Another World Lls Book 1 Chapter 37

Volume 1 Chapter 37 Is This A Lucky Villain?

Shit... I jumped too hard.

Well, I can still fix it.

While all the bandits are stupefied, seeing me hanging from the wall of the ravine, I turn and descend the wall of the ravine and make a superhero landing... Of course in front of the entrance, blocking it... And crushing the poor bandits, what was below.

While the bandits are still staring at me in disbelief, I put my tail in the entrance and order Whitey to block it with the excess bones in the back of my bone armor.

The spikes of bone in my back disappear and the bones protruding from my tail expand to cover the entire entrance. Although it is not enough to prevent the leader of the bandits from entering, but at least it will give me some time until I break the bone wall, which will allow me to intercept it.

And with the entrance blocked, it's time to battle.

I suck a large amount of air into my lungs, and I release everything in a powerful roar.

"Roooaaarrrrr...!" I roared at the top of my lungs.

All the common bandits collapsed to the ground, with all the orifices of their faces bleeding, unknown to all if they are alive or dead.

The bandits from level 1 to 2, their ears and nose bled, but they still remained conscious... But the level 1 bandits are half kneeling on the ground, and the level 2 bandits are barely standing, so that They can not fight.

Bandits level 3 and up are reasonably well, although most of them are stunned by the sound shock of my roar.

Seeing that the leader is also slightly stunned, I try to kill him with a quick punch...

But not everything can be so easy... Apparently the leader of the bandits has some kind of artifact or amulet that could resist my punch... Where the f.u.c.k this miserable bandit of level 6, a protective article with the ability to defend himself of an almost level 9 attack...

Unfortunately, the punch sent him flying and woke him from his daze, the worst is that I take advantage of the fact that he sends it flying to try to escape... Son of a bitch, he knows by the force of the blow that he is not a rival for me, and he tries to escape .

"Medea, kill them all, and start with the strongest ones," I told Medea while chasing the flying bandit leader.

Without having time to check if Medea has listened to my orders, I run after the bandit leader... Shit, now I regret hitting him so hard.

Luckily, in addition to measuring more than 10 meters high, I am also very fast so I take a little time to reach it.

The bastard, seeing that I almost reached it, takes out a handful of invocation crystals and uses them all at once.

From what I see, it has a great variety of beasts in the area... I know because they are the same ones that Medea brought me before.

But I do not have time for this, as the beasts charge towards me, I blow them to pieces with a punch or a knee... According to me better, but I do not stop running after the bandit leader.

Suddenly, I feel a great headache, but I do not know why, since most of my head is covered by a bone helmet... Even my glass horns are covered by the helmet...

After taking a slight look around me, I see an amorphous translucent silhouette with 4 pairs of red eyes scattered throughout his body... Shit, where this guy gets all these weird things.

According to what I learned in the academy, if you meet a beast that looks like something ghostly and suddenly you have a headache, you have found a beast with an attack on the soul... Fortunately, I am much stronger than the ghost, if not, already opened dead without me noticing why...

'Bloody, take care of that ghost.'

The next instant, a mist of blood comes out of my body and begins to travel towards the floating ghost. Which tries to avoid it, but in the end it can not avoid being surrounded by the mist of blood, which begins to emit a slight golden glow...

"Giiiaaaaaa...!" In ghost began to scream as if they were burning in life... Although it would be more concrete to say that it is melting... As we learned in class, the best way to deal with a ghost is the attribute 'sacred'.

And since Bloody is always with me, it has learned almost as much as I did... so Bloody has given the property [sacred] to blood in the mist of blood. And the final result, is that the ghost... Did it die? I do not know if a ghost can die... Let's say it has dissipated.

The leader of the bandits, seeing that almost all his beasts are dead, his face pales. And God knows where, pulls a talisman that when using it, his body shines green and his speed increased by more than 2 times...

Where the f.u.c.k did this idiot take so many good things...

After chasing him for another 10 minutes, I finally reach him, and the first thing I do is slap him on the floor. Ufff... what satisfaction I have achieved by crushing him on the ground, you have nowhere to run.

When I lift my palm from the ground, I see it there half buried... but well protected by its barrier …

Son of a bitch, see how much your barrier can hold. I apply a corrosive reinforcement to my fists and hit again and again with all my strength.

The corrosive reinforcement, is another of the reinforcements that I can apply to me and my weapons. Unlike the reinforcement of sharpness, this reinforcement causes my demonic qi to stick to my target and begin to corrode it. So it is recommended to use it to break through tough defenses or barriers.

Especially with the barriers, since according to the description, trying to corrode a barrier greatly increases the energy consumption of the barriers, so they make them last less.

Why have not I tried to use the sharpness reinforcement and try to cut the barrier? It's because I suspect that this barrier is of innate level, so it would be useless. That's why I prefer to drain it of its energy and stop working on its own.

After half an hour of hitting it on the ground, the barrier starts to blink and moments later it disappears... Shit, I did not expect this...

[By killing an entity 3 levels above you in cultivation, you have earned an E +++ achievement.]

Oh, look how good, an achievement...

That's what I meant... It's that when the barrier disappeared, all that corrosive qi that was blocked by the barrier... melted the bandit leader in an instant, when the barrier disappeared...

The reason why I did not expect it, is that even though the power of my body is currently that of a cultivator of almost level 9, my demonic qi is still level 3.

But after being half an hour hitting the barrier and throwing large amounts of corrosive qi... I guess the amount has done the job of lack of quality...

Oh... When my corrosive qi disappears, I see what I suspect is the protective amulet and a storage ring, since they have not been destroyed by all that corrosive qi means they are high level items.

So I pick them up and store them in my own storage ring and I go out of the hole that I dig myself, to blows... I estimate that it is 2 times my size... so it will be a hole of about 20 meters.

Ufff... Where the f.u.c.k am I? Shit, to know how far I'm from the bandits' lair... If it were not for the trail of destruction I created while I was here, I'm sure I'd get lost on the way back...

As I run back, I look at the event log, to see how much experience the leader of the bandits has given me.

[You have killed a level 6 bandit, you have won 741 exp.]

Not bad…

After about 20 minutes of running at half my maximum speed, I get back to the bandits' lair... And I find Medea curled up in front of the locked door of the lair.

"Medea, did you make sure no one escaped?" I asked her when I arrived.

Medea nodded, and proceeded to curl around my shoulders, as she usually did when she was younger. I guess I miss you, poor thing...

While I lightly stroked Medea's head, I look at the battlefield... luckily, most of the common bandits died or fainted from my roar at first. And it seems that Medea listened to me and took charge of killing the strongest first, that being slightly stunned, did not cost much either.

And from what I see, Medea then searched among the bodies lying on the floor and if she found someone alive, she would crush it with a blow of her tail or something... At least that seems by the marks on the floor.

Ufff... it seems that nobody really escaped...

Now it only remains to deal with those who remain inside the lair of the bandits.

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