Another World Lls Book 1 Chapter 38

Volume 1 Chapter 38 Where I Go Now?


I have a doubt…

If I undo my Ozaru transformation... what will happen to the bone wall I made with the bony spikes of my back...?

Will they stay as is? Or will its size shrink...?

By not recovering those bones... Will I lose a shoulder blade? Or maybe a rib...?

I think I better not risk it.

According to Bloody, there are many people on the other side of the wall, and we have taken care of all the high-level bandits. That's why you don't have to worry about them escaping...

Oh, I know.

I take out all the blood spheres from my storage ring, and ask Bloody to take care of this.

"Bloody, I'm going to ask Whitey to open a small hole in a corner of the bone wall, so you must sleep all the people in the den. You don't have to be discreet this time, but you can't kill anyone either, since we're not able to differentiate between bandits and slaves. "

After telling Bloody his orders, I approach the entrance and use one of my claws to make contact with the bone wall, so that Whitey makes a small hole.

When the small hole was made, Bloody turned all the blood spheres into a thick mist of blood, the next moment all that mist of blood rushed into the hole created by Whitey.

What a weird scene, it's like when you have the sink full of water (blood in this case), and suddenly you remove the drain cover, so you create a mini whirlwind of water... Well it's practically the same, but more bloody.

After an hour or so, Bloody notifies me that they are all asleep. In addition, it has also told me that the other entries are still blocked, so no one has escaped.

And if you ask yourself how Bloody talks to me... It doesn't really talk to me, What happens is that by being fused Bloody can send me his feelings and emotions, so we are able to communicate. I suspect that when his wisdom rises enough or his race evolves, it will be able to speak to me normally

Although I don't know why his race has not yet evolved, as Medea showed, it is able to do it on his own... So I don't know why it hasn't done it yet... His motives will have …

Well, let's leave that for another time. I'm going to reabsorb the bone wall to make sure I don't lose a rib or something...

By reabsorbing the bone wall, I undo my Ozaru transformation...

Seeing Luna, I feel that I have to do something with its... so far I have treated its as if it were a plant... since it behaves as such. But for a few days, I can't stop thinking that I am misusing Luna... When I am not guarded, I will go up to Luna to a silver rank, to see what happens.

Stopping thinking about Luna, I return its to the grimoire and proceed to investigate the Bandits' lair.

As I pass through the sleeping bandits, an idea occurs to me, and I ask Whitey to dislocate the joints of all the bandits we pass through.

Whitey melts away from me, and follows behind me in the form of a spider. And every time we pass by a bandit, Whitey jumps on top of them, and a few moments later the bandit's body shakes a little and its joints are dislocated.

Following the guide of Bloody, we pass by all the people in the den. We also find female slaves, most of them are in a sub-cave, apparently they are held to prevent common bandits from overstepping and breaking them... At least that's what I think.

There are also some female slaves in an area that could be considered quite "luxurious", compared to the rest of the lair, I guess this is where the bandit leader and his lackeys lived.

After another hour and a half of walking through the entire den, and confirming that no one has escaped, the stalke shadow comes out of my shadow and speaks to me.

"Well done Arthur, with my authority as the observer of your mission, I terminate your mission. Remember to return before next month, until then you are free to do what you want. "

After saying that, the shadow stalker dissipated in the air... I guess he will be back with his owner.

[You have completed a mission that far exceeded the level of difficulty suitable for you, you have earned an achievement D.]

Oh, I didn't know that I could earn achievements of the academy's missions... Better for me, although I doubt that if I do a mission that fits my level, they will give me some achievement... at most they will give me an achievement E.

After all this, I proceed to look for bandit stores... You know, for the treasures.

Although to my disappointment, there was little treasure... Much wine, some bad quality weapons, suspicious-looking medicines... In general little money. It seems that they supplied resources recently and spent almost all their money …

Damn bastards…!

No wonder that the kingdom of Aquamarine insisted that they only wanted slaves and bandits. I'm sure they knew there wouldn't be much money in the den...

These bastards...


Calm down, I still have the bandit leader's storage ring, I'm sure it's full of treasures... At least his innate protection amulet is enough reward.

Let's see what's in your ring...

Oh, a lot of money... I won't bother telling you, but I estimate there are at least a hundred gold coins.

There are also many... Technique manuals? I thought everyone received their pyramid culture manuals... And I don't think it was a bandit when I was 7 years old, since everyone has the right to go to the pyramid at the age of 7 to 20 years, it doesn't matter Be a beggar, a peasant or whatever you want.

Although it is true that recognized criminals are not allowed to go to the pyramid, but like all kingdoms and empires they have established arrangements so that all their citizens have the opportunity to go to the pyramid.

It is easy for criminals to bribe the people in charge of these arrangements, and send their young people to pick up their respective manuals... It is an open secret...

But here I meet a bandit leader with a bookcase full of technical manuals... Although they are not cultivation manuals, individual technique manuals are quite rare, since they are usually included in the cultivation manuals to which they are best suited .

I will check them when I have more time...

There are also some elixirs... I will have them identified in the academy, and I will keep those that are useful to me.

Hum... the rest are random things, I'll check them later.

I guess it's not a bad harvest... It's time to call the bastards of the Aquamarine kingdom, hopefully the academy has charged them a lot of money for the mission.

I take out the communication artifact and activate it with my qi, and in a few moments I hear the voice of the captain who gave it to me.

"Arthur? Have you completed the mission?" I wonder through the artifact.

"Yes, everything is over here, and luckily nobody escaped. Although many bandits died... "I replied, not showing my dissatisfaction with his tricks.

"Very well, I will gather the troops and we will go out at dawn, I would be grateful if you would watch the survivors until we arrived." He said with the intention that I would wait here, while they sleep…

"I'm sorry, but I have things to do, so I suggest you come as quickly as possible. Since the bandits and slaves would wake up in about... 2 hours? I'm not sure, so you should hurry up. I'll leave this communication artifact at the entrance, Goodbye! "I told the captain of the guard.

Without listening to what he was trying to tell me, I left the communication device on a nearby rock and left...

F.u.c.k you, my mission is over and I don't want to help these bastards.

I'm going to a mini adventure.

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