2 secondary entrances, so that only the main entrance is left to take care of.

It's time for the next phase of the plan.

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