Another World Lls Book 1 Chapter 36

Volume 1 Chapter 36 Will My Plan Succeed?

I am nervous…

If this fails...

No, it will not fail.


I approach the main entrance, and look to see if there are any changes that are worth changing my plans.

Okay, everything's still the same, a few half-asleep bandits on guard.

I am far enough away to be able to summon Medea without them noticing.

"Medea, pay attention, because this is pretty serious.

The plan is as follows, you have to go to the entrance of the bandits' lair, and wreak havoc there.

Although most of the bandits are ordinary people, but there are strong people inside the lair, so you have to be vigilant so they do not hurt you in a surprise attack.

You have to release your aura so they can discern your level, so they will treat you a little more lightly, and may even try to capture you. So the chances of them trying to kill you diminish.

Also, do not try too hard... I mean do not show them all your strength, because if they see that you are too strong for your level, they may think that you are a contracted beast or that they try to kill you immediately to avoid problems.

Oh, and you can take this opportunity to level your eye skills, so use them as much as you can on common bandits. "

After telling her part of the plan, slowly and carefully to make sure Medea understood, I let her go to attack the entrance.

This is the plan, let Medea wreak havoc on the entrance, to make the strongest out to take care of her...

Ufff... I know that Medea is technically immortal, but even so I would feel very bad that something happened to her... Besides, I'm being watched by the shadow stalker, so it would be difficult to explain how I resurrected Medea...

Ufff... Let's get closer to see the show.






As I got closer to my hiding mode, I arrived just in time to see Medea gobble up an entire bandit... I hope she does not feel bad, to know how long that guy has been without bathing...

I also see some bandits turned to stone, and some strangely pale corpses... I suppose they will be the results of petrifying sight and mortal sight.

Oh, now that I think about it, I'd like to know how many experience points I earn when Medea kills ordinary people.

Although I usually have experience notifications turned off, I can see it in the event log...

Did not I tell you? These are the new functions that I got when leveling the inherent skill [Grimoire GUI], I got a setting option and an event log.

Currently I have it configured to only show me in real time when I win some achievement.

Let's see the event log...

[Medea has killed a Fanged Mammoth, you've won 23 exp.

Medea has killed a Giant Wolf, you've won 41 exp.


Medea has killed a regular Bandit, you've won 2 exp.

Medea has killed a Bandit level 1, you have won 13 exp.


Medea has killed a regular Bandit, you have won 2 exp.]

Oh, so the Mammoth with 3 fangs, it's called Fanged Mammoth... That original...

Well, in general, ordinary people do not provide many points. And doing a quick count, Medea has already killed more than 50 common bandits.

And from what I see, Medea has also killed a few level 1 bandits, I guess it's about time that the bandit leader and his subordinates appear.

It's amazing to see Medea not to mention this swarm of bandits... With a blow of her tail, she bursts a dozen bandits. As you move from one place to another, crush the bandits under your body. And every now and then, she takes a bite and saps some bandit that another.

Hum... the count of victims over 100... When will the big shots come out?

After another 10 minutes and almost 100 more victims...

"What the hell is going on here!" With a scream that looks like a roar, a group of bandits came out of the cave.

According to Bloody, they are the most powerful of the cave, especially the bald of almost 2 meters. I suppose he will be the leader of the bandits...

Son of a bitch, take off that greedy look, if you do not want me to take your eyes out. That beautiful snake is mine.

Ufff... Calm down, this was part of the plan... Although I'm surprised everything goes so well... it will be the armor of the plot.

Well, since the leader has left, I am already acting. Since although Medea is very strong, but a level 6 is still too much for her. Because although it is of gold rank, it does not mean that it is excessively strong.

Since the range of the beasts are not direct indications of their strength, on the other hand, they mean their potential. Although many people confuse it and compare it with our cultivation system, but in reality the strength increases that the beasts have when they level, are due to their bodies having an increase in quality. Which means that its potential increases, but ignorant people confuse it with a simple increase in strength.

To make a comparison... Think of the saiyan, depending on whether they are low, medium, high, elite or legendary. In addition to a better start, through the saiyan 'training' method, they also increase in strength faster and farther.

Although as everywhere, with the right methods everyone can reach the top. Look at Medea, at first it was a simple snake that absorbed demonic qi, and it became a bronze beast... or maybe it was his parents... I'm not too sure about this...

Hum... Here are my good grades in class... What I mean is that all this I learned from class... except the saiyan... In class we were told that a beast of bronze rank of 7 stars is able to have the strength to fight against a cultivator of innate level. Of course, that will only be the case, if the beast is well trained and has its own strengths.

Well, it's better that I stop fooling around, that Medea is starting to have problems... Even though she has already killed 2 level 3 bandits. I have to hurry, before the leader realizes that his efforts are not worth it to capture Medea... Since when you try to establish a contract with a beast already contracted, the magic contracting circle breaks into shatters when you come into contact with the beast.

Giving me a hurry, I go away to the interior of the forest and I merge with Luna, and during the transformation I try not to roar or make noise... Besides being crouched... Ufff, this is more difficult than it seems. With the incredible amount of pain I go through in the transformation, I do not know how not to roar in pain.

Ufff... after a few minutes, I finish my transformation.

'Bloody, overload.'

Instantly my body begins to give off heat and my strength increases by more than 4 times, according to the advisor Lucia, in this state I would be able to endure for a few rounds with a level 9 cultivator. So it should be easy to finish with a Bandit level 6... but as he gets into his lair and takes hostages...

Even without the hostages... with which he goes into his lair, all my strategy will be screwed up, since in order to enter his lair, I would have to undo my transformation... And once I undo my transformation, I end up super exhausted, so even an ordinary person would be able to kill me if he could get close and attack me.

So I have to get there and kill him quickly... Or at least block the entrance so he does not enter while we fight...

Come on, let's do it.

After taking a slight impulse, I jump as much as I can into the lair of the bandits, with the intention of making a superhero landing...

But in the end I end up stamping myself against the wall of the ravine...

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