Another World Lls Book 1 Chapter 4

Volume 1 Chapter 4 Prologue 46

Now something that increases my survival. Hum ... it's a bit vague but, having offered me. Fifth wish 'I want an inherent ability, to offer me, some kind of immortality. But in the part of not dying, that of living eternally. '

Calculating ... success.

1st - grant the low range ability - 1000 ~ 1999 pts

2nd - grant mid-range skill - 2000 ~ 5999 pts

3º- grant high range ability - 6000 ~ 19999 pts

4º- grant the superior rank skill - 20000 ~ ??? pts

Have, have, have ... I think that for a single point, I prefer a mid-range skill.

With all this, although it may not be a protagonist, surely at least I become one of those old millenary goats, which will give headaches to the geniuses of the future. Have spent everything ... 8709 pts, hum ... have in which I can spend the little more than 1000 pts that I have left ... I begin to think and remember that world that I long for but which I dare not go ...

"Excuse me, could you give me an offer or some way to go to the world of dragon ball, once I feel secure in my strength?"

"With your points, you can not afford it," he said without thinking.

"But first, you showed that you could customize an existing wish ... could you give me some way to go? Please. "Try to give him all the pity that a flame without expression, could give.

He seemed to think about it, and after a few minutes, he said: "It may be possible to adjust it to your budget, but it will have flaws, and it may cause more harm than good."

"Please, tell me how to do it." I said with emotion in my voice, as if I did not hear his bad omens.

"First, there is an article called a multidimensional passport. Normally it would be worth about 30000 pts, but by removing some ... many of its additional functions and emptying the universal coordinate database we can lower its value to 300 pts ...

But I advise you not to use it until you are strong enough, for two reasons: first, I have removed almost all the security measures, so you need to be strong enough to handle the trip.

Second, you need to provide enough energy for the trip and if by chance you are not strong enough, you can stay halfway on the trip. Because he remembers, I've removed almost all, I've only left the most essential for it to work. "He said, after a few moments continued.

"But that's not enough. As I mentioned before, I had to empty the database, the multidimensional passport. Since that alone, it cost 93% of the price and unfortunately, it's all or nothing. No address can be saved.

To be able to establish, the coordinates to the dragon ball universe, it is necessary to have something that connects you to it. And although among all the options there are, I'm sure you're more interested in the saiyan lineage. Which I can get for 1000pts. "

"Wait ... I looked at the price of the saiyan lineage before and it cost 50000 pts. It's so expensive, nobody has bought it. It's cheaper to buy, the anime system and get it from him, later. "I said hastily, interrupting him since the discount was incredible. After calming down a bit, I continued "If you're going to scrap it, like the passport, I almost prefer something else complete, since it could come out deformed or something."

Then, to see that I had finished expressing my opinion, he continued his explanation. "Actually, the saiyan lineage that you can see in the wish store, is actually the multidimensional saiyan lineage.

That is, the possessor of that lineage, can exercise its power in any universe. And the one I offer you, is only the saiyan lineage, of the dragon ball universe.

That is to say that the saiyan lineage that I offer you, may suffer incompatibilities in the lls universe. Rather, I'm pretty sure he'll have them. "

Frowning my nonexistent frown, I ask my concerns. "Can you tell me, what kind of incompatibilities can I suffer?"

"To put it simply ... what happens to an athlete who gets regularly on steroids?" He answered with another question.

"Hum ... I think I remember, that their testicles were atrophied ... Eeeehhhhhhh! I'm going to be impotent! "I shouted in shock.

"No, but something like that. What I am referring to is that the body of a saiyan produces ki, which is his life energy. And in the world, they cultivate qi, more specifically, they cultivate environmental qi. Although at the beginning nothing may happen, but surely with the passage of time, your body does not see it necessary to continue producing ki. And that for a saiyan body, is the same as stopping producing vital energy, which will lead to the deterioration of the body.

And do not think, try to cultivate ki through exercise or some other training. Since the universal laws do not allow the generation of that energy in that universe.

And the same thing happens in the dragon ball universe. As much as you've read in some fanfic, in the dragon ball universe there is no environmental qi. The only possible culture is the refinement of the body, either through training or medication. But there is no refinement of the body through qi / ki, or any other type of energy. "

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